Bawumia Opens Fire On NDC 

Bawumia Opens Fire On NDC 

Bawumia Opens Fire On NDC

Vice-President Dr. Mahamudu Bawumia has said the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has a penchant for opposing anything good for the country, especially when it is being proposed by the New Patriotic Party (NPP).

He said the posture of the NDC elements shows clearly that they do not have the country’s welfare at heart and are only interested in propaganda and how they can capture power and turn round to mismanage everything.

The Vice-President ‘opened fire’ in Takoradi in the Western Region on Tuesday when he cut the sod for the commencement of work on the first ever interchange in the regional capital.

“The NDC has a trademark in opposing everything. Any good initiative we bring out, they oppose it. First, they say it is impossible and then when we do it, they say they can do it better,” he said.

He said every time the NPP administration attempted to implement massive projects that would benefit the country, the NDC would vehemently oppose the implementation but would come later to claim they could do it better.

“They opposed the Sinohydro deal, but we are giving the Ghanaian people infrastructure through that. They opposed Free SHS and said it was impossible, but we have successfully implemented that, and now they say they can do it better,” he said.

“The construction of the PTC Interchange fits into the government’s programme of improving the road infrastructure of Sekondi-Takoradi and to modernize the twin city,” he added.

The Vice-President said “in line with the government’s agenda to ensure inclusive and accelerated economic development, we have focused our efforts on the first term in office to provide infrastructure for all.”

He pointed out that “the NDC did not understand the Sinohydro deal because it was the first time such a transaction was being proposed and introduced in Ghana and the opposition party referred to it as a ‘419’ initiative.”

“Our approach to the infrastructure development of Ghana has been two folds: first, to provide for the infrastructure needs of the poor and deprived communities for services such as water, toilets, clinics and electricity. Second, to provide for the broader infrastructure needs of the economy at the macro-level to drive economic growth, such as ports, major highways and inner city roads and bridges,” he explained.

More Opposition
He said “on the Free SHS, for instance, the NDC said if they had two billion cedis they would not have spent it on education. But the NPP persevered and made it happen. They said the same about NABCO that it was a hoax, but we made it happen.”

“They opposed ‘one constituency one ambulance’, but every constituency has an ambulance; they opposed ‘one village one dam’, but the farmers and chiefs in the north are commending the government; they opposed one ‘district one factory’, but we are building the factories, and now they say they can do better,” Dr. Bawumia fired.

He also recounted how the NDC opposed the Zipline medical drone service which is currently serving a useful purpose, adding, “They even opposed the Zipline medical drone service and told people that we would use the drones to take pictures of them in their bathrooms, but we have all seen the impact of the Zipline drone in providing emergency medical service to remote parts of the country.”

“The NDC also opposed the introduction of the digital addressing system to produce digital addresses for every location in Ghana,” he said.

“The NDC opposed the idea by the government to allow final-year students of SHS and JHS to go to school and prepare to take their respective final examination, but now the children are taking their exams. They opposed it and said we wanted the children to die. But by the grace of God, the SHS students have completed and our children are writing their BECE papers,” he fired again, adding “that is their trademark; everything good, they oppose it. And then they will turn around later and want to be a part of it,” he said.

NPP Focused
He said the NPP government led by Nana Akufo-Addo would not be deterred by the NDC’s ‘unwarranted’ opposition to everything good that they were doing and they would press hard to get Ghanaians the best.

“Our thinking about infrastructure for all includes all the amenities that people need in order to unleash the potentials for growth in their communities, constituencies and districts, and ultimately improve the conditions of everyday living.

“These are needed to support industrial growth and other supporting economic activities, especially in the urban areas (such as the Takoradi-Sekondi metropolis),” he added.


John Dumelo accuses Ayawaso West Wuogon MP of organising abuse of NDC members

The Parliamentary candidate for the National Democratic Congress (NDC) at Ayawaso West Wuogon has accused the MP of orchestrating the physical abuse and attacks on his members.

John Dumelo in a statement alleged that police personnel at the various registration centres have often looked on whilst NDC members are assaulted.

He, therefore, cautioned that since the security agents have failed to act despite the numerous complaints to them, they will resort to alternative relieves to ensure that his party members are protected from ‘thuggery and hooliganism’.



