Female gospel singer and song writer Patience Nyarko says she is hoping for the opportunity to have collaboration with renowned award winning gospel icon Joe Mettle.

The Obi Nyanimi hitmaker said it would be a great privilege to work with the multiple-award-winning artiste.

Ms. Nyarko, who has performed on a number of local and international platforms did not state when the collaboration will take place.

“If it is the will of God, I will have collaboration with Joe Mettle. I am always happy when I see Joe Mettle. I do not have any personal grudge with him. He is a good person,” she told Rainbow Radio in an interview.

The singer has been very active in the Ghanaian music
scene and has had collaborations with acts such as Lord Bondzie and Brother Sammy among others.

Credited with four albums which include Mekasa Ama Awurade, Wafom Kwan, Atigya and Obi Nyanime, Ms. Nyarko announced her presence in the music scene in 2013 with the album, Mekasa Ama Ewurade.

Ms. Nyarko believes that collaborating with Joe Mettle will bring both of them some good fate.

Ever since she invaded the music scene, she had carved a niche for herself as far as gospel music in Ghana was concerned. Many have affiliated her success to her creativity, stagecraft and vocal skills.

She has won awards including Artiste of the Year at the Ghana Gospel Industry Awards 2012 and has also been nominated several times for awards in different categories at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

She composed and recorded a song titled Seyiaa for the Ghana Black Stars during the 2014 World Cup competition in Brazil.

Some of her popular songs are Wafom Kwan, Menwu, Mekasa Ama Awurade, Anebre Mpaeye, Follow Me and Wodaada.

Ahead of the 2016 elections, Ms. Nyarko has composed a peace song dubbed Ye PeAdomdwe, which specifically aims at increasing awareness on the need for a peaceful election since Ghana is the only motherland we all have.

Patience Nyarko has performed at a number of gospel events in Ghana


Three reasons why people love Joe Mettle

Recently, Joe Mettle, Ghanaian Christian song star got married. Along with it came a plethora of well wishes for him as if everything came to a standstill.

People posted his wedding photos, short videos and shared kind words to wish him well in his newfound life with his wife on social media.

While I pondered over everything, I felt that people like and adore this man for the following reasons even though I will be kidding myself to think that everyone was happy about this though.

Below are three-point reasons why I think people love Joe Mettle.

#1. Inward Connection

The first reason why I believe people love Joe is that he points people to Christ in his songs. He can take old songs and make them come alive. He doesn’t fake it. He sings the way he talks. Seriously, I have listened to his interview on the Delay Show and he couldn’t even explain how he does it. He will only say it is by grace. When he sings, he points us to God and not himself.

#2. Outward Connection

People see in him what people want to become of a gentle Christian who does not do what he does because of fame.

The second reason I feel people stand on to love him is that he shows outwardly the life of Christ in him inwardly. People have not had any reason to doubt his outward life. He is not faking.

#3. No Controversies

Many Christian musicians have too many controversies hanging on their head but not him. He lives his quiet and peaceable life and minds his business. As we say in Ghana, ‘he is in his lane’ and running his race of life.

A Christian musician must not appear as a worldly musician who thrives on controversies of insulting other people to draw attention to himself instead of pointing people to Christ. Joe Mettle has shown a life of enviable repute.

All put together people see in him a godly person who does what he sings. Maybe all of us must start living like Joe Mettle. It will be a good Christian witness.

Joe Mettle Finally Wife To Be

Ghanaian gospel musician Joe Mettle has finally shared first photo of his wife-to-be Salomey Selasie Dzisa.

The “My Everything” singer has been hiding his fiancée from the limelight, for reasons best known to him. 

But since his wedding details got leaked, he had no option than to drop a pre-wedding photo for fans to share the joy. 

The couple is set to tie the knot on Saturday, August 15, 2020, at the Christian Centre Assemblies of God Church at Tema Community 12.

It’s unclear whether they will combine their white wedding with their traditional wedding, however, per the norm, traditional weddings are mostly held Saturday and white wedding follows up on Sunday. 


Joe Mettle set to marry in August ­– see the lucky lady Tentative information reaching The GHANAAVIEW Ghana has it that award-winning gospel musician, Joe Mettle according to sources is set to marry on the 15th day of August 2020.

The minister has been bashed severally on social media on different occasions for keeping too long to marry.

Speculations hovered early this year that Gospel artist Joe Mettle will be tying the knot this year. Some names which popped up during the rumour spread were Berla Mundi of Media General and Serwah Amihere of EIB Network fame.However, the artiste came out to clear the air and trashed the rumours and names spreading around that he was getting married to Berla Mundi.

According to reports, his prospective wife has been revealed as a daughter of one of Ghana’s famous pastors even though the source suggests that the name of the pastor and the said church remains undisclosed.

The enthusiasm expressed by his fans and other Ghanaians after the news broke out suggests that Ghanaians really want him to get married as soon as possible.

Akesse Brempong tops Apple Music trends after release of ‘Blessed

Akesse Brempong’s most up to date Afrobeat single, ‘Favored’ which highlights Joe Mettle, has just won the hearts of music sweethearts.

It shot him up to the number 1 slanting situation on Apple Music a couple of days after its discharge.

