CRIME Daring minister, 2 Church older folks imprisoned 12 years for disregarding open social event request

A challenging minister and two of his seniors who held a community gathering for their individuals regardless of the presidential prohibition on open social affairs have been indicted by the Kpando Circuit Court and fined GHC 12,000 each.

As at Thursday, April 16 every one of the three including Apostle Sampson Agakpe Church of Pure Christ in the Volta Region, Maxwell Dzogoedzikpe and church secretary, Samuel Agakpe had neglected to pay the fine totaling driving specialists to send them to the Ho Central Prion to serve the multi year prison term.

The three, agreeing were captured in Peki in the South Dayi District of the Volta Region while superintending over a chapel gathering in conspicuous negligence for Imposition of Restrictions Act 2020(Act 1012) which has prohibited such social events in an offer to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

At the point when the trio showed up in court on Thursday, they confessed and were fined to pay the cash or in default serve a prison term of 4 years each.


The managing judge likewise requested that the convicts be tried for the infection before being resolved to prison.

The Volta Regional Minister Dr Archibald Letsa has hailed the conviction as a triumph that will significantly help in guaranteeing discipline among inhabitants who have stayed insubordinate even in full information on the results of not complying with the conventions intended to contain the spread.

Ghana’s record of the infection at present stands at 641 with 8 passings as indicated by measurements discharged by the Ghana Health Service (GHS)

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