Abeiku Santana Fires Patience Nyarko, Says She Is Allowing The Devil To Use Her To Attack Joe Mettle – Video

Famous radio moderator, Abeiku Santana has irately terminated at Patience Nyarko for her ongoing remarks about gospel performer Joe Mettle.

Barely any weeks back, Patiene Nyarko said on radio that Joe Mettle doesn’t merit the publicity Ghanaians are giving him in light of the fact that a large portion of tunes are Methodist and Pentecost tunes.

Because of this, Abeiku Santana has indignantly terminated at Patience Nyarko for her expressions, saying she is permitting the demon to utilize her to assault Joe Mettle.

He proceeded to state that it was devilish soul against Joe Mettle yet won’t endure on the grounds that they are going to remain with Joe Mettle through this.

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