Ladies, here are 5 common things Ghanaian men lie about

Ladies, here are 5 common things Ghanaian men lie about

The topic of trust is an important factor in all matters of the heart.
Men lie to women. Women lie to men. And most people agree that some lying is even necessary – to avoid petty squabbles and to grease the wheels of a relationship.

Men lie to build themselves up or to conceal something. According to experts, men are more likely to lie to enhance themselves than women are.


But consistent lying on even minor matters can unglue a marriage. Trust me, when you are being dishonest with someone, then you are essentially denying that person the privilege of the truth. Whether it’s an effort to spare another person’s feelings or protecting yourself, lies are lies and must not be encouraged.

Women, here are some common things Ghanaian men lie about.

Their sexual performance

Most men struggle with erectile dysfunction, but many of them don’t want to admit it. This is one reason why they like to take aphrodisiac drugs just because they want to “give good sex.” This shouldn’t be the case though. If you have a problem, consult a doctor for treatment.

Their fantasies

Everyone fantasizes about someone or something. But Ghanaian men never want to layout or speak about their fantasies. Usually, they think they become vulnerable or better still, they keep them so that they don’t hurt their partners. But it is okay to fantasise about someone or something. That is a natural feeling.

Past relationships

Men usually lie about cheating in previous relationships. They do this most of the times because they didn’t want to scare off a potential new love. Unfortunately, that’s the kind of lie that can erode trust from the very beginning, and ultimately doom a relationship.

The fact that they need you

One of the most destructive lies that men tell to themselves and others is that they can go it alone.

This is the most ludicrous lie of them all because we all need somebody. We’re social creatures that crave connection above almost everything else.

Their income

Most Ghanaian men lie about their income. They either tell you the less income they receive (i.e. if they want to avoid spending more on you) or tell you they receive much more than they actually get (i.e. if they want to impress you). But if financial lies continue into a relationship, they can seriously undermine trust and cause long-term problems.


Afia Schwarzenegger Throws Shades: “Rich People Don’t Fight, They Concentrate On Their Investment And Enjoy Their Wealth”

Afia Schwarzenegger is with the real papa no

The fierce feud between celebrities on social media have left many of them throwing jabs and shades every day in their posts via their handles and loud mouth media personality Afia Schwarzenegger seems to be doing exactly same after Mzbel dared her with her “Fi” response in their recent ‘beef’.

After Mzbel and Tornado took her to the gutters by exposing her sapphism acts with chop bar waitresses and also alleging that she doesn’t even cater for his biological father who is based in Kumasi, Afia has since been making slight innuendoes with photos of his father on his IG page.

Among the many posts that she flooded her post with, one post that really caught our attention is the one that seems like a response to those that wish she could continue her feud with Mzbel and Tornado. In this post she said: “My dad Mr Agyei just said and I quote ‘Rich people don’t fight ,they concentrate on their investment and enjoy their wealth”.

But before that she first she posted: “Take good care of your parents n God in heaven will bless you!!!! My daddy my photocopy.

I remember the morning we were wheeling you to the theater… it was raining heavily at korle bu n I was tearing.. you held my hand n prayed for asked God to reward me for every coin I have spent. Thank you daddy .. today Facebook reminded me of this day n the Holy Spirit whispered unto my soul,your daddy is still alive and all his prayers for u has been answered. God bless you Agya Kojo Agyei… your prayers have made us come far. Once again congratulations daddy, wo tri nkwa. We are grateful to God for having you here n oh all the jokes you tell ..We are grateful to the drs n Nurses of Korle bu teaching hospital for everything you did for daddy. Happy anniversary, Happy recoversary…still surprising medicine!!!!”

“To my everything and more Fadda Dickson, thank you so very much. To everybody that prayed with us, we say thank you…To the people that kept checking on me becos i was in my lowest mood..thank you” she said in another post.

