100 grams of suspected cocaine allegedly goes missing in GRA custody

In what could turn into the most recent story of missing opiates in the care of the state, 100.1 grams of a whitish substance suspected to be cocaine can’t be represented by the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA).

As indicated by the Narcotics Control Commission (NACOC), the episode happened on Sunday, June 7, 2020, at Aflao in the Volta Region.

Executive General of NACOC, Francis Torkornoo said his officials subsequent to seizing a vehicle that had hidden the substances under its fuel tank on Friday, June 2020, took stock of the considerable number of bundles, which included $200,000 and needed to send it to Accra for examinations however Customs officials won’t.

“At the point when they dropped the fuel tank, there was this bogus compartment under the vehicle containing different bundles and a measure of $200,000. After the stock, true to form, NACOC needed to the carry the vehicle to Accra for examinations to begin, yet the Customs officials cannot, saying that they have to get notification from their bosses from Accra,” he said.

He included that, “The group had a gathering and another stock was taken [on Sunday] and this time, one whitish substance weighing 100.1 gram was absent from all that they saw on Friday. So my officials demanded that if the portrayal of the stock doesn’t transform, they were not going to sign,” he said.

In a later meeting on Eyewitness News, Francis Torkornoo said in spite of the fact that NACOC keeps up an amicable relationship with the Customs Division of the GRA, NACOC has not been enthused about certain occurrences that have occurred in the ongoing past.

He refered to an episode where NACOC held onto some presumed prohibited substance and because of certain activities by customs incorporating declaring in the media that it was them who held onto the things and that it was cocaine, NACOC couldn’t capture a few speculates who were behind the transportation of the restricted substance.

He said his outfit has since kept in touch with the Commissioner of Customs to demand the exchange of the vehicle to NACOC to permit them to lead examinations.

“As at now, we have not gotten any of the bundles to play out a nearby test to realize that actually the substance has opiate substances and furthermore if the things are given to us, we will begin our examinations… Nothing has been given to us so we have officially kept in touch with the Commission of Customers to move the vehicle and all the substance to Narcotics Control Commission. Until now, it was something we said they should keep, yet they arrogated it to themselves to state that they need leeway before they will take it to their Headquarters before providing for us and it is something that is peculiar.”


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