Your Husband Promised Us a Bridge, You Came After 4 Years On a Private Pantoon” Afram plains Residents

Your Husband Promised Us a Bridge, You Came After 4 Years On a Private Pantoon” Afram plains Residents

Your Husband Promised Us a Bridge, You Came After 4 Years On a Private Pantoon” Afram plains Residents

Hajia Samira Bawumia, the second lady of the Republic of Ghana on her tour in Eastern Region was at Afram Plains on Wednesday 14th October, 2020. In an attempt to justify the abysmal performance of the Akufo-Addo led administration she told the good people of Afram Plains that the reason Afram Plains isn’t developed is as a result of they voting for NDC since 1992.

She was hooted by the people for peddling such falsehood, the residents rather referred her to similar statement made by her husband in the round up to the 2016 elections when her husband now the Vice President came to Ekye Amanfrom in the Kwahu Afram Plains South District.

“This time we are looking even bigger, we are thinking of a big investment in Afram Plains to transform the area and make it a true bread basket of the country. This new programme, God willing under the next NPP administration will see more investments in infrastructure like roads and agricultural inputs for the Afram Plains to support large scale farming as well as social infrastructure like schools, medical facilities, electricity, portable drinking water etc. to make the hardworking populace here comfortable. “We will make Afram Plains the bread basket of Ghana and West Africa. We will construct a modern bridge so as to help you in transporting your farm produce to Accra and the major cities in Ghana.

Girls Born After 1993 Can’t Cook. All They Know Is Their Phone, Twerk, And be bisxual

It will take thinking, investment and commitment and we are prepared and we have the capacity” the above being the words of Dr. Bawumia in 2015.

Hajia Samira Bawumia was further embarrassed when the Chief Imam made it known that all roads started by the erstwhile Mahama administration have been halted and are in bad state and must be given some attention if the NPP want the best for the people Afram Plains.

Appeal For Funds To Support An Orphanage.

We humbly seek for a collaboration to aid in raising funds for the relocation of the Echoeing Hills Orphanage Home which is currently located on the Ashaley Botwe road.

The Orphanage Home has been given a notice to vacate its current location, which had been leased to them for the past 25 years.

They are therefore requesting for funding to enable them relocate by December, 2020.

We humbly seek for a collaboration to aid in raising funds for the relocation of the Echoeing Hills Orphanage Home which is currently located on the Ashaley Botwe road.

The Orphanage Home has been given a notice to vacate its current location, which had been leased to them for the past 25 years.

They are therefore requesting for funding to enable them relocate by December, 2020.

*Momo No: 0557957138(Ladies Lead Foundation)*

WHY ARE YOU ALIVE? Uncle Ebo Writers


One day, on my usual early morning walks, I came across a little boy of about 3 or 4 years. He was standing by the roadside, crying. It was obvious he had been crying for a while because typical of some children, there was phlegm all over his nose. He was standing all alone and crying.⁣

I figured that he might have followed someone out and/or expecting to see the person. I walked on without asking him a question.⁣

Some metres down the road, I saw a young lady carrying a pan and was seemingly returning from selling ‘koko’ (porridge). She looked forlon, and I wondered why. It was obvious she had sold all the porridge, so why was she looking downcast? I asked myself.⁣

As I was about to walk past her, she broke into a beautiful smile and opened her arms for an embrace. Her whole nature transformed and became lighter. My gaze followed her in the direction of her smile. I saw the little boy ran into her arms and they turned and continued moving. The child, now happy, hopped alongside the young lady (who I assumed was his mother).⁣

This woman, prior to seeing her son might have been burdened by issues. But then she sees her son, and is reminded of why she wakes up every morning to sell.⁣

She is reminded of the reason for her life. ⁣

That tender moment made me realize one of the most powerful lessons in life:⁣

“If you live only for yourself, you will be depressed, even if you have a million dollars”⁣

If your whole life was only about you, will be a depressed person. Our lives matter only when we are living for something or someone. The easiest one is to live for family and spouses. But that is elementary, and a starting point. Your life must be bigger than that. You must live for the sake of those who need you but are not part of your family. You must live for a cause that will impact society. ⁣

That will energize you, because you are not living a selfish life. ⁣

If you are living a selfish life, you will be depressed even if all your prayers for money are answered. ⁣

Who/What are you living for?⁣
Whose life are you impacting?⁣
Which cause benefits from your existence?⁣
Who/What keeps you going?⁣

Girls Born After 1993 Can’t Cook. All They Know Is Their Phone, Twerk, And be bisxual

Girls Born After 1993 Can’t Cook. All They Know Is Their Phone, Twerk, And be bisxual

Singer Trey Songz Sparks Controversy GhanacelebritiesSep American singer, Trey Songz has generated controversy with a post he made on Instagram in which he alleged that girls born after 1993 cannot cook, except to twerk and be bisxual.
The post has since it was made, generated mixed reactions with many Netizens expressing their agreement, while many others also equally expressed their disagreement.


