Rawlings’ Son Causes Traffic At Grandmother’s Funeral

Rawlings’ Son Causes Traffic At Grandmother’s Funeral

Rawlings’ Son Causes Traffic At Grandmother’s Funeral

The mother of Former President, J.J Rawlings, Victoria Agbotui goes home today, October 24th, 2020.

The final funeral rites of Madam Victoria Agbotui is currently ongoing as family and sympathizers bid her farewell.

In a video that has surfaced on social media, a time was reserved for the family to file past the late Victoria Agbotui to show their last respect.

Rawlings, his wife, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings, their two daughters and their son are spotted in a queue paying their last respect.

Apparently, Rawlings’ son Kimathi Rawlings has taken the attention of social media users as various comments are being directed at him.


Koku Anyidoho visits Rawlings [Photos]

Founder of the Atta Mills Institute, Koku Anyidoho, has paid a courtesy call on former President Jerry John Rawlings and his family to mourn with them over the loss of their mother, Victoria Agbotui.

Madam Victoria Agbotui passed on Thursday, September 24, 2020, aged 101.


Mr Rawlings and Mr Anyidoho

Mr Anyidoho was in the company of former National Security Adviser, Alhaji Baba Kamara.



Mr Anyidoho greeting former First Lady, Nana Konadu Rawlings

During the visit, the duo signed the book of condolence for the family.


Mr Anyidoho

Meanwhile, Madam Agbotui’s final funeral rites will be held on October 24, 2020.

The body will be taken to Dzelukope in Keta for the final internment after a funeral service at the State House.


Sgt Alolga Akata-Pore: Marking June 4? A memorial, a celebration.

It is that season once more. Furthermore, Flt Lt President, our Head of State for very nearly twenty years, somewhere in the range of 1982 and 2000, will experience the ceremonies. He wears on his Che Guevara top, models for his banner crusade and comes to pontificate on what he asserts is the “Soul of June 4”. We may need to delay and solicit what precisely is this soul from June 4?

Ghanaians woke up in morning of May 15 1979 to hear that a youthful Lieutenant, called Jerry John Rawlings had endeavored however neglected to topple the then military system drove by General Akuffo.

At the point when he was put being investigated, he expressed that he had expected to oust a framework which had made the common individuals more unfortunate and which had rather supported the take-over of the economy of the nation by Lebanese and Syrians. He was earnest that he needed to lift the individuals from the condition of dormancy in which the common individuals had sunk and help establishment a circumstance of equivalent open door for the customary individuals.

This message resounded such a great amount with common individuals all through the nation, just as lower-rank warriors in the military. Those lower-rank warriors felt that such an individual, who at that point, had proclaimed such a great amount of generosity for the normal individuals, including themselves, ought not be permitted to be relinquished and executed by the military government

That was why, other-position warriors from the fifth Battalion Infantry, drove by then Lieutenant Baah Achamfuor, Lieutenant Agyeman Bio, Cpl Tasiri, Cpl Atiemo, Cpl Sarkodie-Addo, Cpl Owusu, Pte Adu, Cpl Amartey Tetteh and others battled their approach to oust the Akuffo government and in this way discharged Flt. Lt. Rawlings from military care.

For these fighters, they were propelled by what they had heard Flt. Lt. Rawlings state during his preliminary. For these individuals, they never envisioned that this occasion would in the long run lead to a circumstance whereby Flt. Lieutenant Rawlings could control the situation to fantastically improve himself and his family, throwing away the customary individuals, just as the officers who spared him from unavoidable passing in June 1979.

Forty-one years on, the degree of wealth of Flt. Lt Rawlings will disgrace what General Akuffo and General had, and for which Flt. Lt. Rawlings had them slaughtered. Forty-one years on Mrs. Akuffo, and Mrs. Acheampong, old and delicate in London, would approach themselves for what reason Flt. Lt. Rawlings executed their spouses. It is much increasingly pitiful, to recall that, one of the individuals from Rawlings’ Pre-Trial Investigation Team, Squadron Leader Darko Kumi, who suggested for the execution of Major-General Kotei, later wedded Major-General Kotei’s better half, with the endorsement of Flt. Lt. Rawlings.

