ASEPA exposes University of Ghana’s ‘fake’ 2020 polls

University of Ghana campus, Legon

The Alliance for Social Equity and Public Accountability (ASEPA) has called for disciplinary action against lecturers of the Political Science Department of the University of Ghana for publishing what they call fake 2020 polls in the name of the university.

At a press conference held at the university on Thursday, the Department said a research conducted by some leading lecturers from the university showed that the President will record a first round victory.

But, reacting to the latest development, ASEPA, in a statement written and signed by its Executive Director, Mensah Thompson, said the University of Ghana’s Political Science Department has not conducted any poll on the 2020 elections.

“The polls being launched today is sole handiwork of one Dr Owusu Mensah who has been contracted to publish a fake poll to hoodwink the public,” part of the statement read.

According to ASEPA, the situation has angered a lot of the lecturers of the Department who feel the name of the university and for that matter, the Department was being used for personal gains.

Read full statement by ASEPA below:

Press Statement by ASEPA on the Fake University of Ghana Polls by the Political Science Department- ASEPA Calls for Disciplinary Action Against Lecturers Publishing Fake Polls in the Name of UG


We have called you here to demonstrate how some lecturers at the Political Science Department of the University of Ghana have connived to launch fake polls clearly aimed at influencing the outcome of the 2020 Elections.

First of all, we want to State Categorically that the University of Ghana, Political Science Department has NOT conducted any polls on the 2020 elections.

The polls being launched today is sole handiwork of one Dr. Owusu Mensah who has been contracted to publish a fake polls to hoodwink the public.

Earlier this month, a Facebook post by one Edudzi Tamakloe suggesting that the Department has conducted some polls and was shelving it was brought to the attention of the department.

The department agreed to issue a rebuttal or disclaimer which was drafted.
The disclaimer was given to the Head of Department to issue on behalf of the department. The Disclaimer stated categorically that the Department has NOT conducted any polls this year.
The Head of Department failed to publish this rebuttal which had been agreed upon by the entire members of the Department and the letter drafted was on the 1st of November,2020.

Only for the same head of department who had written and signed those rebuttals to on the 24th November issue an invitation to members of the department that a survey has been conducted on the 2020 elections and they are invited to participate in the dissemination of the information.

This situation has seriously angered a lot of the lecturers of the department who feel the name of the University and for that matter, the department was being used for personal gains!

It is important to bring these issues currently happening at the Department of Political Science at the University of Ghana to the attention of the Media and for that matter the public because it borders on the integrity of the premier University of this country.

That individual members of the university can initiate research activity in a private capacity and want to hang the results in the name of the university.

Secondly, which serious academic institution would decide to publish a poll at this critical hour leading to a major election?

We believe that these actions by Dr Owusu Mensah and the Head of Department of the Political Science Department cannot go unpunished for attempting to bring the name of the university into public ridicule.

We demand that University Disciplinary Committee Commences immediate investigations into this matter and sanction lecturers who may be found complicit in this brute attempt to defraud the public.

We also preparing to petition the Criminal Investigations Department to launch criminal investigations into the matter since it is a classic case of Academic Fraud perpetuated by these lecturers.



A fast trending video sighted on YouTube saw a senior citizen (probably in his 80’s) showing off his atopa dance moves as he jammed to with a woman to Kidi’s ‘Enjoyment  at what seemed like an engagement or wedding ceremony sort of.

The man with gray hair was seen holding on tight to the lady while giving her some hard knocks from the back.

Looking at how old he looks, its funny and amazing that he still got it.If he can still do this at this age then just imagine what he would have done in his youthful days. 


Source: TypicalBlackNetwork.

Togbe Afede raises worries over Ghanaians ‘caught’ around Ghana-Togo fringe

Togbe Afede XIV, President of the National House of Chiefs has weeped over the impact of the outskirt conclusion on indigenes of the Volta Region who he says could be caught between the fringes.

Ghana’s fringes were shut to human traffic as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

In front of the voter enlistment exercise, military and migration officials were additionally sent to man the fringes to help the battle against COVID-19.