The post read,“Any Female born after 1993 can’t cook, All they know is McDonalds, Charge their phone, Twerk, be bisexual, Eat Hot Chip and Lie”

Trey Songz is an American singer, songwriter, and actor. His debut album, I Gotta Make It, was released in 2005 through Atlantic Records. His follow-up album, Trey Day, spawned his first top 20 single, “Can’t Help but Wait”. Songz released his third albumReadyin 2009 and a single from the album, “Say Aah”, peaked at No. 9 on theBillboardHot 100 making it Songz’s first top 10 hits.Readywas nominated for Best Male R&B Vocal Performance at the 2008 Grammy Awards.


Prez Nana Addo winning by 60%

The First National Vice Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Frederick Fredua Antoh, popularly called FF Antoh, says President Akufo-Addo will win the December polls with 60 per cent of votes.

According to him, Ghanaians are overwhelmed with the performance of the NPP administration and will therefore renew its mandate in the upcoming polls.

Speaking in an interview, the former Ashanti regional chair of the governing party said the party will also win at least 45 out of the 47 parliamentary seats in the region.

“Everywhere you go everyone is talking about free SHS, Akufo-Addo is fulfilling the works of God. With God on our side, we will see what happens. President Mahama is going to leave politics after this election. I have been to everywhere in the Ashanti region and I’m telling you that Akufo-Addo is winning. In 2012 he had  47% of the votes, in 2016 he had 53 percent so you will see what will happen this time around. We are going to win massively in this election. I am predicting about 60% for Akufo-Addo,” he said.

He added: “I am hoping we get at least 45 of the seats in the Ashanti Region and 80% presidential votes. I don’t want to build castles in the air this realistic figures I’m giving you. I’m so sure of these numbers, there are some seats that we can target but there are some I’m so sure we are taking this time around”.

Ghana goes to the polls on December 7 to elect a president and parliamentarians. President Akufo-Addo and former President John Mahama are facing off for the third time for the presidential slot after each winning against the other previously.

Supreme Court Removes High Court Judge In Kennedy Agyapong

Supreme Court Removes High Court Judge In Kennedy Agyapong

The Supreme Court has stopped an Accra High Court judge from hearing a contempt case against the governing party’s MP, Kennedy Agyapong.

In a judgement delivered Wednesday, the five-member panel, presided over by Justice Baffoe-Bonnie, ordered the registrar to assign a new judge.

Legal counsel for the MP argued the judge, Amos Wuntah Wuni, had demonstrated hostility towards their client and appeared to have an extra interest in a matter, which the lawyers said, did not concern him.

Kennedy Agyapong known for loose comments, had been hauled before the Accra High Court after he insulted a judge on his TV network, Net2 TV.

For comments made on his TV station Net 2 TV, the Assin Central MP was charged with insulting a judge, scandalising the court and bringing the court into disrepute.

Kennedy Agyapong has pleaded not guilty to the charges.

The MP’s legal counsel have insisted that the Land Court 12 of the High Court which summoned him did not have jurisdiction.

His legal counsel have argued that the judge who summoned him, Amos Wuntah Wuni, was not the one the MP insulted.

The MP’s affidavit stated that his insults were directed at the Labour Court 2 judge. He has since apologised to the judge publicly.

“The words uttered which I deem uncomplimentary and I have since apologized were not directed at the Court, presided over by His Lordship Amos Wuntah Wuni, the Court is not seized with jurisdiction to order the applicant to appear and to answer why he should not be severely punished for contempt of court,” the MP said in his affidavit in support.

He wanted the court to suspend sitting on the case as they had filed a motion at the Supreme Court with the hearing slated for October 13.

The MP’s lawyers were demanding the court halts hearing the case till the Supreme Court rules on the matter.

However, the High Court judge, Amos Wuntah Wuni, disagreed.

“So the court should not do anything when the case is almost a month away. Your client is simply coming here to explain why he said all those scandalous things.

“The court has the right, power and courage to punish anyone who scandalises its name. The law is the law. If you hold a live wire with your bare hands you will be electrocuted,” judge Wuni held.

The case had been ongoing until Wednesday’s judgment ended any prospect of a High Court judgement on the matter.

When the case was called at the Supreme Court on Tuesday, the presiding judge, Justice Paul Baffoe-Bonnie spotted on error in the application to the court.

The bench argued that the application should have been filed citing the Registrar of the Accra High Court and not the Judicial Secretary.

Kwame Gyan who is counsel for the beleaguered MP, however, tried to argue that that was the procedure. The panel of judges would not barge.

“This is a court pf precedence. Concede the error and draw our attention to the fact that notwithstanding, we should proceed with the case,” the judge urged.

Mr Gyan agreed.

“I promptly concede, we should have proceeded against the Registrar,” he said.

The judges urged the lawyers to fix the error in its application as the general public was eager to hear the apex court’s ruling on the said matter.

