Celebs who have helped individuals in the midst of coronavirus pandemic

Since the flare-up of the novel coronavirus, numerous superstars have dove somewhere down in their brains to discover elective available resources to assist individuals with adapting in this time.

A portion of these ways for the most part incorporate gifts, others instruct while some engage.

Here are a portion of the famous people who have picked their approaches to enable their devotees to manage the coronavirus.

Criss Waddle

Preceding the lockdown, costs of hand sanitisers where so high, numerous individuals couldn’t bear the cost of it.

Criss Waddle took to his Twitter handle to request that his fans drop their location so he would convey hand sanitisers to their homes. He likewise went to medical clinics to convey a portion of the sanitisers face to face.

At the point when the lockdown was expanded Criss Waddle with the assistance of maker Hammer shared nourishment to around 500 oppressed individuals.


When the coronavirus first hit Ghana, rapper Edem was one of the principal individuals who pushed for instruction on the infection to be done in neighborhood dialects.

He started to lead the pack by dropping a video about the coronavirus in Ewe his first language. Edem, after a lockdown was forced, held a ‘Hostile to Corona Concert to engage fans who must be in their individual homes throughout the day.

In the third seven day stretch of the lockdown, Edem took care of 50 security work force who were authorizing the lockdown breakfast. Soon thereafter, he shared some cash for fans on Twitter. As a team with FoodTech Limited, he likewise gave a few things to the Lekma Hospital.

Celebs who gave to individuals in the midst of coronavirus episode


Sarkodie gives to Tema in lockdown

Sarkodie may not be in the nation now however that didn’t prevent him from taking care of certain individuals in Tema while the lockdown was set up.

With the assistance of his group, the ‘Fortunate’ hitmaker gave a few groceries to inhabitants of Tema. The Sarkcess group did a way to entryway conveyance while individuals in different territories likewise met them out and about for a lot of things.

Famous people who have given in the midst of coronavirus flare-up

Sarkodie’s group make gifts for his sake

Sarkodie has likewise been engaging fans by facilitating a fight between DJ’s named BehindTheHitz.

Medikal and Fella Makafui

Superstars who have given in the midst of coronavirus episode

Medikal and Fella Makafui got married on March 7.(Jemma Weddings)

VIP couple Medikal and Fella Makafui stretched out assistance to families who were making some hard memories taking care of themselves in the midst of the coronavirus flare-up.

The couple declared, on their web-based social networking handle, that they had gotten some sterile items and nourishment things for individuals who were destitute – henceforth experiencing issues in getting these things for themselves.

They additionally added cash to the wrapped things.

VIPs who have given in the midst of coronavirus flare-up

Sister Derby and Wanlov Kubolor

Vocalist Sister Derby and her sibling performer Wanlov Kubolor with the assistance of certain tailors created some face covers to give.

They made them from reused recycled garments.

Famous people who have given in the midst of coronavirus episode

Sister Derby wearing one of the covers

Joselyn Dumas

Famous people who have given in the midst of coronavirus flare-up
On-screen character Joselyn Dumas has been connecting with her fans in difficulties to help engage them while they are stuck in their homes.

Yet, the on-screen character on certain events took a break from difficulties to give some cash to her supporters. These recipients were chosen haphazardly.

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