The  Ayawaso  West  Wuogon  Constituency  has  once  again  become  a  scene  of violence  and  assaults.  There  have  been  persistent  reports  of  physical  abuse  meted out  to  registration  agents,  sympathizers  of  the  NDC,  observers  and  innocent persons  perceived  to  be  supporters  of  the  John  Dumelo  for  MP  2020  Campaign.

Within  the  course  of  the  on-going  registration,  agents  of  the  NDC  have  been brutalized  often  in  the  presence  of  the  police.  Official complaints have been lodged with the Police with no response to bring perpetrators to book thus far.

The  country  is  reminded  of  the  painful  incidents  that  took  place  during the Ayawaso  West  Wuogon  bye-elections  which  led  to  innocent  people  being assaulted  in  the  constituency  rendering  some  of  them  paralysed.

It  is  a  national shame  that  the  only  crime  of  constituents  that  day,  was  their  desire  to  exercise their  voting  franchise  leading  to  the  maiming  and  violence  the  whole  nation witnessed.

Residents  of  the  constituency will  not  forget  the  negative  attention  the happenings  of  that  day  as  they  played  out  in  a  government  commission  of  inquiry.

Every  Ghanaian  is  aware  of  the  recommendations  and  the  refusal  of  government to  act  and  allow  the  full  rigors  of  the  law  to  deal  with  individuals  found  to  have inflicted  violence on innocent citizens.

The  John  Dumelo  for  MP  2020  Campaign  team  wishes  to  serve  notice  to  the sitting  MP  –  Madam  Lydia  Alhassan,  that  it  is  her  duty  to  promote  peace  and serenity  in  the  constituency. 

Her  campaign  that  is  bound  to  fail  must  not  be  seen to  tacitly  approve  and  profit  from  the  violence  being  perpetrated  on  the  innocent constituents  of  Ayawaso  West  Wuogon  in  the  on-going  registration  exercise.

Should  she  continue  to  remain  indifferent  to  the  concerns  raised  that  she  has  been made  aware  of  severally,  alternative  reliefs  within  the  confines  of  our  laws  will  be sought  by  this  Campaign  team  to  ensure  protection  of  all  constituents  from  acts  of thuggery  and hooliganism.

“And help us to resist oppressors rule with all our will and might.”

Thank You.
Benjamin Madugu Avornyotse

‘Number 9’ people like red – John Dumelo’s caption to a family photo

National Democratic Congress’ Parliamentary Candidate for Ayawaso West Wuogon body electorate, John Dumelo, has shared a family photograph on his Instagram page which is accumulating numerous preferences on the online life application.

Number 9 individuals like red oooo ❤️ @johnd_jnr @missgeeonly. #family #idey4u #wemove, he posted.

The entertainer cum legislator appeared as though he was disclosing something to his significant other, Miss Gee, in her lovely red dress, before the screen button went off.

His child, John Dumelo Jnr, clad in clothing like that of his father, needed his mum’s consideration before the photograph was taken.

Ayawaso West Municipal Assembly Denies Stopping John Dumelo from Dredging

The Municipal Chief Executive of the Ayawaso West Municipal Assembly,

Can John Dumelo win Ayawaso West Wuogon seat for NDC? - The Ghana ...

Sandra Owusu-Ahinkorah, has denied that they have given a mandate to John Dumelo to quit digging exercises inside the region.

As per a public statement, Mr. Dumelo was welcomed for a gathering with the Municipal Urban Roads and Workers Directors, it was to urge him to liase fittingly with divisions at the Assembly for compelling management.

She stated, however the gathering invite people to help in explaining issues in the district, digging is a significant movement that requires master counsel from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and different organizations of state.

As indicated by the discharge, Mr. John Dumelo, was subsequently welcome to cause him to notice these realities and to urge him to look for help from the Municipality as legally necessary.

John Dumelo is challenging for MP in the electorate, on the ticket of the primary resistance NDC and he has been thinking of bunches of inventive approaches to win the hearts of constituents.

Many see the move by the get together to be politically propelled.