However, a few spectators have noticed that the legislature didn’t consider the Ghanaians who went between a portion of Ghana’s outskirts regularly for school and monetary exercises, among others.

In an announcement, Togbe Afede related his visit through certain pieces of the area which educated some regarding his apprehensions.

“I am as yet frequented by the predicament of those residents of Leklebi-Kame who are caught on the around 300-meter stretch of land between the Ghana Immigration Service obstruction and the genuine Ghana-Togo outskirt.”

He said they had not had the option to enroll to cast a ballot during the Electoral Commission’s mass enlistment work out.

Beside this, he likewise said their methods for living and social exercises had additionally been disturbed.

In spite of making attention to such situations, Togbe Afede regretted that “nothing has been done as such far to take care of their concern.”

He in this way made one more supplication to the Ghana Immigration Service.

“I might want to ask the Ghana Immigration Service to draw these outskirts nearer to the real drills all together not to deny a few residents access to their own nation later on.”

Meanwhile, he likewise asked the specialists “not to overlook these individuals during future outskirt terminations.”

SAD! Mahama’s boy Kevin Taylor Insults Rawlings and his entire family [VIDEO]

SAD! Mahama’s boy Kevin Taylor Insults Rawlings and his entire family [VIDEO]
Mahama’s boy Kevin Taylor Insults Rawlings: A youth activist and owner of Loud Silence Media, Kelvin Ekow Taylor who is based in the United States has taken the founder of the opposition National Democratic Congress , Jerry John Rawlings, to the cleaners.
The Mahama boy, in a live broadcast on Facebook on Saturday, July 18, 2020, under his With All Due Respect show, described the former President as ‘a coward, a tall coward’, and also referred to the founder of the NDC as a sycophant and hypocrite who cannot speak against Akufo-Addo.
“J.J. Rawlings is a sycophant and a hypocrite. He is scared of Akufo-Addo. A giant has become a puppet” he thundered, in his usual acerbic tone.

Continuing, Ekow Taylor labeled Rawlings as a liar who cannot speak the truth and asked when he has ever spoken against the sitting President.

As if that was not enough, Ekow Taylor also said,

“Rawlings is not a man. Without a gun, he is no man. It is only when he has a gun that he is a man”

He said the former President has become a puppet to his wife, Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings, saying

“As long as Nana Konadu is manipulating Rawlings who does not have a gun and has become lame, he can’t do anything for you NDC”.

He advised the NDC to forget about Rawlings and move on since, “As long as Nana Konadu is alive, John Mahama will never get any favour from Rawlings”

In his view, Mr. Mahama’s boy said he has pithy for Zanetor Rawlings because she is ‘a good politician, very clean but her father is destroying her career’ he concluded.

758 new COVID-19 cases recorded in Ghana

758 new COVID-19 cases recorded in Ghana

Ghana has recorded additional 758 COVID-19 cases bringing the country’s total case count to 19,388.

Active cases now stand at 4,941 with 14,330 recoveries, the Ghana Health Service announced on its website.

The death toll still remains 117

Below is the regional break down of cases 

Greater Accra Region – 10,637

Ashanti Region – 4,099

Western Region – 1,662

Central Region – 983

Eastern Region – 716

Volta Region – 358

Upper East Region – 274

Northern Region – 137

Bono East Region – 136

Western North Region – 127

Oti Region – 112

Upper West Region – 55

Savannah Region – 42

Ahafo Region – 26

Bono Region – 18

North East Region – 6

Trump signs order prioritizing job skills over college degree in government hiring

WASHINGTON – A college degree will no longer give Americans a leg up when seeking some jobs with the federal government.

President Donald Trump signed an executive order on Friday that will overhaul the government’s hiring practices so that a job applicant’s skills will be given priority over a college degree.

Administration officials say the shift will allow the government to hire a more inclusive workforce based on skill instead of a person’s education level.

“This will ensure that we’re able to hire based on talent and expand our universe to qualified candidates and ensure a more equitable hiring process,” Ivanka Trump, the president’s daughter and senior advisor, told reporters on Friday.