That wasn’t the last with a photo of herself and the father, she further shared this: “Allow me flood your TL with my 83 years dad whom we nearly lost to prostate cancer…And I will use the medium to advise all men to check your prostate Regularly..Just like cervical cancer you might not experience any symptoms till it gets cancerous. Meet my miracle. And oh we are always laughing cos my father is got a great sense of humor.
Yes he survived Cancer…He is a miracle..He is a great man”.

Afia trying to prove Mr. Agyei is her real dad and that she takes very good care of him, posted: “If you think say I be guy…wait…Meet the 83 years old man that wears Versace to funeral, My father Agya Kwadwo Agyei”.




A fast trending video sighted on YouTube saw a senior citizen (probably in his 80’s) showing off his atopa dance moves as he jammed to with a woman to Kidi’s ‘Enjoyment  at what seemed like an engagement or wedding ceremony sort of.

The man with gray hair was seen holding on tight to the lady while giving her some hard knocks from the back.

Looking at how old he looks, its funny and amazing that he still got it.If he can still do this at this age then just imagine what he would have done in his youthful days. 


Source: TypicalBlackNetwork.

Female students will go hungry if married men are faithful – Pretty lady Read more:

Female students will go hungry if married men are faithful – Pretty lady Read more:

A Nigerian lady with the Twitter handle @rutie_xx has stirred conversations online as she talked about married men and faithfulness. She said if married men shun extra-marital affairs, 95% of female students will go hungry. She tweeted:

“If married men choose to become faithful to their wives, to be very honest, 95% of female student will die of hunger!!”

Her tweet has raised so much controversy online that people are at loggerheads in her comment section arguing and trying to pick holes in her opinion.

While some people totally disagreed with her fact, there were a section of users on the micro-messaging platform who thought she tweeted the gospel truth.

Below are some of the reactions it gathered online:

@nkama_hetty said: “95%??

Where did you get this statistics from please?! Most students hustle hard, doing part-time jobs, ushering jobs, promotions and all, so saying 95%, nah.”

@Amarach74794580 said:

“I strongly disagree to this statement bcos some of them are entrepreneurs.”

@toolzdeyforyou said:

“Facts only. Most of these students depend on them to survive.”

@WickedResponses said:

“They will be force to hustle properly then. Women just need someone to guide them on how to make money. I know young girls making money with forex, bitcoin trade, buying and selling dollars, selling wears, baking cakes, and so forth. And they use it to survive.”

@aren_ben said:

“So, in other words, married men are saving lives in our campuses Nationwide? This is unbelievably a possible reality.”



The Sultan of Brunei, Hassanal Bolkiah, is one of the most extravagant strict rulers on the planet. As per Insider, he was once worth $40 billion (N15,500,000,000,000). A portion of his rich ways of life incorporate supposedly hustling Ferraris at 12 PM through Brunei’s capital, assembling a 1,788 room castle, and spending as much as $20,000 (N7,750,000) to get a hair style. It ought to be noticed that he succeeded his dad, Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddien, who had 10 youngsters from a few spouses.

Bolkiah’s dad resigned the seat in 1967 and made him the ruler while he was at United Kingdom’s Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst. A year after, Bolkiah rose the seat when he completed the foundation.

September 28, 2020 Will Be The Best Week For These Zodiac Signs

The enormous castle covers a wide territory of 2.2 million square feet. Its planner was the famous Architect Leandro Locsin. It made World Guinness Records as the biggest private royal residence. Something else deserving of note was that the Sultan’s family allegedly purchased half of the world’s Rolls-Royce as Bokiah held a record for having the biggest assortment.

