Muslims Converting To Christianity In Saudi Arabia, Despite Intense Persecution

Muslims Converting To Christianity In Saudi Arabia, Despite Intense Persecution

Islam is the state religion of Saudi Arabia, where the legitimate framework depends on Sharia law. Courts routinely force serious physical disciplines, including capital punishment, for heresy, and non-Muslim spots of love are restricted.

Compelled to live stealthily, Christians in Saudi Arabia are being upheld in their confidence on the web.

It could be reviewed that last month US Christian Leaders Meet Saudi Crown Prince To Discuss Freedom Of Christianity In Saudi

As indicated by the United States Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF), Saudi Arabia “remains exceptionally harsh in the degree to which it limits the open articulation of any religion other than Islam”.

The Underground Revival That Might Take Down Islam In The Middle East

The legislature prosecutes, detains and whips people for contradict, renunciation, disrespect and magic, and forces “deliberate, continuous, and intolerable infringement of strict opportunity”.

It’s not just strict individuals who are focused on. A law authorized in 2014 likens secularism with fear based oppression. The enactment bans “calling for agnostic idea in any structure, or raising doubt about the essentials of Islamic religion.”

There are, in any case, some 1.4 million Christians living in the nation. As indicated by an investigation not long ago, 4.4 percent of Saudi Arabia’s populace distinguishes as Christian – up from under 0.1. percent (50 individuals) a little more than 100 years prior in 1910.

Most of these Christians are exiles or vagrant specialists, however as indicated by abuse good cause Open Doors, Saudi locals are likewise going to Christianity.

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The foundation is supporting Mohammed (name changed), a mystery adherent who changed over in the wake of finding out about Christianity through an online teaching course. He reached Christians in another Middle Eastern nation, and afterward went through seven days there – going to chapel just because, and going to Bible examinations.

Following a couple of days he was asked what jesus’ identity was. “He is my Savior, my God”, was Mohammed’s answer, and he was sanctified through water, coming back to Saudi Arabia with a Bible.

He knows no different Christians in his nation of origin, however gets proceeded with help on the web.

Saudi Arabia positions fourteenth on Open Doors’ rundown of nations where Christians are most aggrieved. As indicated by the USCIRF, the legislature has made “enhancements in strategies and practices identified with opportunity of religion or conviction”, yet “it continues limiting most types of open strict articulation conflicting with its specific understanding of Sunni Islam”.

More than 50 Healed, Many Turn To Jesus Christ After Pastor Preached In Iraqi Mosque (Photos)

Human rights bunches have vigorously censured the relationship the US and UK each hold with Saudi Arabia. Acquittal International a week ago required an examination after proof rose that illicit British-made group bombs had been utilized in Yemen by an alliance drove by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.

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President of GPCC says Churches should seek the face of God within One Hour

Leader of GPCC says Churches should look for the substance of God inside One Hour

Leader of the Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC), Rev. Prof. Paul Frimpong Manso has approached the houses of worship to utilize the one hour to look for the essence of God and cease from superfluous commotion.

As indicated by him the Church could have still overseen in the event that it was approached to revere for 30 minutes.

Look for the Face of God

Fire up. Manso who is additionally the General Superintendent of Assemblies of God said this on Atinka FM’s morning drive in Accra.

In light of the President of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo on COVID-19 update, he stated, “We are not in typical occasions thus a ton of things would need to be discarded. Effectively, a few places of worship have multiple administrations thus this would not be new. On the off chance that it implies we ought to have 10 administrations, at that point that ought to be it, its for our own wellbeing. This is an ideal opportunity to proceed to ruminate and look for the essence of God.”

Responding to the destiny of Sunday younger students, Rev. Manso asked guardians who don’t have gatekeepers for their children to remain at home and deal with their children or leave them in great hands before going to Church.

Doing this, he said would secure the lives of the kids amidst the Pandemic.

As per him, the one hour can be all that could possibly be needed should the Church plan the administration and distribute time for love, offertory among others


Compelling Friday, June 5, the way toward facilitating limitations will begin with chapel and mosque exercises, President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo said.

