Female gospel singer and song writer Patience Nyarko says she is hoping for the opportunity to have collaboration with renowned award winning gospel icon Joe Mettle.

The Obi Nyanimi hitmaker said it would be a great privilege to work with the multiple-award-winning artiste.

Ms. Nyarko, who has performed on a number of local and international platforms did not state when the collaboration will take place.

“If it is the will of God, I will have collaboration with Joe Mettle. I am always happy when I see Joe Mettle. I do not have any personal grudge with him. He is a good person,” she told Rainbow Radio in an interview.

The singer has been very active in the Ghanaian music
scene and has had collaborations with acts such as Lord Bondzie and Brother Sammy among others.

Credited with four albums which include Mekasa Ama Awurade, Wafom Kwan, Atigya and Obi Nyanime, Ms. Nyarko announced her presence in the music scene in 2013 with the album, Mekasa Ama Ewurade.

Ms. Nyarko believes that collaborating with Joe Mettle will bring both of them some good fate.

Ever since she invaded the music scene, she had carved a niche for herself as far as gospel music in Ghana was concerned. Many have affiliated her success to her creativity, stagecraft and vocal skills.

She has won awards including Artiste of the Year at the Ghana Gospel Industry Awards 2012 and has also been nominated several times for awards in different categories at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

She composed and recorded a song titled Seyiaa for the Ghana Black Stars during the 2014 World Cup competition in Brazil.

Some of her popular songs are Wafom Kwan, Menwu, Mekasa Ama Awurade, Anebre Mpaeye, Follow Me and Wodaada.

Ahead of the 2016 elections, Ms. Nyarko has composed a peace song dubbed Ye PeAdomdwe, which specifically aims at increasing awareness on the need for a peaceful election since Ghana is the only motherland we all have.

Patience Nyarko has performed at a number of gospel events in Ghana


Gospel Musicians Who Neglect the Church Kill Their Craft – Akesse Brempong

Ghanaian reggae gospel artist Akesse Brempong has said that gospel artists who disregard the congregation, will execute their art.

“The congregation is where most gospel artists get their gigs so once you disregard the essential wellspring of your pay which is the congregation, your art bites the dust,” Akesse uncovered.

As indicated by the gospel serve, the congregation is the essential wellspring of salary for gospel performers as per gigs they play.

Including that, most corporate projects don’t for the most part call gospel performers for their projects when contrasted with the quantity of mainstream artists.

The congregation is where most gospel artists get their gigs so once you disregard the essential wellspring of your pay which is the congregation, your specialty kicks the bucket,” he uncovered.

Talking on Sammy Flex TV on Wednesday, June 17, 2020, Akesse Brempong expressed that MTN Ghana Stands in Worship, Adom Praise among others are the main enormous shows for Ghanaian gospel artists.

I want to give a woman the orgasm of her life, but I don’t want to disobey the gospel – Man cries

Sex has consistently been an illegal organic product for me. I’m a third-age individual from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

We accept sex is saved for wedded couples, and whatever else is overstepping the law of celibacy.

That incorporates masturbation, which is more difficult than one might expect; my two most personal connections are with my sleeping pad and my hands. The initial scarcely any occasions I did it as a young person, I was crushed and loaded up with blame. At 31, once in a while I discharge in my rest.

Until last December, I was a minister in the Aaronic request for around 12 years.

So as to progress to the Melchizedek organization, my branch president revealed to me I’d need to go a month without stroking off, which I oversaw, yet with a great deal of troubles. Around now, I was intended to get my enrichment, however all the sanctuaries in my general vicinity are shut on account of Covid-19. It’s given personal chance to slip into old propensities.

My cerebrum is quite often in the canal, and I need simply to give a lady an incredible climax, however I would prefer not to resist the gospel.

Different chapels state that on the off chance that you welcome Jesus into your heart, you’re spared, and don’t have to stress a lot over whatever else. We hold our individuals to an a lot better quality.

We are setting ourselves up now to come back to our Heavenly Father, which implies chastity until marriage.

Who knows, I may never get hitched. In any case, in case I’m noble, follow the decrees and suffer as far as possible, the correct lady will tag along in existence in the wake of death.


Compared to secular colleagues, Gospel musicians earn peanuts.Akesse Brempong

To Gospel vocalist, Akesse Brempong, contrasted with their mainstream partners, artists working in his type win “peanuts.”

Brempong noticed this to Andy Dosty, host of Daybreak Hitz on Accra-based Hitz 103.9 FM Friday morning, clarifying that as Gospel stars only perform live (in contrast to mainstream artists), as a rule requiring a group of around ten, it is just intelligent that they ought to win more.

The “Awesome” man conceded, in any case, that the present quandary of Gospel acts has been occasioned by two fundamental elements: right off the bat, what he portrays as “a lot of unfairness in the framework,” one that sidelines the GOspel crew, and also, an absence of energy about the business foundation of music by Gospel artists who are “not slanted to the business side of things,” increasingly engrossed with “sway.”

Akesse Brempong’s view isn’t new. Over numerous years, the Gospel organization has regretted being undervalued monetarily, barely being put on a similar size of their partners in different classes. Some state that the activities of previous eras, who couldn’t have cared less much about cash, have prompted benefactors being reluctant to pay for the administrations of Gospel performers.

The arrangement, per Akesse Brempong, is that going ahead, much more training needs to occur. Additionally, Gospel artists must encircle themselves with groups that comprehend the framework so they can completely use openings present in the space.

Akesse Brempong is as of now advancing “Favored,” his most recent single highlighting Joe Mettle.