NPP will win by 87 percent at Suhum – NPP Communicators

NPP will win by 87 percent at Suhum – NPP Communicators

Two New Patriotic Party (NPP) campaign communicators in the Suhum constituency of the Eastern region, Sualihu Mohammed Sualihu (SMS) and Alex Odei (Big Deal), have revealed that per their research and hardworking campaign ahead of the December general election, the electorate have declared their intention and readiness to give the New Patriotic Part (NPP) both Presidential and Parliamentary overwhelming one-touch victory of 87 percent.

Speaking to the media at Suhum on what the Nana – Bawumia ticket has done so far in the Suhum constituency, they acknowledged President Nana Akufo-Addo for fulfilling his numerous promises in the country as well to the constituency.

They mentioned building of schools, constructing Suhum town roads and providing potable water as some of the achievements of the current regime.

According to them, the electorate have shown their readiness to vote for the ruling government because they have also enjoyed the national cake.

“Looking at the work of Nana Akufo-Addo our President, the residents of Suhum have assured NPP of 87 percentage victory and if the elections were to be held today that’s what we are going to get from the Suhum constituency,” they said.

“Our parliamentary candidate in the constituency, Hon Oboafour Kwadwo Asante is the people’s choice and currently doing house- to-house campaign and promising them jobs through his philanthropism and development at Suhum, as well as buying and selling cars on work and pay basis. In view of this, he has touched the electorate, so they have declared their support for Oboafour Kwadwo Asante, we are saying that after the election NPP will poll 87 percent and the rest of 13 percent will be shared for the rest of the political parties.

‘”Its better for the National Democractic Congress (NDC) to advise Amanda Okyere who is contesting on the ticket of NDC to step down before it’s too late,” they gave a friendly advice.


Boris Johnson’s controversial Brexit legislation allowing ministers to break international law PASSES final stage in the Commons by 340 votes to 256

Boris Johnson‘s controversial Brexit legislation which allows the Government to break international law has been backed by MPs.

The Internal Market Bill tonight cleared its final stage in the House of Commons by 340 votes to 256 and now passes to the Lords for further scrutiny.

This is what some Africa leaders with their selfish interest are also trying to implements, like GHANA MALI AND OTHERS. noted this.


It allows ministers to override parts of the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement brokered with Brussels last year, an act which the Government concedes breaches international law ‘in a limited and specific way’.

Critics, including all five living former prime ministers, also argue this would wreck the UK’s reputation as a nation which honours its agreements.

But the Government insists it needs the powers to safeguard the integrity of the UK amid fears the EU could block goods travelling between Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

The Prime Minister was forced to water down the legislation earlier in the Bill’s passage to appease a Tory backbench rebellion – MPs will now be given a vote before ministers are able to wield such powers.

No Conservative MP voted against the Government tonight and the Bill sailed through the Commons with an 84-vote majority.

Yet a handful of Tories, including former Tory prime minister Theresa May, abstained from voting.

However the Bill’s smooth passage into law will likely face hurdles in the pro-Remain Lords which has previously thwarted Brexit legislation. The Internal Market Bill tonight cleared its final stage in the House of Commons by 340 votes to 256 and now passes to the Lords for further scrutiny

Boris Johnson’s controversial Brexit legislation which allows the Government to break international law has been backed by MPs (PM pictured making a speech in Exeter today)

Defending the controversial aspects of the Bill at its third reading tonight, Business Secretary Alok Sharma said: ‘The reason we have taken powers to ensure that in the event we do not reach an agreement with our EU friends on how to implement the (Northern Ireland Protocol) is so we’re able to deliver on our promises in our manifesto and the command paper.

‘This is a legal safety net that clarifies our position on the Northern Ireland Protocol for protecting our union, businesses and jobs.’ 

To avoid checks on goods passing between Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland, the UK and Brussels agreed Northern Ireland would abide by the EU’s customs rules. 

It in effect draws a customs border down the Irish Sea, and ministers fear unfettered movement of goods between Great Britain and Northern could be compromised if a deal is not reached.   