The President while conveying the tenth COVID-19 update address said administrative organizations will attempt arbitrary checks to guarantee full consistence of this order.

He said holy places can hold one hour for each assistance with not in excess of 100 members one after another.

“As I expressed in my May Day address, I’m presently in a situation to layout the guide for facilitating securely the limitations. Our own will be a flustered methodology including a specific rundown of open get-togethers dependent on the hazard profile, financial impact and in particular, our ability to implement, react and forestall an erupt in cases. With impact from Friday, fifth June, we will start stage one of the way toward facilitating limitations”.

“A compressed configuration for strict administrations can begin. Twenty-five percent participation with a most extreme number of attendees can venerate at once in chapel or mosque with the obligatory one-meter rule of social separating between devotees,” the President said.


God is Using pandemic to Tear Down Idols – Hulk Hogan

Terry Gene Bollea, better referred to by his ring name as Hulk Hogan, is an American resigned proficient grappler, on-screen character, TV character, business visionary, and performer

Wrestling legend Hulk Hogan says God is utilizing the coronavirus pandemic to tear down the icons individuals have made in their lives.

The 66-year-old wrote in a now-popular Instagram post that individuals should utilize their extra an ideal opportunity to reinforce their relationship with Jesus.

Starting at 28 May, 2020, the quantity of COVID-19 contaminations over the globe remained at 5,600,000 and 356,000 passings and 2,350,000 recuperations.

“In three brief months, much the same as He did with the diseases of Egypt, God has removed all that we revere,” Hogan composed. “God stated: ‘You need to venerate competitors, I will close down the arenas. You need to revere performers, I will close down community places. You need to revere entertainers, I will close down theaters. You need to venerate cash, I will close down the economy and breakdown the financial exchange. You would prefer not to go to chapel and love me, I will make it where you can’t go to a congregation.’”

Mass Hogan proceeded to reference 2 Chronicles 7:14, which peruses, “If my kin who are called by my name will lower themselves and supplicate and look for my face and abandon their fiendish behavior, at that point I will get notification from paradise and will pardon their wrongdoings and will recuperate their territory.”

Hogan finished up the post by contending possibly individuals “needn’t bother with an immunization.” Instead, he stated, “Perhaps we have to take this season of disengagement from the interruptions of the world and have an individual restoration where we center around the main thing on the planet that truly matters. Jesus.”

While some adulated the wrestling star, The Independent Newspaper reports that Hogan’s message confronted analysis where he contrasted the pandemic with the “maladies of Egypt” and proposed “perhaps we needn’t bother with an immunization.”

Outrage over shocking video showing young Cuban children twerking and dancing provocatively in their school uniforms – but some parents are proud of the display

A disputable video indicating little youngsters in school outfits moving provocatively and twerking has been posted on the web – starting shock.

Recorded in the city of Camaguey in focal Cuba, 300 miles east of Havana, it has now been seen a huge number of times.

Jorge Luis Pérez, a dad of one of the young men in the video and Camaguey occupant gladly transferred the recording of his child ‘flaunting his moves,’ nearby media revealed.

The first Facebook video has brought down, however different forms are flowing via web-based networking media and have been watched a huge number of times – prompting fierceness from online life clients.

Ricardo Hernandez composed on Facebook: ‘As of now we have returned to houses of ill-repute and prostitution in Cuba in this age – stunning. Where are the guardians and the school head and what moral standards would they say they are instructing in that school? The school is junk.’

While Isa Monzon composed: ‘They show them, at that point gripe about the prostitution and assault it’s a disgrace what, however what is the present adolescence?’

Nancy Miranda composed: ‘And I can reveal to you that none of them could state their duplication tables, however they can lap move. Where are the instructors??? What’s more, the parents???’

Yet, Rosa Telon stated: ‘Don’t accuse the instructors. Where are the guardians of those children what a disgrace. That is the reason the world like this. Due to the guardians of these children.’

