He Will Not Live to See 7th December Elections, Prophet Nigel Gaisie reveals

Do you know what this popular man of God has say this time around? The prophet has ones again what God has said to him concerning the upcoming election in the 7th December 2020.

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During an interview Prophet Nigel Gaise has had with Kofi Adoma on KofiTv, the man of God has said a lot of things that is likely to happen. According to him, he says a lot of prophets has been saying a whole bunch of things about the December elections. To him, most of them are not true with very few being real.

He made it known that all the prophets who are saying the devil has arranged evil things for us are not real, so we should ignore everything, Nothing bad can happen are all of them are fake prophets. The devil has no power over God’s people. Every devil who wish to bring confusion will die before the elections resume.

Per him, the devil is a liar and he will not live to see 7th December elections. Nigel Gaise further prophesied goodness and mercy for all Ghanaians as we heads towards the election. Both the New Patriotic Party(Nana Akufo Addo) and the National Democratic Congress(John Mahama) are all winners, nothing bad is going to happen. The devil will killed.

This is all that the prophet has said as he prophesied that, he(any devil) will not live to see the 7th Deem elections. Let us all pray for the country Ghana for a better tommorow.


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