Two weeks ago, when there was all this noise about students getting infected, a few noisy parents took over the airwaves! Berating the government, that it is insensitive, that they have sent the kids to schools to die, and that it is because of elections that kids have been sent to school!

The noise was so much, one felt very agitated listening to them, especially that screaming lady at Accra Girls!

Today right now as I type, on Citifm, parents are calling in, and want their kids to return to school, “we are all tired, we want the kids to return!”
A 10 year old kid is now on air right now, he wants to go to school!

The final year students are writing their exams, they haven’t died, they are happy that they will move unto the next stage of their education. There are those who have bought University forms, waiting impatiently!

Today, the Nigerians have decided to follow Ghana.
Today because our Education and Health Authorities refused to be carried away by a few screaming naysayers, we have so much experience, knowledge and data to deal with the virus in our education set up than most African countries, we took bold steps and its paying off!!

Remember the noise about the EC registration, we were told there will be an explosion in about 2 weeks after the registration started! Here we are, everything is normal, people aren’t falling like flies!

We have to move on, return our economy to buoyancy, let’s get ahead of most African countries whose governments haven’t tackled the virus like we have done here.

I love Nana Addo for sticking to his advisors, the data and the science!
This is competent leadership!!

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