What’s more, Wendy Romero composed: ‘Adolescence has now been demolished with that sort of music, on the off chance that they were my little girls to I would belt them to make them move. That is horrendous.’

While Sonia Navarro basically composed: ‘Belittling’.

‘As few as 40% of eligible primary pupils’ returned to classes today after schools stayed shut, turned children away or even held ‘staff training days’

As few as ’40 per cent of eligible primary pupils’ returned to classes today as schools stayed shut, turned children away or even held ‘staff training days’.

The Association of School and College Leaders said that of the facilities that are open attendance is ‘highly variable’ and ranges between ’40 per cent and 70 per cent’.

But the union’s general secretary Geoff Barton said this figure is likely to increase as ‘parents become become confident about sending their children to school’.

Up to two million pupils were due to return to lessons but some were turned away because headteachers ‘weren’t ready’ for them while around half of parents have chosen to keep their children at home because of safety fears.

Up to 1,500 primary schools in England are estimated to be defying the Government’s plan to get all reception, year 1 and year 6 children back in the classroom from June 1 as teachers admitted they were feeling anxiety about returning to work and unions demanded the date be pushed back to June 15 at the earliest.

Parents have revealed that many schools will remain closed for at least another week or more, while some have not yet set a date at all. In other cases schools decided they can only increase the number of places for key workers’ children, not for everyone.

At least two dozen councils, mostly Labour run, have refused to reopen their schools or left it up to headteachers, who are trying to find ways to ensure social distancing in their school buildings and ensuring they have enough teachers to teach ‘bubbles’ of up to ten children.

But while hundreds of thousands of young students are back in class and reunited with their friends and teachers today, MailOnline can reveal there was confusion at several schools in London with some parents arriving with their children only to be informed they couldn’t come in and had to go home again.

Parents at Winsor Primary School in east London were turned away today and told teachers are still making arrangements. 

Glauciane Conti was turned away at the school gate this morning with her son who is in year one. The 35-year-old, a cleaner from Forest Gate, said: ‘My son just went in to ask the teachers and they say it is not open as they are still making arrangements. I don’t understand. Now I have to go to work’. Gallions Primary School, also in Beckton, plans to remain closed to the general public this week.

Hanif Hazari, 58 accompanied his son Mahmamudullabi who is a year 6 pupil at Havelock Primary School in Southall, west London after being informed via a text message that it was reopening following the easing of the lockdown.

Mr Hazari said: ‘The playground was completely deserted so I went into the school office and they told me that the school has now decided to remain closed and they don’t have a date as yet as to when it will open. It’s very confusing, I don’t know what’s going on. The Government appears to be saying one thing and the schools another.’ Mahmamudullabi, 11, added: ‘I hope the school opens soon because I’m getting really bored at home.’

Jaswinder Grover, who arrived at the school with his daughter Simran, a year 6 pupil said: ‘I was initially told that the school would reopen today but as you can see, hardly anybody has turned up. And now the school is telling me something completely different. The Government needs to be a clearer about what’s actually going on and when our kids can go back to school, which I hope is soon.’

A Havelock Primary official told MailOnline that the school is now not scheduled to reopen until June 15 at the very earliest. He added: ‘Some parents were under the impression that we were opening on June 1. We’re very sorry for any confusion that’s been caused, and parents will be notified as soon as possible.’ 

A government source denied that the situation was ‘chaos’, insisting the process of returning appeared to be going well. ‘Many schools are welcoming back more pupils, take-up is in line with expectations,’ the source said. ‘We always said schools would begin the wider reopening from this week, it’ll be a gradual process.’ 

As schools reopened for the first time in ten weeks, it also emerged today:

However, Children’s Commissioner Anne Longfield believes that schools will need to hold summer schools to enable pupils to catch up on work they have missed during the enforced break. 

Ms Longfield said in The Telegraph: ‘Based in school buildings and running throughout the holidays, summer schools could provide activities of all kinds, meals and potentially some learning too,’ she said.