One may along these lines wonder, what is the genuine explanation for Flt. Lt. Rawlings’ checking of June 4; a festival, a remembrance, a recognition for sure? The fact of the matter is that he has never clarified why he ‘denotes’ the occasion.

Is it a grave remembrance for the Generals he executed or a commemoration for the troopers who passed on battling on the day, and who erroneously believed that they were battling to free the conventional individual in the road? Something else, which remembrance is it at that point? On the off chance that it is a dedication for the Generals, at that point does it mean he currently laments their murdering? Assuming this is the case, for what reason doesn’t he get out their names on June 4 and express sorry to their widows and families? Also, provided that this is true, for what reason doesn’t he ask their families how they would need to recollect their friends and family? Or on the other hand he thinks he claims the recollections of those whose passings he requested, and had covered in mass graves?

Then again, on the off chance that it is a remembrance for the officers who kicked the bucket battling on the day to discharge him, why has he not distributed their names? For what reason don’t they show up in the background of the platform instead of his preferred picture wherein he is satirized as Che Guevara of Cuba? This imitating of Che is an intriguing one. I comprehend that in Cuba today, when younger students are asked who they might want to grow up as, the greater part of them react that they might want to be as Che Guevara. This is on the grounds that they realize that Che assisted with liberating them from something evil. What number of kids in Ghana will say they might want to resemble Rawlings? What’s more, what did Rawlings free them from? However Flt. Lt. Rawlings might want to be viewed as some Che. How absurd.

Did Rawlings ever care to know the names of those warriors? Or on the other hand did he guarantee that their spouses got their widows’ annuity? Has he at any point welcomed their spouses and presented them at any of his shows? Has he given finding a shot how their youngsters are getting along? Or on the other hand is it about the Rawlings Foundation?

Then again, if the occasion is a festival of the killing of the Generals, for what reason hasn’t he at any point said ‘Thank You’ to the individuals who started and battled on the day which prompted his discharge from jail and spared his life? In the event that it is celebratory, for what reason does he presently guarantee on YouTube that he had to slaughter the Generals whom he currently asserts he knew to be acceptable men? Maybe Ghanaians need to know why, following forty-one years since the occasion, he despite everything legitimizes the executing of Generals Acheampong, Akuffo, Afrifa, Boakye, Utuka, Kotei, Amedume and Colonel Feli in the entirety of his superb knowledge.

This is somebody who, during the 1980s used to drive his rivals to watch movies of the executions of a portion of his casualties, for example, Cpl Giwa, Awah, Aliu, Sarkodie-Addo, Sgt Malik, Pte Tanti, Amartey Kwei, Maj Nana Akwasi, Dzandu, Tekpor, Sgt Yaovi Anku, Maj Twumasi Anto, Baba Shaibu Ibrahim, Sgt Joseph Issaka, Maj J.A. Ocran, WOII Charles Aforo, Yaw Brefo Berko, Kyeremeh Djan, Godwin Mawuli Dra-Goka, Pte Charles Koomson, Samuel Boamah Panyin, Cpl Martin Adjongba, Pte Henry Obeng, Cpl Edward Offei , Mustafa Bruce, Godfred Nyavie, Atta Bruce, Moses Akrong, Eric Addo, Vincent Ayivor, Zakari Salifu, Issah Isahaku, Kwame Nkansah, Kweiper Yartey, Yaw Medagodzi, Benjamin Mireku, Samuel Akiti, Odartey Aryee, Ahmed Smide, Abu Hasiru, Kofi Kodua, Mohammed Ali and John Kudjo. He should give us how right he was and how every one of these killings were advocated.

Can he, on the 41st commemoration of June 4 set aside effort to reveal to us how degenerate the Generals were and how much riches and property they procured that justified their murdering. And keeping in mind that he is busy, he ought to compare their “plunder” with what he has himself obtained and disclose to us how legitimized he was in executing them.

Or on the other hand is the occasion a review of some remarkable national accomplishments? All things considered, he ought to please diagram them and reveal to Ghanaians how he appropriated state properties and organizations (counting Nsawam Cannery) and gave them over to his better half.

In my view, this occasion has become nothing, however a servile depiction of political lip service, thinking about its unique points and its resulting cataclysmic outcomes.