September 28, 2020 Will Be The Best Week For These Zodiac Signs

September 28, 2020 Will Be The Best Week For These Zodiac Signs

Astrology is on another level right now. The energy is downright chaotic, and you may be feeling as though you’re being pulled in so many different directions at once. However, despite everything that’s going on, there will always be beauty in its midst. If anyone’s feeling that beauty, it’s the zodiac signs who will have the best week of September 28, 2020 . If you were born with your sun or rising sign in Gemini, Libra, or Virgo, then you’re in for a treat, because even though the universe is currently freaking out, you’re feeling positive about everything to come. That makes all the difference.
Mars — planet of vitality, passion, and aggression — has been retrograde since Sept. 9. This has definitely upped the frustration, making you feel as if nothing is going your way no matter how hard you try. When you remember that Mars is currently facing backward, it makes sense why it may feel incredibly difficult to move forward. That energy is reaching new levels of intensity on Sept. 29, when Mars squares off with inhibiting and punishing Saturn. This may deflate all the air out of your balloon, and if you want to get through this with ease, remember that patience is truly a virtue.
Fortunately, romantic and affectionate Venus will form a trine with Mars on Sept. 28, This flirtatious transit will remind you to stay excited and enthusiastic even when nothing is working out right. Even in tough times, there is always something to learn and always a fun way to deal with your problems. Focus on the creativity building within you, and how this strife is making you a better person.


Gemini: Your Social Life Is Brimming With Love And Romance
If anyone is finding a way to have fun and laugh their way through hard times, it’s you, Gemini. Your inner child is out and ready to play, so remember to have a good time and play around even when your situation is less than ideal. Open your heart to other people, look at how beautiful the world is, and remember to do what you do best: make jokes. Laughter is the best cure and you’re healing others with your sense of humor, left and right. Feel comfortable in your own skin and give yourself permission to be yourself.

Libra: You’re Feeling So Much Closer To Those You Love
A full moon in your seventh house of partnerships will rock your world on Oct. 1, starting the month off on an incredibly affectionate and compassionate note. You’re feeling more focused on who you can be for others rather than just yourself. Put yourself in other people’s shoes and tap into your empathetic side. It will not only help you navigate conflict more smoothly, but it’ll invite more love into your universe and help you strengthen your relationships. Find an even balance between setting boundaries and opening your heart. After all, striking a balance is what you do best, Libra.

Virgo: You’re Feeling So In Love With Yourself Lately
You have so many reasons to feel excited, Virgo, but the biggest one is that Venus enters your zodiac sign on Oct. 2, launching one of the most enjoyable and luxurious transits. You’re attracting adoration and admiration wherever you go, so pay attention to how people are going out of their way to compliment you and spend time with you. You’re also feeling a lot more alive in your own skin, as this transit is helping you remember all the reasons you should love yourself. Of all the compliments you’ll receive, the ones you give yourself will have the biggest impact.


AJ Pounds Drops Beautiful Baby Bump Photos With Handsome Husband (See)

Popular On-Screen Personality AJ Pounds Drops Beautiful Baby Bump Photos With Handsome Husband (See)

AJ Poundz, known in real life as Matilda Adjoa Densu, has splashed social media with beautiful baby bump photos following the birth of her baby girl.
The on-screen goddess welcomed her baby on September 21, 2020, at an undisclosed health facility and it is reported that both mother and baby are doing very well.

However, the pretty actress has taken to social media to share beautiful baby bump photos of herself and take her fans on a journey during her pregnant days.

The baby bump photos showed AJ Poundz posing in some of them with her loving husband who was seen giving his wife a kiss while they sat on a chair.

Other photos also saw the actress posing alone and beaming with smiles as she wore a glittering dress.


Another baby bump photo saw her holding her tummy as she struck a pose for the camera while looking very pretty in her make-up. earlier reported that the actress and television presenter, has been delivered of a baby girl.

The host of ‘Onua Nkonkonsa’ on Onua TV announced the birth of her baby in a post sighted by .


Military Authority to apply the whip after two military lesbians get married

Military Authority to apply the whip after two military lesbians get married. Military Authorities in the nation are accounted for to have taken up an issue concerning two asserted lesbian military ladies who opposed the strict laws and culture of the nation to get married in a private function held as of late.