‘The idea is also likely to be popular with parents, who however well-intentioned and motivated may need a break from home schooling and may also be in desperate need of childcare as they return to work.’

One teacher wrote this morning: ‘Lots of us are going to feel very apprehensive and anxious about the new changes, however that looks in our school. We stand with each other.’ 

Queen’s Hill Primary and Nursery School near Norwich reopened to reception children on Monday, with 46 attending out of a total of 75 in the year group.

The school has been open to children of key workers throughout the coronavirus lockdown, with plans to reopen to nursery children next week and to children in Years 1 and 6 from June 15.

Emma Corps, 39, was in a socially distanced queue of parents as she dropped off her five-year-old daughter Isla at the school gates.

‘I was a bit anxious but she was excited and I think they need to go back to school as there needs to be some sort of normality back in their lives,’ she said.

‘For the 10 weeks she was saying ‘when am I going back, when am I going back?’ then at 6.30am this morning it was ‘mummy, quick’!’

Jo Frost, 37, who was dropping off her five-year-old son Max at Queen’s Hill Primary and Nursery School near Norwich, said: ‘It’s obviously a difficult decision but you’ve got to weigh up everything in life.

‘You can’t just shut yourself away and wrap yourself up in cotton wool. You could just walk out the door and anything could happen.

‘The school have really thought about it. They’ve sent out lots of letters, pictures and given us all the information we need. I feel confident that they’re doing everything right.  We were quite relieved, to be honest, as it’s quite a long time that he’s been off and at his age it’s really important to be with his peers. 

Penny Sheppard, head teacher of Queen’s Hill Primary and Nursery School near Norwich, which reopened to reception children on Monday, said: ‘I think if I’m honest a lot of headteachers were quite surprised about June 1 because I think we’d been doing a lot of reading about things in the media.

‘Probably a lot of us had thought ‘OK, we won’t be having children back until September’. But then like anything you take it in your stride don’t you?

‘You think OK, right, after that little bit of a shock announcement, let’s think about this logically and then just start a plan of action to work towards that.

‘We’ve been open throughout this and I’ve had 60 children (of key workers) in childcare so I know that the systems I’ve put in place are workable and the children, I’ve been keeping them in their separate ‘pods’.

‘I knew it was just an extension of that’. A child makes a bubble at Watlington Primary School in lunch break on the first day back for many children+33

A child makes a bubble at Watlington Primary School in lunch break on the first day back for many children A teacher during an outdoor class at Watlington Primary School as some schools re-open as the lockdown eases+

A teacher during an outdoor class at Watlington Primary School as some schools re-open as the lockdown easesSchools, like this one in Norfolk, are using fruit to mark out where children should sit in their class bubbles, which are less than ten

Schools, like this one in Norfolk, are using fruit to mark out where children should sit in their class bubbles, which are less than tenA year 6 sturent returns to a Bristol school with his mother today - most children are not wearing uniform to ensure children wear clean clothes each day

A year 6 sturent returns to a Bristol school with his mother today – most children are not wearing uniform to ensure children wear clean clothes each daySummer camps may be set up to enable children to catch up on lessons after the closures. Queen's Hill Primary School, Costessey, Norfolk opened today

Summer camps may be set up to enable children to catch up on lessons after the closures. Queen’s Hill Primary School, Costessey, Norfolk opened todayPupils will begin returning to classrooms across England today, at Heath Mount Prep School in Watton-at-Stone, desks have been moved further to maintain social distancing rules

Pupils will begin returning to classrooms across England today, at Heath Mount Prep School in Watton-at-Stone, desks have been moved further to maintain social distancing rules Desks have been taped off with smaller classroom sizes at some schools, including Holywell Village First School in Northumberland

Desks have been taped off with smaller classroom sizes at some schools, including Holywell Village First School in NorthumberlandFreddie Noble, six, and his little brother Will, three, are returning to school in West Norfolk today

Freddie Noble, six, and his little brother Will, three, are returning to school in West Norfolk today


A Primary School in Gloucestershire sent a letter to parents last week confirming someone at the school had tested positive for coronavirus.