The EU has warned it will mount a legal challenge if the UK reneges on sections of the Withdrawal Agreement.  

Shadow business secretary Ed Miliband tonight said: ‘On international law, nobody should be in any doubt the damage already done by this Bill. This law-breaking Bill has been noticed around the world.’ 


Turkey Vows Support for Azerbaijan in Escalating Nagorno-Karabakh Conflict

ISTANBUL – Turkey says it will back Azerbaijan with all means necessary as fighting entered a second day Monday between Azeri and Armenian forces over the disputed Nagorno-Karabakh enclave, in a sign the conflict could be widening.  

Monday saw Azeri and Armenian forces exchange heavy artillery fire, with each accusing the other of starting the hostilities Sunday. Observers called the latest fighting over Nargono Karabakh, an enclave inside Azerbaijan but run by ethnic Armenians, the worst since the 1990s. 

Witness reports put the number of dead, including civilians, at more than 20 and at least 100 wounded.  

People watch TV in a bomb shelter in Stepanakert, the capital of the breakaway Nagorno-Karabakh region, in this picture…

People watch TV in a bomb shelter in Stepanakert, the capital of the breakaway Nagorno-Karabakh region, in this picture released Sept. 28, 2020. (Foreign Ministry of Armenia/Handout via Reuters)

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was quick to voice support  for Azerbaijan, labeling Armenia “the biggest threat to peace in the region.” The Turkish leader called on “the entire world to stand with Azerbaijan in their battle against invasion and cruelty.” 

The Armenian foreign ministry on Monday said Turkish military “experts” were “fighting side by side with Azerbaijan.” Turkish government officials declined to comment on the accusations.  

“Turkey troops will not be on the front line, Azeri forces don’t need them,” said Turkish analyst Ilhan Uzgel. But Uzgel says Ankara remains Baku’s key military ally. 

“Turkey is already supporting Azerbaijan militarily,” he said, “through technical assistance through arms sales, providing critical military support, especially in terms of armed drones and technical expertise. The line for Turkey’s involvement, is Russia’s involvement; actually, that is a red line for Turkey. Turkey doesn’t want a direct confrontation with Moscow.” 

An image grab taken from a video made available on the official web site of the Azerbaijani Defence Ministry on September 28,…

An image from a video made available on the website of the Azerbaijani Defence Ministry on Sept. 28, 2020, allegedly shows Azeri troops conducting a combat operation during clashes between Armenian separatists and Azerbaijan in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Moscow is a vital supporter of Yerevan, and maintains a military base in Armenia.  

The Russian foreign ministry on Monday called for Armenia and Azerbaijan to exercise restraint.  

“Armenian-Russian relations are firm and solid,” said Dr. Zaur Gasimov, a Russian affairs expert at Germany’s Bonn University. “Now, having faced with casualties on the front line, Yerevan would search for more support from Moscow.” 

Ahead of Sunday’s outbreak of fighting, Baku had accused Moscow of emboldening Yerevan with significant arms shipments since July.  

“500 tonnes of military cargo has been delivered to Armenia. Let us be clear, from Russia,” said Hikmat Hajiyev, head of Azerbaijan department of foreign affairs, in a briefing to foreign journalists in Turkey earlier this month.  

Hajiyev highlighted the significance of Turkey’s military assistance. “We have seen firm and strong support of Turkey to Azerbaijan. Annually, we have 10 joint military exercises covering land troops, anti-terror special forces operations, and air force exercises.” 

In what observers interpreted as a message to Armenia, Turkish fighter jets carried out an exercise in Azerbaijan shortly after Armenian and Azeri forces clashed in July. 

Energy interests 

July’s fighting in Azerbaijan’s Tovuz region was close to crucial energy pipelines that serve Turkey, causing alarm in Ankara. 

“This is a very core security issue for Turkey for energy security,” said a senior Turkish energy ministry official speaking to journalists on the condition of anonymity. The official said Turkey “will take any relevant measures” to continue receiving energy deliveries from Azerbaijan.  

