Military Authority to apply the whip after two military lesbians get married

Military Authority to apply the whip after two military lesbians get married. Military Authorities in the nation are accounted for to have taken up an issue concerning two asserted lesbian military ladies who opposed the strict laws and culture of the nation to get married in a private function held as of late.

This comes up after a video of the two military lesbians became a web sensation today via online media. We assembled that the leader at Michelle camp was called today by the military top chain of command to apply the whip after the video went to their notification.

In the viral video, the two ladies were seen moving to “anadwo dark love” tune by the multi-grant winning rapper, Sarkodie.

The two were styled in nearby textures with same hues and had two difference in garments; one is dressed in a long white and red ribbon dress while the other is in pants and top, portraying their functions as lady of the hour and husband to be.

The supposed couples were found in the service as well as had observers and participants at their marriage.

The video started loads of debates and left some Ghanaians mouth agape as the military ladies couple were loaded up with happiness at their wedding service with the observers and participants supporting them.

A great many people who wore their strict scene started lecturing about the end time in the wake of viewing the video.

They supported the administration and the security specialists to make a move before the supposed profane creatures devastate the tranquility of the nation.

They affirmed that the individuals of Sodom and Gomorrah inspire the fury of God with comparative sin and encouraged the strict pioneers to develop their lessons against homosexuality.

“This is a reminder for Ghana to implore hard particularly during this races season to guarantee there will be harmony in the nation since lesbianism and gay marriage can cause bedlam in the nation,” they attested.

Homosexuality has been fervently restricted in most African nations especially Ghana and Nigeria.

Victimization same-sex connections in this aspect of the world is very on the ascent.

At present, under Ghanaian criminal law (Chapter 6 of the Criminal Code, 1960, as revised by The Criminal Code (Amendment) Act, 2003) same-sex sexual movement among guys is unlawful.

In the interim Legal Practitioner Moses Foh-Amoaning who is an enemy of gay rights dissident accepts those in the Western world who were driving Ghana to legitimize same-sex marriage were oblivious and ill bred by proposing to help African Countries including Ghana change its laws against homosexuality.

He accepts gay people have a difficult which ought to be recognized and vital advances removed to help them from it.

“At the point when Theresa May says that the British gave us a law 40-50 years prior and that law wasn’t right and that they will assist us with evolving it, what you overlook is that before the English brought the law, we had our own law, we Africans we live our way of life, our standard law and that is what our identity is and it is against it”

Our view is Africans don’t put stock in it, we don’t think it is correct, on the off chance that someone has got that inclination, we help that individual, we don’t toss him out, we don’t remove his head, we don’t thrash him however the publicity from the Western media is that we are executing them, obviously in the event that you accomplish something and it isn’t right, society will respond, in the event that they condemn polygamy and we state we don’t care for gay rights, for what reason do they say it is biased,” he said.

Military Authority to apply the whip after two military lesbians get married.


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