This comes up after a video of the two military lesbians became a web sensation today via online media. We assembled that the leader at Michelle camp was called today by the military top chain of command to apply the whip after the video went to their notification.

In the viral video, the two ladies were seen moving to “anadwo dark love” tune by the multi-grant winning rapper, Sarkodie.

The two were styled in nearby textures with same hues and had two difference in garments; one is dressed in a long white and red ribbon dress while the other is in pants and top, portraying their functions as lady of the hour and husband to be.

The supposed couples were found in the service as well as had observers and participants at their marriage.

The video started loads of debates and left some Ghanaians mouth agape as the military ladies couple were loaded up with happiness at their wedding service with the observers and participants supporting them.

A great many people who wore their strict scene started lecturing about the end time in the wake of viewing the video.

They supported the administration and the security specialists to make a move before the supposed profane creatures devastate the tranquility of the nation.

They affirmed that the individuals of Sodom and Gomorrah inspire the fury of God with comparative sin and encouraged the strict pioneers to develop their lessons against homosexuality.

“This is a reminder for Ghana to implore hard particularly during this races season to guarantee there will be harmony in the nation since lesbianism and gay marriage can cause bedlam in the nation,” they attested.

Homosexuality has been fervently restricted in most African nations especially Ghana and Nigeria.

Victimization same-sex connections in this aspect of the world is very on the ascent.

At present, under Ghanaian criminal law (Chapter 6 of the Criminal Code, 1960, as revised by The Criminal Code (Amendment) Act, 2003) same-sex sexual movement among guys is unlawful.

In the interim Legal Practitioner Moses Foh-Amoaning who is an enemy of gay rights dissident accepts those in the Western world who were driving Ghana to legitimize same-sex marriage were oblivious and ill bred by proposing to help African Countries including Ghana change its laws against homosexuality.

He accepts gay people have a difficult which ought to be recognized and vital advances removed to help them from it.

“At the point when Theresa May says that the British gave us a law 40-50 years prior and that law wasn’t right and that they will assist us with evolving it, what you overlook is that before the English brought the law, we had our own law, we Africans we live our way of life, our standard law and that is what our identity is and it is against it”

Our view is Africans don’t put stock in it, we don’t think it is correct, on the off chance that someone has got that inclination, we help that individual, we don’t toss him out, we don’t remove his head, we don’t thrash him however the publicity from the Western media is that we are executing them, obviously in the event that you accomplish something and it isn’t right, society will respond, in the event that they condemn polygamy and we state we don’t care for gay rights, for what reason do they say it is biased,” he said.

Military Authority to apply the whip after two military lesbians get married.


Nigerian porn star arrested ‘for filming’ at sacred forest

Tblak: Nigerian porn star arrested ‘for filming’ at sacred forest

Tobiloba Jolaosho, the Nigerian pornstar popularly known as King Tblak HOC has been arrested for allegedly recording a pornographic movie at the Osun Osogbo sacred grove in western Nigeria, police say.

The sacred forest, home to Osun, the Yoruba goddess of fertility, is a UN-designated World Heritage Site.

Police said Tblak was arrested for allegedly recording a “sex movie” in the forest.

Neither he nor his lawyer have commented.

Mr Jolaosho is a popular porn movie producer with a huge following, and snippets of the video, which allegedly showed him dressed in the white robe of adherents of the Osun deity, were posted on his website and social media accounts.

He has a huge following on social media where he shares snippets of his home-made pornographic clips to his followers.

‘Breached public peace’

It is not clear when the recording was done or how he entered the forest, which can be easily accessed from many routes.

Police spokesman Opalola Yemisi told BBC Yoruba that the movie producer will appear in court following an investigation as his conduct “could have breached public peace”.

Nigerian pporn star

A follower of the deity, Yemi Elebuibon, said Mr Jolaosho had desecrated the grove, which was a sacred land where worshippers from Nigeria and elsewhere offer prayers and sacrifices to the Osun goddess.