Ankara has long supported Baku in its efforts to retake Nagorno-Karabakh, and Erdogan on Monday asserted that if Armenia immediately leaves the territory that he said it is occupying, the region will return to peace and harmony. 

A view of a house which is said was damaged in recent shelling during clashes between Armenian separatists and Azerbaijan over…

A view of a house said to have been damaged in recent shelling during clashes between Armenian separatists and Azerbaijan over the breakaway Nagorny Karabakh region, Sept. 28, 2020. (Handout Photo from Armenian Foreign Ministry)

Restoring Azeri control over Nagorno-Karabakh has the strong support of Turkish nationalists, a critical political base for Erdogan.

“Two nations, one people” is a popular mantra used by Baku and Ankara to describe the countries’ relationship. 

Armenian separatists seized Nargono Karabakh from Azerbaijan in a bloody 1990s war that killed an estimated 30,000 people.  

Turkey appears poised to deepen its cooperation with Azerbaijan, analysts say. 

“But it’s quite a risky area. The Caucasus, it’s one of Russia’s near abroad, the Caucuses is part of Russian area of influence. They may not tolerate Turkish Azerbaijani military action against Armenia that results in heavy Armenian losses. If Turkey and Azerbaijan are planning to have a huge success through military means, that could put Turkish Russian relations at serious risk.” 

In recent years, Ankara and Moscow have deepened their relationship, cooperating in Syria and building trade ties that even extend to the purchase of sophisticated Russian military hardware.  



The Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, is one of the most extravagant strict rulers on the planet. As per Insider, he was once worth $40 billion (N15,500,000,000,000). A portion of his rich ways of life incorporate supposedly hustling Ferraris at 12 PM through Brunei’s capital, assembling a 1,788 room castle, and spending as much as $20,000 (N7,750,000) to get a hair style. It ought to be noticed that he succeeded his dad, Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien, who had 10 youngsters from a few spouses.

Bolkiah’s dad resigned the seat in 1967 and made him the ruler while he was at United Kingdom’s Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst. A year after, Bolkiah rose the seat when he completed the foundation.

September 28, 2020 Will Be The Best Week For These Zodiac Signs

The enormous castle covers a wide territory of 2.2 million square feet. Its planner was the famous Architect Leandro Locsin. It made World Guinness Records as the biggest private royal residence. Something else deserving of note was that the Sultan’s family allegedly purchased half of the world’s Rolls-Royce as Bokiah held a record for having the biggest assortment.


Jota’s first Liverpool objective seals fightback prevail upon ArsenaLiverpool’s new £45m marking Diogo Jota got a home introduction objective as the bosses showed their assurance to hold an iron grasp on their Premier League crown by digging out from a deficit to record an amazing triumph against Arsenal at Anfield.

Jose Mourinho confident Tottenham will sign striker before transfer window ends

Stockpile, who had won their initial two Premier League games, proceeded following 25 minutes when Alexandre Lacazette exploited Andy Robertson’s mistake to package a short proximity finish past Alisson however finished all around beaten.

Liverpool, who kept up their 100% beginning to the season and moved second behind Leicester City, reacted immediately as man-of-the-coordinate Sadio Mane jumped two minutes after the fact after Arsenal goalkeeper Bernd Leno could just push out Mohamed Salah’s shot.

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Also, Liverpool proceeded before half-time when Robertson made amends for his previous mistake by jumping on the finish of Trent Alexander-Arnold’s cross to beat Leno.

Liverpool were far predominant however Arsenal will lament an extraordinary possibility missed by Lacazette, who shot gently at Alisson when he was spotless through with the score 2-1 and their night was finished when Jota, making his Anfield bow following his move from Wolves, shot low past Leno from the edge of the zone.


