Jackie Appiah reacts to Osebo’s marriage proposal

Lovely Ghanaian entertainer Jackie Appiah has responded to the updates on Osebo wishing to have her as a spouse, and Funny Face battling Osebo over her.

The updates on Osebo promising never to undermine her in the event that he ought to find the opportunity to wed her was before distributed by YEN.com.gh.


Amusing Face, another entertainer, who had prior affirmed love for Miss Appiah, shared on his Instagram handle.

In the inscription, he cautioned Osebo that he ought not drive him crazy at all over her and that on the off chance that he doesn’t stop from looking at her, they would wear a similar skirt.

Herealfunnyface: “My sibling … . Don’t furious me !!! Asem no Ay3 Critical u need to take my @jackieappiah like we as a whole will wear da skirt a few.”

Osebo reacted to the post calling Funny Face sibling and asking him not to battle him since siblings don’t battle. Osebo_thezaraman: “Brother don’t be furious oooooo siblings don’t battle ooo.”

In any case, Miss Appiah possibly snickered over the issue utilizing chuckling emoticon when she responded to the responses by the two men.

Clever Face at that point beseeched her not to chuckle and encouraged her to let them rush to a spot where Osebo would not discover them.

Therealfunnyface: “@jackieappiah child u snickering ? My affection how about we flee to an obscure island… Where Osebor will never observe u again.”


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