Woolaston Primary School in Lydney believe the person contracted the illness at a holiday camp held at the school, and sent the letters to parents last week.

It comes as schools across the country reopen their doors on Monday for children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6. 

Woolaston Primary’s acting headteacher Emma Gomersall confirmed the school carried out a deep clean on Wednesday and Thursday.

Ministers are in discussions over summer camps to enable disadvantaged children, along with a ‘catch-up premium’ that will grant schools extra funding for initiatives to help the most affected pupils.

This comes as Education Secretary Gavin Williamson acknowledged the recent school closures would have the biggest impact upon the poorest children.

An announcement is due to come in the next few weeks, despite objections from teaching unions if the plans involve working over the summer.

This could lead to another row between the government and unions, in the face of Ms Longfield’s concerns that pupils may be absent from schools for up to six months.   

History teacher Chris Beach said: ‘First day back in school today. We in Guernsey are blessed to have no active cases, but I am worried for friends and ex-colleagues in the UK – stay safe everyone.’

Another commented ‘Anxiety through the roof for many,’ as primary school children in Reception, Year 1 and Year 6 are able to return to school after 10 weeks out.

Schools have been preparing for classrooms to reopen for weeks, corridors have been marked off to keep pupils apart as they go about their school day, while desks have also been moved to maintain a distance of two metres between schools. Bowie Cool, four, and her mum Lozzie Cool from West Sussex, took a practice walk to school on Sunday to prepare for a return to the school run this morning

Children as young as four are being put in social distancing bubbles in classrooms and playgorunds to prevent the spread of Covid-19 germs+33

Children as young as four are being put in social distancing bubbles in classrooms and playgorunds to prevent the spread of Covid-19 germs Corridors have been marked off to keep pupils apart at a school in Northumberland+33

Corridors have been marked off to keep pupils apart at a school in Northumberland 

‘Scaremongering’ Charlotte Church is blasted over ‘hatred-inciting’ call for England’s parents to keep children off school in foul-mouthed Twitter rant

Charlotte Church today suffered an avalanche of criticism after urging England’s parents not to send their children to school claiming Boris Johnson doesn’t ‘give a flying f**k’ about them.

The 34-year-old mother of two’s extraordinary Twitter outburst came despite the singer living in Wales where schools will remain closed until September. 

Taking to Twitter on Sunday morning, she wrote: ‘Highly recommend if you can help it, not sending your children back to school tomorrow…..this government doesn’t give a flying f**k about you, your children, your elders or your vulnerable.’

Parents who want their children to return to school have accused the star of ‘shaming’ them, with one saying: ‘What a ridiculous and hatred inciting statement’. Another replied to her message saying: ‘This is shocking. There are many children who haven’t had any education for the last 10 weeks. You as a mother I would have thought would have understood the importance of this’.

And critics have also pointed out that Ms Church’s advice to parents with children in mainstream school came despite her decision  home school her own offspring since 2016. 

Last year she enraged her Glamorgan community by turning her £2.5million home into a private school where she hopes to ‘liberate’ children up to 20 children. One neighbour said: ‘She has no educational background or track record in managing a school.’ Ms Church homeschools her own children Ruby, 11, and Dexter, 10, and claims she now she is pledging to give other children in their area freedom over what to learn.  

Most teachers have reduced class sizes, which will operate in bubbles, with no interaction with other classes. 

For younger years, toys have been taken out of classroom and are being kept in storage out of fear they could hold Covid-19 germs.   

Brian Walton, head teacher at Brookside Academy in Somerset, spoke to Good Morning Britain ahead of pupils’ arrival from 7.30am.

He said: ‘Like headteachers up and down the country we’ve been planning this probably from when lockdown started really. It’s taken meticulous plans consultation with staff and parents. 

‘Like most of the teachers right now I’m glad it was a really early start because I probably wouldn’t have slept anyway.’ 

Children are at an extremely low risk of catching coronavirus. The majority of hospital admissions are people over 60. 