“The traditional worshippers in charge of the grove will decide on what punishment to mete out to him, after the police concludes its investigation,” Mr Elebuibon told the BBC’s Busayo James-Olufade.

Declared it a World Heritage Site in 2003, the UN’s cultural organisation, Unesco, described the Osun Osogbo sacred grove, as “one of the last remnants of primary high forest in southern Nigeria” and “as the abode of the goddess of fertility Osun, one of the pantheon of Yoruba gods”.

The Osun goddess, according to Yoruba mythology, was one of the many wives of Sango, a powerful deity in Yoruba folklore.

Famous all over the world

Every year, thousands of people attend the Osun Osogbo festival, a traditional celebration that is thought to be 600 years old.

The two-week festival is considered to be the biggest annual traditional religious event of the Yoruba people and attracts thousands of worshippers and spectators from both Nigeria and the rest of the world.

Devotees believe that the sacred grove forest is one of the last remaining places that the spirits, or “Orishas” reveal themselves to bless them.

The festival is marked with daily performances of people dancing, singing, playing the drums and showing off elaborate costumes to appease the goddess Osun.


Also see how Indonesia eat humans meat

CANNIBALS!! See This Place In Indonesia Where They Eat Human Beings, They Do It To Scare Other Tribes

CANNIBALS!! See This Place In Indonesia Where They Eat Human Beings, They Do It To Scare Other Tribes

If you are interested in weird tribes, how about cannibal tribes? A major tribal group in Papua, Indonesia who lives to the east of the Baliem Valley in the Papuan highlands, the word Yali does not refer to the tribe or its cultural identity; it just means the people from the east.

A significant element that helped the Yali maintain their tribal lifestyle is that their lands are largely isolated by challenging geography. Their villages are only accessible by walking through rough terrains for several hours.

They had no contact whatsoever with the outside world until the 1960s and are still living in a somewhat of a sovereign region under the control of Indonesia.

Most people who have heard of Yali only heard that they are cannibals. However, cannibalism was practiced as a way to scare other tribes. Yali is mostly vegetarians, they only eat pigs in celebration. But still, in the old days, they would attack their enemy tribes and take away prisoners.

The prisoners would then be chopped and eaten in festivities. The bones of those prisoners would later be ground and mixed with dust and thrown into the valley of the enemy tribe to terrify them. Yali is major tribal groups in Papua, Indonesia, and live to the east of the Baliem Valley in the Papuan highlands.

The Dani word for “lands of the east” is “yali”, from where the Yali took it, without it being a self-identification for their tribe. The settlement territory of the Yali lies between the rivers Ubahak to the East and Sibi, Yahulie, and Podeng to the West.

Their major towns are Angguruk and Kosarek, which are isolated by challenging geography. The major access to their territory is by air. The villages are only accessible by walking for several hours. Their territory is known collectively as Yalimo.

The Yali speaks a language that is related to that of the Dani, although it has significant differences. The language is in the Ngalik-Nduga subfamily. Today the Yali are of the Christian religion, mainly Protestant. Until the 1970s there were reports of cannibalism.

The Christian missionaries stopped several feuds between villages, old war rituals and ancestor cult were forgotten. The Yali live in villages with roundhouses on poles, where houses for women and men separate the sexes.

Water for drinking, we strictly separate domestic use and wastewater. The Yali are of a rather small stature (partially smaller than 150 cm). Traditionally the men are only clothed with a penis sheath (koteka) and rattan rings around the waist.

Their heads are occasionally covered with hairnets, which have a pointed end at the neck. The women-only wear a skirt made of reed. However, T-shirts and trousers or skirts and blouses are becoming more common. The Yali use sweet potatoes and taro as their staple foods, which are grown using shifting cultivation.

Other food sources are hunting and gathering. For festivities such as weddings pigs are slaughtered, which are only being kept extensively. Fruits are not part of the common diet.