September 28, 2020 Will Be The Best Week For These Zodiac Signs

September 28, 2020 Will Be The Best Week For These Zodiac Signs

Astrology is on another level right now. The energy is downright chaotic, and you may be feeling as though you’re being pulled in so many different directions at once. However, despite everything that’s going on, there will always be beauty in its midst. If anyone’s feeling that beauty, it’s the zodiac signs who will have the best week of September 28, 2020 . If you were born with your sun or rising sign in Gemini, Libra, or Virgo, then you’re in for a treat, because even though the universe is currently freaking out, you’re feeling positive about everything to come. That makes all the difference.
Mars — planet of vitality, passion, and aggression — has been retrograde since Sept. 9. This has definitely upped the frustration, making you feel as if nothing is going your way no matter how hard you try. When you remember that Mars is currently facing backward, it makes sense why it may feel incredibly difficult to move forward. That energy is reaching new levels of intensity on Sept. 29, when Mars squares off with inhibiting and punishing Saturn. This may deflate all the air out of your balloon, and if you want to get through this with ease, remember that patience is truly a virtue.
Fortunately, romantic and affectionate Venus will form a trine with Mars on Sept. 28, This flirtatious transit will remind you to stay excited and enthusiastic even when nothing is working out right. Even in tough times, there is always something to learn and always a fun way to deal with your problems. Focus on the creativity building within you, and how this strife is making you a better person.


Gemini: Your Social Life Is Brimming With Love And Romance
If anyone is finding a way to have fun and laugh their way through hard times, it’s you, Gemini. Your inner child is out and ready to play, so remember to have a good time and play around even when your situation is less than ideal. Open your heart to other people, look at how beautiful the world is, and remember to do what you do best: make jokes. Laughter is the best cure and you’re healing others with your sense of humor, left and right. Feel comfortable in your own skin and give yourself permission to be yourself.

Libra: You’re Feeling So Much Closer To Those You Love
A full moon in your seventh house of partnerships will rock your world on Oct. 1, starting the month off on an incredibly affectionate and compassionate note. You’re feeling more focused on who you can be for others rather than just yourself. Put yourself in other people’s shoes and tap into your empathetic side. It will not only help you navigate conflict more smoothly, but it’ll invite more love into your universe and help you strengthen your relationships. Find an even balance between setting boundaries and opening your heart. After all, striking a balance is what you do best, Libra.

Virgo: You’re Feeling So In Love With Yourself Lately
You have so many reasons to feel excited, Virgo, but the biggest one is that Venus enters your zodiac sign on Oct. 2, launching one of the most enjoyable and luxurious transits. You’re attracting adoration and admiration wherever you go, so pay attention to how people are going out of their way to compliment you and spend time with you. You’re also feeling a lot more alive in your own skin, as this transit is helping you remember all the reasons you should love yourself. Of all the compliments you’ll receive, the ones you give yourself will have the biggest impact.


My Christian values will not allow me to rig 2020 elections – Jean Mensa

My Christian values will not allow me to rig 2020 elections – Jean Mensa

The Chairperson of the Electoral Commission (EC), Mrs Jean Mensa, says her outfit was not capable of manipulating elections in any party’s favour.
Moreover, she says her Christian values prevents her from doing as such.


Speaking at the launch of the 2020 Agent of Peace Campaign by the Church of Pentecost in Accra on Sunday, Mrs Mensa said: “As a Christian, I am a firm believer in the principles that Christ stands for, Justice, Peace and Truth, I am committed to ensuring that these principles are reflected in everything that both I and the commission do, I am committed to being fair to conducting my activities without fear or favour” she said.

She said she would do her best to maintain the credibility Ghana’s election management body has achieved over the years.

“I commit to work and undertake my duties to ensure that it is the will of the people which is the will of God that stands, as an agent of peace I commit to truth and not to alter the will of God. The onus is on me to abide by this principle and God being my guide and helper I am confident that I will not let him and the people of Ghana down in Jesus’ name,” Mrs Mensa said.


Those I employed on my record mark to support me, stole from me – Starboy Kwarteng relates; DKB impacts him

Nana Poku Kwarteng, father of late Artiste of the Year, Ebony Reigns, referred to, in actuality, as Priscilla Opoku-Kwarteng, has related how he has been looted of his fantasy.