The main concern over pupils returning to school is the potential spread of germs between different households, while teachers who may be at risk could also be exposed.

Headteachers have also predicted that more than one in five teachers will be forced to work from home because of health conditions, their age or because members of their family are vulnerable. 

Co-headteacher Matt Ferris of Kingsholm Primary School has explained many of the new features in response to parents’ questions over how their children will adapt to social distancing measures,

They will be given a designated time slot and and allotted area  – or pen – where they leave their child before heading off along a designated walkway.

Pupils will be told to maintain social distancing between others, and they will only be allowed to mix with a small number of others.

Students who do not conform with the social distancing rules will also be sent home on a three-strikes policy. 

In a video published on the school’s website, Mr Ferris talks parents through what they can expect when Year 6, Year 1 and Reception and nursery children return on June 1.

Drop off and collection times will be staggered with queues and marked walkways for parents and pupils to follow. 

Kingsholm is using timeslots based on surnames, with parents being asked to drop children off alone, without siblings or other children. St Joseph's Catholic Primary School in Hertford has prepared its classrooms for pupils' return+33

St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School in Hertford has prepared its classrooms for pupils’ return

Britons WILL be able to fly to Greece this summer after the UK was initially blacklisted – but they will be tested for coronavirus on arrival and made to quarantine for a week still

Britons will have the option to travel to Greece this mid year after authorities switched a choice to boycott the UK because of its high paces of coronavirus contamination.

‘It will currently rely upon air terminal of birthplace, not nation (of inception),’ an administration official told AFP.

A week ago, while residents of 29 different nations were affirmed to travel, the UK was at first boycotted from traveling to Greece attributable to its high number of coronavirus cases.

The rundown distributed Friday affirmed vacationers from nations including Australia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Lebanon.

Greek specialists changed their position throughout the end of the week, permitting individuals from high-hazard nations to travel yet with obligatory isolate quantifies on appearance.

England has 13 high-chance air terminals including Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted. However, Edinburgh, which before the pandemic had non-stop trips to Greece, isn’t on the risk list.

Specialists said they will lead tests on guests showing up from air terminals considered high-chance by the European Union’s aeronautics security office (EASA) when it opens its air terminals to the travel industry traffic on June 15.

‘On the off chance that you begin from an air terminal on the EASA influenced territory list, at that point you will be tried upon appearance,’ the service of outside issues said in a declaration, including that development limitations will likewise apply.

‘On the off chance that the test is negative, at that point the traveler self-isolates for 7 days. In the event that the test is certain, the traveler is isolated under management for 14 days.’

The augmentation and testing rules additionally apply to France, Spain and Italy.

For France, the isolate measures will apply to departures from the Ile-de-France locale in and around Paris, authorities said. For Italy, air terminals in the northern areas of Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, Piemonte and Veneto are viewed as high-hazard.

Similar holds for Spanish air terminals in Castile and Leon, Castilla-La Mancha, Catalonia and Madrid, all regions hit hard by the coronavirus.

An outside service record said Greece had drawn upon the suggestions of the EASA to figure out which EU air terminals were as yet a general wellbeing risk.

What’s more, future flight approach will be founded on EASA’s warnings that are reestablished on a week by week premise, a second government official said.

From June 15 to 30, flights may be permitted into Athens and Thessaloniki. Other local and island air terminals will open on July 1.

‘On the off chance that your movement started from an air terminal not in the EASA influenced territory list… at that point you are just dependent upon arbitrary tests upon appearance,’ the service said.

‘On the off chance that you start from an air terminal on the EASA influenced territory list, at that point you will be tried upon appearance,’ it included.

‘A short-term remain at an assigned inn is required. In the event that the test is negative, at that point the traveler self-isolates for seven days. On the off chance that the test is certain, the traveler is isolated under oversight for 14 days,’ the service said.

‘Mandatory testing and isolate will be restricted uniquely to explorers, regardless of nationality’, it included.

On Friday, Greece had reported 29 nations as protected purposes of flight in a hotly anticipated articulation.