Ivanka Trump is co-chair of the American Workforce Policy Advisory Board, which was created in 2018 and tasked with recommending ways to improve job training. The president signed the order during the board’s meeting on Friday.

“The federal government will no longer be narrowly focused on where you went to school, but the skills and talents that you bring to the job,” Trump said.

The federal government is the nation’s largest employer with 2.1 million civilian workers.

Jobless benefits: Think that extra $600 in unemployment benefits will last until the end of July? Think again.

President Donald Trump and his daughter and advisor Ivanka Trump (R) attend an American Workforce Policy Advisory Board Meeting in the East Room of the White House on June 26, 2020.

President Donald Trump and his daughter and advisor Ivanka Trump (R) attend an American Workforce Policy Advisory Board Meeting in the East Room of the …Show more  MANDEL NGAN, AFP VIA GETTY IMAGES

Ivanka Trump said the new hiring practice will show that the government is leading by example as it tries to recruit and retain the best and brightest workers. She and other administration officials have pushed to increase opportunities for apprenticeships and have promoted such training and vocational education as alternatives to traditional two-year or four-year college degree programs.

The shift in hiring protocols will recognize the value of learning regardless of whether it occurs on the job or in the classroom, said Brooke Rollins, acting director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, which oversees the president’s domestic agenda.

The government is not eliminating the college requirement entirely but instead will stress skills in jobs where having a degree is less important. Two-thirds of Americans do not have a college degree.

A college or graduate degree is necessary to work in many occupations, but the need for educational credentials is less certain for many other fields, said Michael Rigas, acting director of the Office of Personnel Management.

Trump’s executive order directs federal agencies to shift from vetting job candidates based largely on their educational credentials and written questionnaires and move toward using assessment methods that will more directly determine whether they possess the knowledge and skills to do the job, Rigas said.

Director of Ghana Institute of Languages (GIL) Dr Emmanuel Kobina Kuto recounts heartbreaking medical negligence @ Ridge Hospital ????

Folks, last night I lost my wife at Ridge Hospital.

My wife checked in at the hospital Sunday evening. She had been due for surgery Monday morning.

We agreed that I would return to the hospital in the afternoon when she would have returned from the theater.

That’s how it happened. I returned to her. She narrated the experience to me. I stayed with her till 8pm when the orderly came to ask me to leave.

When I returned the next morning, my wife had taken a turn for the worst. She was sweating profusely and was in severe pain. The change was really dramatic.

I asked her if the doctor had seen her. She said no but the nurse had given her medication earlier on. She asked me to take her to the washroom. By this time she was screaming in pain.
I managed to sit her on the WC. But as she attempted to relieve herself she suddenly went limp and crumbled onto the floor. She was unconscious.

I rushed out to seek help. A couple of nurses came in to help. She regained consciousness but she was in a terrible shape.
The next one hour was hell as there was no doctor immediately available.
After about an hour the doctor arrived. He examined my wife and asked the nurse what medication had been administered. The nurse mentioned something I don’t remember. The doctor asked if she was sure and she said yes.
The doctor then went through my wife’s folder for a few minutes.

« But I didn’t prescribe that », he said.

My heart missed a beat.

There was a back and forth between the doctor and the nurse, which attracted two other nurses.
One of the new entrants said yes, he the doctor didn’t prescribe it but another doctor did so later.

The doctor said he was going to call him right now. He walked out the room followed by the nurses.

I followed them into the lobby.

He picked the phone and called someone. From the conversation, it was clear that the other doctor had promptly admitted to prescribing the drug.

Folks, I swear by my father’s grave that my wife’s doctor said something like this.

“ I can’t believe you have done this again. This is the second time. This woman’s case is similar to the other one but you have done it again”.

Folks, at this point I started feeling very cold.

What happened next is the reason I am writing this. But for it I would never share this on social media.
As our doctor was scolding the other doctor, they nurses were laughing heartily. Even the doctor was scolding his colleague somehow jokingly.

Yes, my wife lay dying and the nurses were laughing that a doctor had apparently prescribed the wrong medication for her. I was not angry and I was not mad.