The dad of the late artist who got referred to in online media hovers as Starboy Kwarteng demonstrated that those he recruited on his record mark to assist him with creating tunes, rather caused his defeat.

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As indicated by him, the workers at the record name took from him and constantly caused the breakdown of the endeavor which he had begun to proceed with Ebony’s heritage.

Starboy Kwarteng began a record name with the expectations of delivering the unreleased tunes of his late little girl, Ebony.

He proceeded to try and sign a female artiste and demonstrated that she planned to assist him with drawing out his late girl’s tunes.

Notwithstanding, in another contort, he has related his present pickle and it shows up he probably won’t have the option to oversee his vision.

After he made this known, mainstream joke artist, Derrick Kobina Bonney, referred to prevalently as DKB, tore into him.

DKB expressed: “I am so happy. Avarice can never swindle nature. I’m so upbeat. I’ll have a decent day today”


Every Project I Have Cut Sod For Has Already Being Funded- Prez. Akufo-Addo.

His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, President of the Republic of Ghana replied the jabs of the other side ( the NDC) saying he has secured funding for every project embarked upon under his administration since he came into office. 

President Akufo-Addo made this statement at Enchi during day 2 of his 3-day tour of the Western North Region, where he cut sod for the construction of the 71.25-kilometre Enchi to Elubo road.

“When I came here a year ago, I assured the Chiefs and people that I will work hard to ensure that the Enchi to Elubo road commences. There were a number of processes, like the contractor and funding sources, that had to be completed before today’s ceremony could take place.” ”All those processes have been successfully completed.”

“I am not like some people who rush to cut sods without securing the requisite funding for the projects.”

”I will never do that. When I cut the sod, it means all the processes have been completed and the money for the project is available. I am not out to deceive anyone.”

I’ll generally acknowledge Black Stars call-up – Adam Kwarasey

Goalkeeper, Adam Kwarasey says he will happily acknowledge another call-up to the Black Stars crew.

Kwarasey disclosed to Citi Sports in a meeting that he actually stays focused on the Black Stars regardless of not including seriously for Ghana since the 2014 World Cup and not being named in any crew since 2017.

He demands that he will respect a future call-up to the side as long as he is fit and will be glad to fill in as reinforcement as long as the choice is to the greatest advantage of the group.

“In case I’m fit, I will consistently do that. On the off chance that I play or not doesn’t make a difference for me as long you settle on a choice that you believe is best for the group.

“Furthermore, obviously, in case I’m the one picked to play, set me up for the game so I can have the most ideal arrangements to have a decent presentation for our group,” he said.

Kwarasey likewise excused reports that he laments deciding to speak to Ghana over Norway, in spite of being solidified out of the crew.

As indicated by him speaking to Ghana was a gigantic second in his vocation, one that he had consistently sought after.

“That isn’t accurate in any way. I’m truly glad and appreciative that I have been permitted to speak to Ghana. I love wearing that pullover and, for me, that was the main thing I have needed as far as public group football,” he said.

NELSPRUIT, SOUTH AFRICA – FEBRUARY 06: Adam Larsen Kwarasey of Ghana reassures Isaac Vorsah (L)after he missed a punishment during the 2013 Orange African Cup of Nations second Semi Final match between Burkina Faso and Ghana at Mbombela Stadium on February 06, 2013 in Nelspruit, South Africa. (Photograph by Manus van Dyk/Gallo Images/Getty Images)

One thing he laments, notwithstanding, isn’t having the option to win a prize with the Black Stars.

Kwarasey highlighted noticeably at the 2012 AFCON competition for Ghana as they arrived at the semi-finals. He was likewise named in the crew for the 2013 competition.

He additionally began Ghana’s first game at the 2014 World Cup however was solidified out of the crew after the Stars lost 2-1 to the USA, with claims that senior players had requested his expulsion from the group.

“I wish we could have achieved more, obviously, and that I could have been important for that,” he said.