In any case, the MCE answered that “Tragically individuals will for reasons unknown recast a greeting we made to Mr. Dumelo as a Stop notice”.


I don’t mind seeking permission to dredge choked Ayawaso drains – Dumelo

The National Democratic Congress’ parliamentary possibility for Ayawaso West Wuogon, John Dumelo, says he is prepared to follow fair treatment before digging channels in the territory.

The Municipal Assembly said Mr. Dumelo had not looked for endorsement before setting out on the digging exercises.

“I will compose [to the Ayawaso West Assembly] to proceed [dredging] in light of the fact that I have to spare lives and my kin’s property,” he said on Eyewitness News.

After a “sincere gathering” with the get together, they had disclosed to him he required consent to dig the channels, which he said was “somewhat bizarre.”

Mr. Dumelo said he had paid the excavators for six days yet halted following three days.

In a previous meeting with Citi News, the NDC Parliamentary up-and-comer said the request from the get together won’t prevent him from seeking after formative tasks in the territory.

He clarified that “the network came to me and said John, would you be able to dig for us? So when they came to me, I brought the excavators the next day to begin the work since I should be there for the individuals and it is from the individuals’ solicitation that I will act.”

“So if the individuals state I should come and accomplish something for them I will do it. In the event that I require certain authorization which I know, I will proceed to request consent, not consent to proceed to dig a canal when lives are being lost and properties are being wrecked. I should be there for the individuals.”

In the interim, endeavors to arrive at the civil get together on the issue have demonstrated worthless.

The NDC parliamentary applicant began the digging on Friday, June 12, 2020.

As per him, the choice to begin deal with digging the canal was educated by a guarantee he made to the network when he visited to evaluate the inconvenience occupants face at whatever point it downpours.

“At the point when it downpours, here gets overflowed. It’s been flooding each and every year. The individuals have griped that at any rate the drain ought to be enlarged… If you take a gander at the Christian Village connect, it’s low thus when it rains, all the flotsam and jetsam and everything gathers and that is why the water levels here ascent up,” he said last Wednesday.


Entertainer cum Politician, John Dumelo appear to be bit by bit winning over the People Ayawaso West Wuogon where he is trying to be a Member of Parliament after the 2020 races.

Assisting with cleaning the Gutters , Plaiting the Hair of some legon understudies and other hardly any things are the striking demonstrations that is progressively expanding his odds of Winning the Ayawaso West Wuogon Seat.

Another Social Media talk that has been illuminated by the Actor is the manner by which he chose to coordinate traffic at east legon Junction today 06/06/2020.

Per the Video located by , the government official was found in a Jacket and a protective cap as he coordinates the overwhelming traffic.

The individual who caught the Video was heard commending him for his demonstrations and encouraging others to decide in favor of him when Ghana goes to the Polls in December.Watch the Video beneath :

COVID-19 limitations expected to be facilitated by Nana Addo in Sunday’s location

There is expanding desire that President Nana Akufo-Addo will facilitate the limitations on open social affairs this end of the week.

Huge markers have highlighted the way that there will be an away from for the facilitating of the limitations.

President Akufo-Addo, while tending to the country at the 2020 Virtual Eid-ul-Fitr Celebration on May 24 said the state will close a guide for facilitating limitations before the week’s over so he “can declare to Ghanaians an unmistakable guide for facilitating the limitations.”

“We need to discover a route back, however in wellbeing, for we can’t be under these limitations perpetually,” he said.

Beside the President, the Senior Minister prior uncovered that there would be a partner meeting on Friday in front of President Akufo-Addo’s tenth location to the country on the administration’ treatment of the pandemic on Sunday.

Signs from Mr. Osafo-Maafo are that there is a guide being concluded that will be introduced to partners.

“Practically all the recognizable gatherings who matter in this have all had close conversations with us,” he disclosed to Citi News including that “Our specialists have likewise proceeded with these conversations and on Friday we will assemble these on the best exhortation accessible to settle on the best choice.”

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) Flagbearer, John Mahama is additionally anticipating a critical facilitating of limitations and has approached the administration to initially direct increasingly far reaching testing.

“… notwithstanding the up and coming facilitating of limitations, let me rehash the approach the administration to think about leading mass testing, in any event, at the purpose of need,” Mr. Mahama said in a tweet.

