Economy under Akufo-Addo working for a couple of individuals – Mahama

Ghana’s economy under the overseeing New Patriotic Party is working for only a couple of individuals, previous President John Dramani Mahama has said.

Talking at the National Democratic Congress’ (NDC) proclamation dispatch, the previous President vowed to fix the economy to serve all Ghanaians whenever chose in the forthcoming general races.

“Ghana’s economy isn’t working for the individuals, it is working for just a couple. We will fix the economy and make it work for all Ghanaians. We will battle the awful impact of the poor financial presentation of this legislature.”

While promising to make equivalent open doors for every single Ghanaian business, the previous President additionally stressed the requirement for the making of a domain that will permit Ghanaian organizations to flourish.


“We will stop the noxious focusing on and falling of Ghanaian organizations. We have done this previously. We have guaranteed the longest continued time of single-digit expansion.”

“We should put Ghanaian organizations at the focal point of monetary development. We should make equivalent open doors for all Ghanaians organizations. It is just when Ghanaian organizations flourish that our economy flourishes also. It is the ideal opportunity for recharging and meeting up. The time has come to end narrow mindedness and social segregation. The time has come to end the suppression of the media.”

The previous President further showed that the overall decisions will be a salvage crucial the chasm to which Ghana is quick sinking.


“It is basic we salvage Ghana from the chasm to which it is sinking… the 2020 races will be an appointment of predetermination. It will be about the very soul of another Ghana. The 2020 races will be about our kids and the unborn age.”


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