It is my view, and one shared by numerous individuals of the key members in the uprising that he doesn’t have the ethical position to sort out this occasion, but to triumphantly praise how he was protected from execution. This is on the grounds that for me, Captain Baah Achamfour was the official who helped plan D-Day and was at the beginning line at the H-hour. It is individuals like that who have the ethical power to check the day, regardless of whether there is a need to do anything like that. Being in jail at that point, he an evacuee from the May-15 jail camp who lucked out. He coincidentally had profited most from the uprising – it spared his life and began his account of from clothes to newfound wealth. In some cases, I wonder why it doesn’t humiliate him to suitable an occasion which isn’t his.

He is currently the absolute opposites of the first points of the June 4 uprising. The uprising was planned for decreasing the weight of the standard Ghanaian and to make it workable for most Ghanaians to cause a genuine living without having to do the acclaimed ‘kpa’ trapeze artistry.

Flt. Lt. Rawlings has expressed severally that defilement is more terrible now than in 1979 and that the Generals he executed were acceptable men. All things considered, how might he, hand on heart, and taking a gander at present-day occasions, guarantee that the points of the uprising were accomplished?

I wonder how he picked these couple of good men to be murdered. I have additionally regularly considered what job his attorneys and silver haired cousins, who were consistently with him in Arakan Barracks, played in the decision of these couple of “good men”. The explanation behind my interest is that a portion of his cousins were associated with the ‘Exclusive, One Matchet’ bombed upset endeavor against Gen Acheampong in 1975.

Indeed, by all methods he should don’t hesitate to commend the second that denotes the start of his change from clothes to newfound wealth. Nonetheless, while at it, he ought to be aware of the various Ghanaians who presently recall this occasion with irritation and anxiety. That disturbance isn’t just borne out of worry that the components that made them start the uprising are available, yet additionally at the way that he controlled the uprising for individual increase.

One would have imagined that he would have had an others conscious side which ought to have altered his need to commend the fortunes it has brought him, with the disasters of the individuals who endured or kicked the bucket unnecessarily. One would have felt that he would give some modesty and sympathy in his dusk years. This is on the grounds that he may, sooner rather than later, simply need some help with bearing his cross.

At the point when I saw an online photograph of Rawlings, in profound reflection, at his sibling’s memorial service, I just pondered whether his own future passing was entering his thoughts. I pondered whether the passings of the Judges, Amartey Kwei, Awah, Aliu, Kojo Lee, Bannerman and others additionally entered his thoughts. None of us can keep away from death! He may, anyway trust, as we as a whole do, that his passing would not be as sensational as the sort he cheerfully caused on the Generals, my associates and a few others even in 1993. I frequently wonder whether he took any advice during these ‘can-skim on-water’ days of his.

For what reason did he, in July 1993, as regular citizen President had executed by firin.


Rawlings to mark June 4 anniversary with virtual durbar

Previous President Flt. Lt. Jerry John Rawlings will convey the keynote address to stamp the 41st commemoration of the June 4 uprising on Thursday, June 4, 2020.

Because of the social removing wellbeing conventions founded by the administration because of the COVID-19 episode in the nation, the current year’s commemoration address will be conveyed by means of a live virtual communicate.

As indicated by the commemoration arranging advisory group, the subject for the festival which is roused by the pandemic and the standards of the transformation is; ‘fortifying the soul of nationalism, strength and uprightness in troublesome occasions.’

Other driving individuals from the National Democratic Congress (NDC) will likewise talk at the online durbar.

June 4 durbar

In consistence with the social separating conventions, a select gathering of columnists will be welcome to cover the e-durbar.

An announcement from the workplace of the previous President stated, as a component of the festivals, gifts will be made to the Muslim people group in recognition of the Eid ul Fitr and chose clinical offices will get PPE to help the battle against the coronavirus.

On June 4, 1979, individuals from the military, drawn for the most part from the lesser positions assumed control over the administration of the nation.

The accompanying three months prompted what Rawlings portrayed as a ‘housecleaning’ practice after which races were held and the mantle of political initiative gave over to the administration of the People’s National Party, introducing the Third Republic.