The rundown included over twelve EU nations yet Britain, France, Italy and Spain were not among them inferable from the spread of the pandemic there.

Certain trips into Athens global air terminal were still permitted during the lockdown for state issues, load, crises and different purposes, however travelers entering the nation needed to isolate.

Since May 4, Greece has dynamically opened the travel industry related organizations following a lockdown forced in March to fight off a monetary withdrawal that could arrive at 13 percent of yield this year.

All year inns are to continue procedure on June 1, trailed via occasional lodgings on June 15.

The Mediterranean country, which rose up out of 10 years in length obligation emergency in late 2018, depends intensely on the travel industry – around 20 percent of its yield – for its monetary recuperation.

An across the nation lockdown forced in March helped Greece contain the spread of diseases to simply beneath 3,000 cases and less than 180 passings, a generally low number contrasted and somewhere else in the European Union. However, it carried the travel industry segment to a virtual stop.

Greece’s economy is seen shrinking by up to 10% this year.

Anchor person Obrempong CP likewise leaving Adom FM

These must be troublesome occasions for the Multimedia Group as it is by all accounts losing its staff particularly at Adom FM/TV.

After the exit of their key moderators like Captain Smart, Nana Yaa Brefo among others, it appears as though another news analyst is additionally pondering leaving.

Nana Agyei Obrempong CP who is a reporter at Adom FM has requested that God assist him with choosing a choice he’s going to take in another post located by

His post read: “Goodness Lord direct me and lead me in my choice… .finally… .”.

While his post may not really be about whether he is leaving or remaining with Multimedia, the unexpected exit of moderators from the Adom bunch has offered ascend to hypotheses.

Paul Adom Otchere Has Lied Again


MR. Ransford Tetteh, the previous Editor of Daily Graphic, was at the gathering of Joseph Siaw Agyepong in 2013 when I entered the gathering with Paul Adom Otchere, Robert Coleman and we met Joseph Siaw Agyepong together. Ransford Tetteh isn’t dead. I was examining GYEEDA in 2013 and when I kept in touch with Zoomlion for data, it was Paul Adom Otchere, who called my editorial manager, Elvis Kwashie, that the Zoomlion group needed to meet me.

At the point when I went to that gathering, I discovered Ransford Tetteh at the banquet room. I sat with him and Paul until Robert Coleman called me and we as a whole – Paul Adom Otchere, Robert Coleman and I – entered the gathering together and came out together. When Jospeh Siaw Agyepong gave me his card, I discarded it. I have never spared his number on my telephone. I have never called him. Furthermore, I have never met him since.

For Paul Adom Otchere to state I mentioned and met the man alone and that is the place the claim originated from is bogus. I presently comprehend why Robert Nii Arday Clegg said Paul was insidious.

I additionally have Paul Adom Otchere on tape letting me know in December 2016 that this claim being referred to came up in 2016. It has nothing to do with the 2013 gathering when Paul and Coleman were available. At the point when the Zoomlion issue came up in November 2016 after the NPP question and answer session, I took up the issue and that is the point at which he called my partner to lie about me. In that sound, Paul Adom Otchere conceded participating in the 2013 gathering.

For accentuation, I have met Joseph Siaw Agyepong just a single time. Also, at that gathering, Paul Adom Otchere and Robert Coleman were available. I didn’t demand to meet Joseph Siaw Agyepong alone. As I have expressed, Ransford Tetteh of Daily Graphic was sitting at the banquet room when we entered. Paul, Coleman and I entered that gathering. He isn’t dead. Anyone can ask him.

Also, a sound shows Paul is a liar.

NEWSMake ‘outrage free’ Zanetor your running mate – Irbard to Mahama

Security expert and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Irbard Security Consult Alhaji Irbard Ibrahim has spoke to flagbearer of the resistance National Democratic Congress (NDC) John Mahama to make girl of previous President Rawlings Dr Zanetor Agyemang-Rawlings his running mate, contending that she will make the NDC ticket an impressive one as the nation sets out toward general decisions in December.

