I love travelling to the Volta region-Kojo Boateng

I love travelling to the Volta region. I think it’s the most scenic of all the 16 regions.

When I had my weekends to myself, I used to go to the Volta region to unwind, meditate, chill and bond with the boys.

If you have used the Tema to Aflao road before, you’d see several signboards by the road, indicating the group of people, association or entity that has rights to portions of the land by the road.

Power Sector Workers Union
Adabraka something something church

They have all bought large swathes of land on the stretch.

My uncle used to say that towns and cities would grow at least threefold within my lifetime. He made those predictions without the big data and the insights we have now.

The projection is that by 2050, our population would be 52 million people.

If you are 30 years now, you’d be retiring by 2050. If you are 20 years now, you’d have just 10 years to retire. Unless we change our legislation on retirement, 2050 deɛ most of us would be hot, thinking about how we’d retire in peace.

Forget the foolish posts I shared earlier. Agree with those who think it’s unnecessary to be austere now to secure tomorrow and enjoy the day after tomorrow better…because tomorrow is not promised.

Wo deɛ fa no sɛ m’agyimi na mereka nkwaseasɛm.

But have you thought about retirement and how you’d have shelter over your head when your ability to earn a living has been reduced drastically?

Will you end up as one of the thousands of people who die due to depression and uncertainty because they retired without a plan.

Look, I have lived enough in this country, read enough, analysed enough policy and execution, had conversations with some of the finest brains and achievers, and have come to one conclusion.

The truth.

The government doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you and I when it comes to housing. The governments I have encountered in my lifetime do not really care how you end up. They don’t seem to have a plan for housing or they just don’t care!

We must, as a people, solve our problems.

The opportunities to work together to build our own sustainable communities exist.

It begins with HONESTY, driven by PASSION and steered by DISCIPLINE.

If you decided right now to work with your very close friends, work colleagues or siblings to invest in your housing schemes, you’d be solving your personal problems collaboratively to produce results at a fraction of the cost you’d have incurred if you had decided to do.it alone.

Let me give you an example.

If I had decided to build with my three best friends and applied the principles of HONESTY, PASSION and DISCIPLINE, I would have saved a lot of money.


1. We could have contributed to buy one or two plots of land. (Working together to get land helps in bargaining and reducing individual costs)

2. Get an architect to design the reference structure and a simple community for us. (That reduces the cost of design generally)

3. With the design done and costs known per the mreference’ building, contribute to get the foundations done at a go. If you are renting equipment, you can reduce costs through discounts and a properly planned execution of the project.

4. One caretaker can take care of your collective property and reduce your costs, instead of having different projects in different areas with different caretakers.

5. If you are all building a standardized design, you can save massively on formwork, tools, equipment and scaffolding. The same formwork used for house 1, can be used for 2, 3 and 4. You’d each be spending about 25 to 30% on formwork if you collaborate instead of going alone.

6. You can negotiate for discounts on materials and labour because you’d be buying in bulk.

7. You will share one tank of water during the construction phase.

8. Y’all can decide to drill and share one borehole in your mini community.

9. You may contribute and get s biogas system to take care of your properties. Sustainability la.

10. If you are really good friends and you genuinely care about each other, you can decide to have only a main outer perimeter wall around the land and possibly separate your buildings with vegetation or cheaper wire fencing.

The opportunities are endless. All the various associations, companies and groups of friends should begin some of these conversations and see how they can work on making magic together.

Businesses must begin catalyzing some if these things.

When young people talk to old people, it makes us better people all around
When old people talk to young people, it makes us better people all around
When we decided to be HONEST, PASSSIONATE and DISCIPLINED together, even GOd envies us.

Let’s do this people.

It starts with a conversation.


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