The single which joins visuals has gotten rave audits since its discharge in the early long periods of second June 2020.

Following its substantial exposure and boundless expectation, the majority really wanted to get enough of the single as well as the whole character, aestheticness and melodies of the Akesse Brempong brand.

Akesse Brempong carries a reviving vibe of music to my sweethearts with his Afrobeat style.

Watch the video underneath:

Compared to secular colleagues, Gospel musicians earn peanuts.Akesse Brempong

To Gospel vocalist, Akesse Brempong, contrasted with their mainstream partners, artists working in his type win “peanuts.”

Brempong noticed this to Andy Dosty, host of Daybreak Hitz on Accra-based Hitz 103.9 FM Friday morning, clarifying that as Gospel stars only perform live (in contrast to mainstream artists), as a rule requiring a group of around ten, it is just intelligent that they ought to win more.

The “Awesome” man conceded, in any case, that the present quandary of Gospel acts has been occasioned by two fundamental elements: right off the bat, what he portrays as “a lot of unfairness in the framework,” one that sidelines the GOspel crew, and also, an absence of energy about the business foundation of music by Gospel artists who are “not slanted to the business side of things,” increasingly engrossed with “sway.”

Akesse Brempong’s view isn’t new. Over numerous years, the Gospel organization has regretted being undervalued monetarily, barely being put on a similar size of their partners in different classes. Some state that the activities of previous eras, who couldn’t have cared less much about cash, have prompted benefactors being reluctant to pay for the administrations of Gospel performers.

The arrangement, per Akesse Brempong, is that going ahead, much more training needs to occur. Additionally, Gospel artists must encircle themselves with groups that comprehend the framework so they can completely use openings present in the space.

Akesse Brempong is as of now advancing “Favored,” his most recent single highlighting Joe Mettle.

Azumah Nelson ‘jams’ to Patience Nyarko, Joe Mettle’s popular songs

Azumah Nelson might be a fighter by calling however he is a peacemaker by calling since he just ‘quietly’ settled the ongoing hamburger between Joe Mettle and Patience Nyarko.

It could be reviewed that Madam Nyarko in a meeting said Mr Mettle, named Artiste of the 2017 Year at the Ghana Music Awards, isn’t the best gospel artist in the nation.

To her, a large portion of Mr Mettle’s English language tunes are interpretations of old Pentecost and Methodist songs.

Be that as it may, in a meeting on the Y Leaderboard arrangement with Rev. Erskine on YFM, the man, prevalently known as ‘Zum’, named the greatest hits from both Mr Mettle and Madam Nyarko as a component of his playlist quickly.

After Mr Nelson was placed in the soul with Mr Mettle’s raving success ‘Bo Noo ni’ he stuck to Madam Nyarko’s raving success ‘Obi Nyanime’, demonstrating that both have a harmonious task to carry out in the gospel music industry.

Joe Mettle also writes songs – Luigi Maclean

Best Male Vocalist candidate at the 2019 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMAs) and gospel artiste, Luigi Maclean has uncovered that Ghanaian gospel artist Joe Mettle likewise composes melodies.

Luigi uncovered this in a meeting with Prince Benjamin on the Class Drive on Class91.3FM, Thursday, 28 May 2020.

He stated: “There are times even at practice he gets melodies [Inspiration for music] and we experience them. At a point, there may be something that is perhaps hitting, it hits. There’s been minutes like that, where you get a snare or one line that just sticks. Like it remains endlessly.

“On many occasions, at practices stuff like that has occurred and afterward perhaps presumably we go again and again something very similar at practice, possibly the next week he accompanies a full set, similar to a full tune out of that snare. I mean there’ve been on many occasions.”

In the artiste’s feeling, Joe Mettle is well known on the grounds that it’s from God’s own motivation to make him incredible.

“In the event that God hasn’t permitted you to be extraordinary, you can never be incredible. So I accept that first, it’s from God’s own motivation to make him extraordinary, to make his name incredible. With the goal that’s God. I think another that likewise makes him truly agreeable is the way unassuming he is. He’s very sensible. He’s very relatable, similar to everybody can identify with him. So I think God and his lowliness.”

Luigi who used to be an individual from gospel music gathering, Joyful Way Incorporated was included on Joe Mettle’s honor winning tune titled ‘Bo No Ni’.

He is additionally at present advancing his new tune titled ‘Oguama’ highlighting MOG.

Abeiku Santana Fires Patience Nyarko, Says She Is Allowing The Devil To Use Her To Attack Joe Mettle – Video

Famous radio moderator, Abeiku Santana has irately terminated at Patience Nyarko for her ongoing remarks about gospel performer Joe Mettle.

Barely any weeks back, Patiene Nyarko said on radio that Joe Mettle doesn’t merit the publicity Ghanaians are giving him in light of the fact that a large portion of tunes are Methodist and Pentecost tunes.

Because of this, Abeiku Santana has indignantly terminated at Patience Nyarko for her expressions, saying she is permitting the demon to utilize her to assault Joe Mettle.

He proceeded to state that it was devilish soul against Joe Mettle yet won’t endure on the grounds that they are going to remain with Joe Mettle through this.

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