Dr Zanetor Agyemang-Rawlings, who is the Member of Parliament (MP) for Klottey-Korley in the Greater Region, has been touted by numerous individuals as a potential bad habit presidential possibility for the NDC given her intrigue and family.

For Alhaji Irbard Ibrahim, there are three reasons why Dr Agyemang-Rawlings stands tall among other people who have been viewed as potential bad habit presidential competitor despite the fact that she is genuinely new to fanatic legislative issues and a lot more youthful.

Alhaji Irbard clarified that Dr Agyemang-Rawlings will expand the odds of John Mahama recovering the Presidency in light of the fact that:

“1. She is genuinely new with no stuff that can be exploited by political enemies. At the point when you are new on the square with no spoil from a past arrangement, things are in every case better

  1. She is youthful and smart and will engage millennial and other youthful voters
  2. She will prevail upon female votes and the affection for the global network that is specific about more noteworthy cooperation of ladies in positions of authority.”

Alhaji Irbard included that there’s even a fourth factor – the Rawlings factor (for the most part deciphered as the impact employed by previous President Rawlings as author of the NDC and the probability of him to be a lot of dynamic in supporting and battling for the gathering.)

“There is even a fourth explanation which has to do with the Rawlings Factor,” he included.

Numerous others, for example, previous long-serving Finance Minister Dr Kwesi Botchwey, Former Vice Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast and previous Education Minister, Professor Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang and a large group of others have been viewed as likely running mates of previous President John Mahama



My consideration has been attracted to an announcement by the Minister liable for Gender and Social Protection, Mrs. Cynthia Mamle Morrison in which she puts forth strenuous yet unconvincing attempts to address the upsetting events in regards to dissemination of nourishment in these troublesome occasions.

For the record, I wish to repeat that the COVID-19 pandemic has made a significant compassionate emergency which doesn’t warrant partisanship in stretching out help to the powerless.

It is basic to review that some time before those of us in Klottey-Korle dealt with what gives off an impression of being unconscionable degrees of factional segregation in the dissemination of nourishment in our body electorate, a few of such reports had been broadly revealed. In fact, Ghanaweb put out a video report of a woman who had been denied nourishment since she was unable to create a NPP card as far back as tenth April, 2020. The NDC Parliamentary Candidate for Ayawaso West Wuogon, Mr. John Dumelo needed to find the said woman and make gifts to her following that report.

My associate MP in the Ablekuma South Constituecy Dr. Oko Vanderpuije needed to likewise open up to the world about how nourishment expected for poor people was being disseminated in NPP vehicles under the immediate supervision of the NPP possibility for that voting public. Dr. Oko Vanderpuije before addressing the press about the disastrous improvement had called Mrs. Cynthia Mamle Morrison on telephone to carry the issue to her notification and to enlist his dissent.

The media keeps on revealing comparative circumstances of appearing partisanship in nourishment appropriation across numerous lockdown electorates. This is complimentary to reports from numerous Ghanaians who have shared their trial via web-based networking media.

This advancement is unGhanaian and coldhearted and has driven Civil Society Organizations, for example, the Center for Women in Politics (ACWP) to give explanations a couple of days prior denouncing the training.

Consciously, I was anticipating that the Minister should have acted statesmanly by connecting with me to help her with proof starting from the earliest stage. At any rate she could have vowed to dispatch an examination concerning every one of these reports to decide the veracity or in any case of the across the board asserts. Yet rather shockingly, she picked the way of verbally abusing and participating in antiquated political trickeries. A way I will not step.

I approach the President, H.E. Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo to found believable examinations concerning the appearing politicization of nourishment dissemination right now emergency. My constituents and I stand prepared to participate and to introduce blameless proof before such an insightful board.

May we figure out how to shun unnecessary partisanship right now throughout the entire existence of mankind and meet up in obvious solidarity to win the war against COVID-19 and to secure the helpless antagonistically affected in these prophetically calamitous occasions.


Dr. Zanetor Agyeman-Rawlings

[MP, Klottey-Korley Constituency]