I just felt cold. Very cold.

A lot happened subsequently as they tried to save her. They prescribed some drugs which I bought. Then they prescribed some more drugs which I bought. Then they prescribed more. Then they wanted a test done which we did. Earlier, my sister-in-law who had held the fort while I went to see the kids had also been made to buy drugs.

In the end I was left alone with my wife.

At 8 pm the orderly came to ask me to leave.
I drove home filled with a huge feeling of emptiness. I could not sleep. I tossed around in bed the whole night. At around 4 am I fell asleep.

My sister-in-law was to take up the relay this morning. I was to go and teach my students and then return to replace her. We took turns taking care of my wife.
My sister-in-law called me at 6 am which is the visiting time at the hospital.

I had overslept.

“Brother Imma, are you coming? The doctors want to see you immediately”.

“I am on my way”, I lied. I hurriedly jumped into a crumpled jeans and an old Lacoste. I did not bath. I did not brush my teeth. I don’t how I drove to Ridge Hospital.

My wife died at 11 pm last night, three hours after I left her.
A lady in the ward told me she collapsed and died. Just like that.
By the way, my sister-in-law told me that when she got to the ward this morning she overheard doctors and nurses arguing over “wrong medication”.
I am not angry. I am sad. Deeply sad. Indescribably sad.

Folks, let’s be clear. I have no evidence that the wrong medication killed my wife. I have requested for an autopsy.

I also appreciate the efforts made by some of the nurses to save the life of my wife. One particular nurse was very kind to me and I pray God’s blessings on her.

What I cannot accept, and why I am writing this, is that health workers find it funny that the wrong medication had apparently been administered to my wife. They were laughing. It was a joke. My wife’s life was a joke.

My wife heard the whole story unfold. How did she feel lying there listening?
I kept thinking “Is my wife’s life worth so little”?
Is that all she is worth? Can’t they see she is my wife? Can’t they see me standing there listening to them?

Now I have been thinking. I am a senior public servant, the head of a public tertiary institution. If this happened to me then I shudder to think of what can happen to an ordinary person in our country.

Folks, I am not courting sympathy. I have thought carefully before posting this.

Here is the thing:
Nobody, absolutely nobody deserves to experience this. It falls far below any idea of human decency. This should never happen again.

That is why I am calling out Ridge Hospital.

I am asking you a special favor. Please, help me call out Ridge Hospital.

It is me today. It could be you tomorrow.
Please, share my post again and again till it gets to the authorities of Ridge Hospital.

Hopefully they will sit up. Hopefully they will stop treating human life like statistics. Hopefully, they will understand that every patient is a person, a wife, a husband, a mother, a father, a brother, a sister, a son, a daughter, a cousin, a grandmother and a father that is dearly beloved by someone.

Thank you.

Watch:Anas Aremeyaw Anas has released a teaser to his Covid 19 exposé

Watch:Anas Aremeyaw Anas has released a teaser to his Covid 19 exposé

Investigative Journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas has released a teaser to his exposé titled Corona Quacks.

Anas, an undercover journalist, attorney and private detective working in Ghana and across the African continent. In disguise, he finds his way into asylums, brothels, prisons, orphanages and villages, where he methodically gathers evidence for hard-hitting stories — then presents the evidence to authorities to see criminals prosecuted

Earthquake report world-wide for Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Earthquake report world-wide for Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Wednesday Jun 24, 2020 23:20 PM | BY: EARTHQUAKEMONITOR

World map showing earthquakes above magnitude 3 during the past 24 hours on 24 Jun 2020

World map showing earthquakes above magnitude 3 during the past 24 hours on 24 Jun 2020
Summary: 279 quakes M2+, 98 quakes M3+, 52 quakes M4+, 7 quakes M5+ (436 total)
Magnitude 2+: 279 earthquakes
Magnitude 3+: 98 earthquakes
Magnitude 4+: 52 earthquakes
Magnitude 5+: 7 earthquakes
Magnitude 6+: none
Magnitude 7+: none
Magnitude 8+: none
Magnitude 9+: none