In the President’s May 11 location to the country, he stretched out the prohibition on social affairs to May 31.

The open social occasion warnings were first set up on March 15, 2020, when Ghana had six instances of the infection. All universal outskirt intersections were additionally shut.

Ghana right now has 7,303 instances of the infection.

The boycott secured gatherings, workshops, burial services, celebrations, political meetings, church exercises and other related occasions as a major aspect of measures to stop the spread of coronavirus in the nation.

There is additionally a prohibition on memorial services, other than private internments, which have in excess of 25 people.

Beside the open social event warnings, there was likewise three-week incomplete lockdown of Accra, Kasoa, Kumasi and Tema which pushed the economy as far as possible.

Ghana’s limitations were among the most adaptable on the landmass as the administration put an accentuation on testing.

Since the lockdown was lifted, there has been an absence of social removing in showcase territories in spite of the fact that the legislature has attempted to repay by making the wearing of face covers compulsory out in the open.

The primary trace of limitations being lifted was the point at which the Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) reported that inns, eateries and bars could continue activities but with upgraded social removing conventions.

Yet, there was a speedy u-abandon the state with the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture saying drinking bars and night clubs ought to stay shut.

While there has not been a very remarkable commotion for the re-opening of houses of worship, there has been reliable discussion on the idea of limitations for schools.

There have been a few requires a trade off, with some recommending shift frameworks or the re-opening for simply last year understudies.

The Four pre-tertiary instructor associations; Ghana National Association of Teachers, National Association of Graduate Teachers, Tertiary Education Workers’ Union and Coalition of Concerned Teachers have, be that as it may, enlisted their resistance to the reviving of schools.

The Parents Teacher Association and School Management Committees has additionally informed the legislature against the reviving regarding schools since it will place the lives of instructors and understudies at serious risk.

Free Water for 3 Months Policy Is A Bad Idea – John Dumelo Says – Explains Why

Entertainer John Dumelo has gone after Nana Akufo-Addo’s as of late declared strategy of free water for all Ghanaians for the following three months.

The measure is to help reduce the enduring of Ghanaians during this COVID lockdown.

Since declaring it, Ghanaians have been interminably discussing whether it is the correct move which would have significant advantages or if it’s only a restorative measure by the President to conceal not accomplishing something increasingly considerable.

Entertainer John Dumelo of the NDC says the arrangement would not profit destitute individuals in Ghana.

As indicated by him, the most unfortunate Ghanaians don’t belittle the administrations of the Ghana Water Company in this manner they would not profit by the arrangement.

Dumelo offers ¢200k intrigue free credit to ‘hand to mouth’ organizations in Ayawaso

Ghanaian on-screen character turned-lawmaker, John Dumelo, has casted a ballot 200,000 cedis to help battling little scope organizations inside the Ayawaso West Wuogon supporters in Accra where he is looking to turn into the Member of Parliament.

The sum will be dispensed to merchants who are for the most part occupied with ‘hands to mouth’ organizations as intrigue free credits to pad them amidst the destructive coronavirus which is making organizations fumble.

He watched the Covid-19 episode remembering the fractional lockdown for parts of the nation has contrarily influenced numerous organizations in the Ayawaso West voting demographic

“To the coconut and simmered plantain merchants, the corner shops, the table top retail outlets, the night kenkey, bread/egg, waakye and vegetable venders and every one of the individuals who work hand to mouth to deal with their families, trust is coming,” he tweeted Wednesday.

He included: “I am offering an aggregate of 200,000 cedis crisis business credits (0% intrigue) advance to every one of those referenced above including some other little scope organizations over the body electorate”.

On modalities for getting to the plan, the government official said that will be imparted straightforwardly to the recipients.

Mr Dumelo who is additionally a rancher shown that he comprehends having a low or no reap and has encountered opening up shop and making no deals.

“I trust this little token will restore numerous organizations and even make more openings for work,” he expressed.

As per Mr Dumelo, he doesn’t have a lot, expressing “what I have is the thing that I share”.

The sun will before long sparkle on us. Together how about we make Ayawaso West the best,”