Having agreed, Justice Baffoe-Bonnie asked the deputy Attorney-General, Godfred Yeboah Dame if he would be willing to represent the Registrar.

“I don’t have any problem at all representing the Registrar of the High Court,” Mr Dame indicated.

The deputy A-G was asked to study the affidavit on record and argue the case on the next adjourned date. The case is set to continue on October 14, 2020.

Other justices on the panel include; Yaw Appau, Gabriel Pwamang, Issifu Omoro Tanko Ampadu and Yonny Kulendi.

Sentencing for contempt is largely at the court’s discretion. In the July 2016 case against three NDC activists who insulted and denigrated the chief justice, they were sentenced to four months in prison.

Mr Agyapong’s scandal of trials
Kennedy Agyapong, a businessman and an NPP financier, has a history of making scandalous comments.

He has shown he is not allergic to defamation suits. He was sued by Ivy Heward-Mills, wife of a late NPP MP. In the suit filed in January 2019, the widow asked for 50million cedis.

Also, a Lebanese-born Ghanaian businessman, Hassan Zein, who also asked for 100 million cedis after Ken City Media aired a ‘defamatory video’ of him in April 2019.

A retired Chief State Attorney, Ellen C. Kwawukume, also brought a GH¢25 million defamation suit in September 2018.

In May 2020, a former government appointee, Joseph Yamin, sued controversial NPP MP, Kennedy Agyapong for defamation and has asked for GH¢95 million.
Many of these cases have not been concluded. But in a case that has come closest to completion, the Accra High Court gave veteran journalist, Mr. Kweku Baako, victory in a defamatory suit he filed against Mr Agyapong.

The MP is to pay him 100,000 cedis in damages. But Mr. Agyapong has appealed the judgment and hearing has not been concluded.

Last February, Parliament reprimanded the Assin Central MP after he was found guilty by the Privileges Committee for calling the House cheap and useless.

Nurses have been caught in a fight to the death at a hospital in London.

Nurses have been caught in a fight to the death at a hospital in London.

The two nurses were seen arguing in the hospital’s cafeteria before the argument descended into a full scale fight.

Nana Kyerematen Writes:Amplified Concert Review

Their fight was savage with the two using mixed martial arts fighting techniques including chokeholds!

It’s not known what led to the fight but at least one other person was present during the fight and was filming everything.


The video has gone viral with people astonished that two nurses could be behaving in such an unprofessional manner.

Watch the video below…

Source: GhanaCelebrities.Com

NDC will emerge the winner of the December polls

Are you also optimistic the NDC will emerge the winner of the December polls?

Mr Johnson Asiedu Nketia, the General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has predicted that the party would win the presidential elections by 57 per cent on December 7.

He said the prediction was based on the party’s policy proposals contained in the People’s Manifesto, which were superior and resonated well with the people.

Mr Asiedu Nketiah listed some of the NDC 2020 manifesto promises, including free primary health care, free TVET Education from the second cycle to tertiary level, absorption of half of the school fees of tertiary students next year in response to COVID-19 hardships, amongst others, saying they were progressive and responded to the needs of the people.

Partey has been on our radar for seven months – Arsenal’s Technical Director

Arsenal’s Technical Director, Edu, has revealed the club’s Deadline Day signing of Thomas Partey was the culmination of a long-term recruitment plan.

Arsenal signed the Ghana international from Atletico Madrid on Monday after meeting his £45m release clause on the final day of the summer window.

Facts: 6 Reasons why NDC might Win 2020 December polls

Edu confirmed Partey was a target for Arsenal when they first drew up their recruitment plan at the beginning of the year.

“One day I would like to show the fans how we work, or how we worked, because if you saw my plan six or seven months ago when I did it with Mikel (Arteta), Thomas was there already,” he told the club’s website.

“So you see how many months we had to try to find the right player for the club.

“So many things to do, so many meetings, we had to see how we were going to buy the player, if we had the financial situation to buy the player, the legal process, the financial process, talk to the player, talk to the agent, so there are a lot of things around this but in the end we did it,” he said.


Edu, who was a midfielder in Arsenal’s ‘Invincibles’ in 2003/04, also revealed how investment from club owner Stan Kroenke allowed Arsenal to arrange the financial package needed to sign Partey.

“To be fair, it is a huge investment for this moment which we are in now and of course we need the green light from them.

“When I showed my plan to them, they were so excited, they understood the plan and pressed the green button and then I felt very, very confident because it is not easy to invest a lot of money in this period of time.”

Arsenal have completed a £45m deal to sign Thomas Partey from Atletico Madrid. Here, his former coaches tell Sky Sports how he became a key figure under Diego Simeone and why he is a special talent who is “not just a defensive midfielder”.

After joining Mallorca on loan from Atletico Madrid in the summer of 2013, a 20-year-old Thomas Partey would always introduce himself with a smile and the same phrase.