ASEPA exposes University of Ghana’s ‘fake’ 2020 polls

University of Ghana campus, Legon

The Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability (ASEPA) has called for disciplinary action against lecturers of the Political Science Department of the University of Ghana for publishing what they call fake 2020 polls in the name of the university.

At a press conference held at the university on Thursday, the Department said a research conducted by some leading lecturers from the university showed that the President will record a first round victory.

But, reacting to the latest development, ASEPA, in a statement written and signed by its Executive Director, Mensah Thompson, said the University of Ghana’s Political Science Department has not conducted any poll on the 2020 elections.

“The polls being launched today is sole handiwork of one Dr Owusu Mensah who has been contracted to publish a fake poll to hoodwink the public,” part of the statement read.

According to ASEPA, the situation has angered a lot of the lecturers of the Department who feel the name of the university and for that matter, the Department was being used for personal gains.

Read full statement by ASEPA below:

Press Statement by ASEPA on the Fake University of Ghana Polls by the Political Science Department- ASEPA Calls for Disciplinary Action Against Lecturers Publishing Fake Polls in the Name of UG


We have called you here to demonstrate how some lecturers at the Political Science Department of the University of Ghana have connived to launch fake polls clearly aimed at influencing the outcome of the 2020 Elections.

First of all, we want to State Categorically that the University of Ghana, Political Science Department has NOT conducted any polls on the 2020 elections.

The polls being launched today is sole handiwork of one Dr. Owusu Mensah who has been contracted to publish a fake polls to hoodwink the public.

Earlier this month, a Facebook post by one Edudzi Tamakloe suggesting that the Department has conducted some polls and was shelving it was brought to the attention of the department.

The department agreed to issue a rebuttal or disclaimer which was drafted.
The disclaimer was given to the Head of Department to issue on behalf of the department. The Disclaimer stated categorically that the Department has NOT conducted any polls this year.
The Head of Department failed to publish this rebuttal which had been agreed upon by the entire members of the Department and the letter drafted was on the 1st of November,2020.

Only for the same head of department who had written and signed those rebuttals to on the 24th November issue an invitation to members of the department that a survey has been conducted on the 2020 elections and they are invited to participate in the dissemination of the information.

This situation has seriously angered a lot of the lecturers of the department who feel the name of the University and for that matter, the department was being used for personal gains!

It is important to bring these issues currently happening at the Department of Political Science at the University of Ghana to the attention of the Media and for that matter the public because it borders on the integrity of the premier University of this country.

That individual members of the university can initiate research activity in a private capacity and want to hang the results in the name of the university.

Secondly, which serious academic institution would decide to publish a poll at this critical hour leading to a major election?

We believe that these actions by Dr Owusu Mensah and the Head of Department of the Political Science Department cannot go unpunished for attempting to bring the name of the university into public ridicule.

We demand that University Disciplinary Committee Commences immediate investigations into this matter and sanction lecturers who may be found complicit in this brute attempt to defraud the public.

We also preparing to petition the Criminal Investigations Department to launch criminal investigations into the matter since it is a classic case of Academic Fraud perpetuated by these lecturers.

Meet The Man Who Impregnated 3 Sisters

Meet The Man Who Impregnated 3 Sisters

In recent times, many things happen all around us that will leave you wondering if this world is really coming to an end or even getting any better, everyday we hear, read and listen to different strange news and events that’s has been occuring and all you get to do is leave your mouth open in shock.

In this article I’ll be telling you about a man who impregnated 3 Biological Sisters. This weird incident actually happened in 2019 where a Kenyan man made waves around, but unfortunately it was not for something quite positive.

This man in question actually impregnated 3 biological sister, begining with the firstborn then to the second born and finally to the third born, he even admitted that he did all of them in the same year of 2019 between the month of January and March.

It should however be noted that the first and the last born have birth to girls, while the second born gve birth to a boy, it that is not surprising enough, you should also know that their parents are happy with what the man actually did.

This whole events seem so unbelievable, that if it was movie it would have made wave and seen a very sound and moral lesson to society but unfortunately it’s real.

This annoying action is very despicable, to the extent that the women involved and their family member are even happy about the whole event and wholeheartedly welcome the stupid development, is probably an enigma that defies all forms of intellectual reasoning of a sane human.

So my dear readers and loyal followes what are your thoughts on this bizarre development? Let’s hear them all in the comment section below, and don’t also forget to like share and follow me for more, thank you for reading.


I have slept with only 700 men and 27 Ghanaian celeb -Slay Queen, Abena Ghanabah

A 22-year-old Ghanaian Slay Queen identified as Abena Ghanabah has shocked many with her disclosure of the number of men she has slept with so far

Facts: 6 Reasons why NDC might Win 2020 December polls

Abena Ghanabah who was formerly known as Charlotte Abena Serwaa Ghanabah said she has slept with only 700 men and 27 Ghanaian celebrities.

She revealed that she started sleeping with men at the age of 14 and the first person was a 56-year-old headmaster while staying at a boarding house during her secondary school days. She said the Headmaster promised that he’ll take care of her.

Speaking on her experience in breaking her virginity, Abena said it was very painful but the rest of her experiences became sweeter and sweeter.

The unperturbed lady further disclosed that she decided to go public with the names of the Ghanaian celebrities she slept with because they refused to give her what they promised her.


Abena also said she has rejected several romantic affairs with some lesbians in the Ghanaian movie industry.

She revealed all these in an aggressive interview with actor Kwaku Manu on KWAKU MANU TV

Abena Ghanabah also noted that dressing naked is not a crime. She claims it we came into this world naked so there’s nothing wrong with dressing half naked

Stonebwoy new manager Ayisha Modi in big ‘trouble

Michael Elliot Kwabena Okyere Darko, popularly known as Obrafour, has threatened legal action against ardent Ghanaian music lover, Ayisha Modi.

This comes after the latter, speaking in an interview, revealed she invested about $45,000 into Obrafour’s Kasie Bor hit song with Guru.


She claimed despite all her efforts in promotion, she benefited nothing despite the huge proceeds made from the song.

However, in a press statement from Execution Entertainment, sighted online, the company described Miss Modi’s claims as false.

Execution Entertainment noted it had no business deal or agreement in the past or present with Miss Modi, stating that the claims were attempts to reduce Obrafour’s relevance in the music industry and that the company will not hesitate to go to court to seek redress.

obrafour and ayisha mordi

obrafour and ayisha mordi


Stonebwoy jabs SarkNation at Camon 16 launch

Ghanaian dancehall and afrobeat artiste, Stonebwoy, has been appointed as an ambassador for TECNO Mobile.

The musician will be involved in increasing brand awareness and sales by promoting the products through various media channels. He will embody the corporate identity in appearance, demeanour, values and ethics.

Bhim Nation is the only Nation in the Nation, and any other Nation is under vetting and we will give them their due certificate soon ~

The Africa Dancehall King will also educate customers, retailers, and distributors about smartphones, creating a website and or social media content in order to drive brand awareness and attract new customers.


This will be a landmark deal for Stonebwoy; who is set to initiate the second phase of promoting his globally acclaimed album – Anloga Junction.

Stonebwoy enjoyed a free police escort in order for him to beat traffic to arrive on time for an event organized by Tecno Ghana.

President of the BHIM Nation – Stonebwoy is living large. He filmed himself enjoying a free police escort.

He explained that he had to beat the traffic to an event organized by Tecno.

Stonebwoy while driving gave one of the hardest freestyles for Tecno and it was super amazing.


Jackie Appiah reacts to Osebo’s marriage proposal

Lovely Ghanaian entertainer Jackie Appiah has responded to the updates on Osebo wishing to have her as a spouse, and Funny Face battling Osebo over her.

The updates on Osebo promising never to undermine her in the event that he ought to find the opportunity to wed her was before distributed by


Amusing Face, another entertainer, who had prior affirmed love for Miss Appiah, shared on his Instagram handle.

In the inscription, he cautioned Osebo that he ought not drive him crazy at all over her and that on the off chance that he doesn’t stop from looking at her, they would wear a similar skirt.

Herealfunnyface: “My sibling … . Don’t furious me !!! Asem no Ay3 Critical u need to take my @jackieappiah like we as a whole will wear da skirt a few.”

Osebo reacted to the post calling Funny Face sibling and asking him not to battle him since siblings don’t battle. Osebo_thezaraman: “Brother don’t be furious oooooo siblings don’t battle ooo.”

In any case, Miss Appiah possibly snickered over the issue utilizing chuckling emoticon when she responded to the responses by the two men.

Clever Face at that point beseeched her not to chuckle and encouraged her to let them rush to a spot where Osebo would not discover them.

Therealfunnyface: “@jackieappiah child u snickering ? My affection how about we flee to an obscure island… Where Osebor will never observe u again.”


Afia Schwarzenegger Throws Shades: “Rich People Don’t Fight, They Concentrate On Their Investment And Enjoy Their Wealth”

Afia Schwarzenegger is with the real papa no

The fierce feud between celebrities on social media have left many of them throwing jabs and shades every day in their posts via their handles and loud mouth media personality Afia Schwarzenegger seems to be doing exactly same after Mzbel dared her with her “Fi” response in their recent ‘beef’.

After Mzbel and Tornado took her to the gutters by exposing her sapphism acts with chop bar waitresses and also alleging that she doesn’t even cater for his biological father who is based in Kumasi, Afia has since been making slight innuendoes with photos of his father on his IG page.

Among the many posts that she flooded her post with, one post that really caught our attention is the one that seems like a response to those that wish she could continue her feud with Mzbel and Tornado. In this post she said: “My dad Mr Agyei just said and I quote ‘Rich people don’t fight ,they concentrate on their investment and enjoy their wealth”.

But before that she first she posted: “Take good care of your parents n God in heaven will bless you!!!! My daddy my photocopy.

I remember the morning we were wheeling you to the theater… it was raining heavily at korle bu n I was tearing.. you held my hand n prayed for asked God to reward me for every coin I have spent. Thank you daddy .. today Facebook reminded me of this day n the Holy Spirit whispered unto my soul,your daddy is still alive and all his prayers for u has been answered. God bless you Agya Kojo Agyei… your prayers have made us come far. Once again congratulations daddy, wo tri nkwa. We are grateful to God for having you here n oh all the jokes you tell ..We are grateful to the drs n Nurses of Korle bu teaching hospital for everything you did for daddy. Happy anniversary, Happy recoversary…still surprising medicine!!!!”

“To my everything and more Fadda Dickson, thank you so very much. To everybody that prayed with us, we say thank you…To the people that kept checking on me becos i was in my lowest mood..thank you” she said in another post.

That wasn’t the last with a photo of herself and the father, she further shared this: “Allow me flood your TL with my 83 years dad whom we nearly lost to prostate cancer…And I will use the medium to advise all men to check your prostate Regularly..Just like cervical cancer you might not experience any symptoms till it gets cancerous. Meet my miracle. And oh we are always laughing cos my father is got a great sense of humor.
Yes he survived Cancer…He is a miracle..He is a great man”.

Afia trying to prove Mr. Agyei is her real dad and that she takes very good care of him, posted: “If you think say I be guy…wait…Meet the 83 years old man that wears Versace to funeral, My father Agya Kwadwo Agyei”.




A fast trending video sighted on YouTube saw a senior citizen (probably in his 80’s) showing off his atopa dance moves as he jammed to with a woman to Kidi’s ‘Enjoyment  at what seemed like an engagement or wedding ceremony sort of.

The man with gray hair was seen holding on tight to the lady while giving her some hard knocks from the back.

Looking at how old he looks, its funny and amazing that he still got it.If he can still do this at this age then just imagine what he would have done in his youthful days. 


Source: TypicalBlackNetwork.