Coronavirus: Israel to impose three-week national lockdown

Coronavirus: Israel to impose three-week national lockdown

Israel is to impose a new national lockdown to contain the spread of coronavirus – with tough restrictions coming into effect on Jewish new year.The country’s second lockdown begins on Friday and lasts at least three weeks.Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the measures would “exact a heavy price on us all”, but the country faced a surge with 4,000 new daily infections.A minister has resigned to protest against the restrictions that overlap with important Jewish festivals.

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Housing Minister Yaakov Litzman, who leads an ultra-Orthodox Jewish party, said the measures would prevent Jewish people from celebrating their religious festivals, including Yom Kippur, the holiest day of the Jewish calendar, on 27 September.He also threatened to pull his party out of the governing coalition.The country has seen 1,108 deaths from Covid-19 and more than 153,000 confirmed infections, according to a global tally kept by US university Johns Hopkins.

What are the new restrictions?

Israel, which has a population of about nine million, has reported more than 3,000 new cases a day in recent weeks. captionRecovered Covid-19 patients volunteer in Israel pilotIn a televised address on Sunday, the prime minister said this had grown to 4,000 daily.The measures he announced will be the most extensive imposed in Israel since the first lockdown, which ran from late March until early May, and include:

  • No more than 10 people can meet indoors while groups of 20 are allowed outdoors
  • Schools and shopping centres will close, and Israelis must stay within 500 metres of their homes with the exception of travelling to workplaces
  • Non-governmental offices and businesses can stay open but must not accept customers
  • However supermarkets and pharmacies can remain open to the public.

Mr Netanyahu acknowledged the disruption the lockdown would cause to Jewish communities celebrating religious holidays that normally see families come together.”This is not the kind of holiday we are used to. And we certainly won’t be able to celebrate with our extended families,” he said.The restrictions on indoor gatherings will severely impact prayers in synagogues.The second lockdown will cost the economy, which is in recession due to the pandemic, an estimated 6.5bn shekels ($1.88bn), the finance ministry says.

What did Yaakov Litzman say?

Mr Litzman said in his resignation letter on Friday: “This wrongs and scorns hundreds of thousands of citizens.”Where were you until now? Why have the Jewish holidays become a convenient address for tackling the coronavirus?”

Yaakov Litzman

image captionYaakov Litzman said the lockdown would prevent Orthodox Jews from being able to celebrate religious festivals

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri – who leads another ultra-Orthodox party – said in a video posted on Twitter that he supported the planned restrictions, and that not abiding by them would be tantamount to murder.Addressing the cabinet as it convened to vote on the lockdown on Sunday, Mr Netanyahu said he regretted Mr Litzman’s resignation.He added: “We have to move on, to make the decisions necessary for Israel in the coronavirus era, and that is what we will do in this session.” captionCoronavirus: Israel’s ultra-Orthodox lockdown challengeMr Netanyahu has faced criticism for his handling of the outbreak. Critics say his failure to tackle the virus effectively has led to another national lockdown.Many nations are experiencing second surges of the virus. However most governments are now imposing smaller local lockdowns in affected areas, rather than blanket national ones.


Coronavirus: Spain imposes local lockdown in Galicia

Coronavirus: Spain imposes local lockdown in Galicia

The audience maintains social distance during a performance on a beach in A Coruna, Spain, 4 July

Image captionSocial distancing is de rigueur at events across Galicia, as in the rest of Spain

Officials in Spain’s north-western region of Galicia have re-imposed restrictions on an area of 70,000 people following a Covid-19 outbreak.

Only those travelling for work will be allowed to leave or enter the coastal district of A Marina from midnight on Sunday to Friday.

The move comes a day after the north-eastern region of Catalonia imposed a similar local lockdown.

Nationally, Spain’s outbreak has been essentially brought under control.

The country has recorded more than a quarter of a million cases and at least 28,385 deaths. But daily fatalities have been in the single figures for most of the past three weeks.

Spain has been reopening its borders to other EU states, as well as the UK, in anticipation of summer holiday traffic.

Regional health officials announced on Sunday that travel in and out of A Marina would be severely restricted for five days – although people would remain free to move around the area.

Gatherings will be limited to 10 people. Face masks will be mandatory outdoors.


Officials linked local outbreaks to bars in the area. Capacity in bars and restaurants will be limited to 50%.

There are now 258 cases of Covid-19 in Galicia, including 117 in Lugo province where A Marina is located, authorities say.

What about Catalonia?

On Saturday the autonomous government of Catalonia re-imposed controls on an area of 210,000 residents after a sharp rise in infections there.

Catalan President Quim Torra said no-one would be allowed to enter or leave Segrià, a district west of Barcelona that includes the city of Lleida.

Non-residents were told to leave and residents were advised not to travel between towns within Segrià.

Catalonia is one of the Spanish regions worst affected by coronavirus.

As of Friday, the region of 7.5 million people had recorded 72,860 confirmed Covid-19 cases and 12,586 deaths, accoding to an official news agency.

View of a field hospital set up by health authorities next to Arnau de Vilanova Teaching Hospital in Lleida, Catalonia, 3 July

Image captionA field hospital has been erected in Lleida

The lockdown is being enforced using police checkpoints

Sara Canals, a journalist in the region, told the BBC: “Some might consider [this] maybe too drastic, but there’s a willingness here to find a right balance between reopening the economy but also to ensure safety.”

Studies Show Lockdowns Prevented Millions of COVID Deaths

Lockdowns over the globe kept a huge number of passings from the novel coronavirus, new examinations distributed Monday report.

New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern speaks during a press conference about the COVID-19 coronavirus at Parliament in Wellington on June 8, 2020. – New Zealand has no active COVID-19 cases after the country’s final patient was given the all clear and released from isolation, health authorities said on June 8. (Photo by Marty MELVILLE / AFP)

As indicated by an examination by the Imperial College of London, nearly 3 million passings were deflected in eleven nations – Austria, Belgium, Britain, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland – due to lockdown measures including the closings of unimportant organizations and schools.

A different report led in the United States and distributed close by the British examination Monday found that somewhere in the range of 530 million instances of COVID-19 were forestalled or deferred by lockdown approaches actualized in China, South Korea, Italy, Iran, France and the United States.

The quantity of COVID-19 passings overall approached 403,000 and the affirmed cases remains at in excess of 7,000,000, as indicated by information gathered by the Johns Hopkins University’s Coronavirus Research Center.

The United States remains the nation with the most noteworthy number of passings, trailed by Britain, Brazil and Italy.

U.S. has likewise the most elevated number of affirmed cases, drawing nearer to 2,000,000, trailed by Brazil with about 33% of that number, and Russia and Britain.

The uplifting news, notwithstanding, originated from New Zealand’s Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, who reported Monday that the nation had killed transmission of the new coronavirus. The New Zealand has chosen to lift the vast majority of its remaining Covid-19 limitations however will keep its fringes shut.

In the mean time, specialists over the United States are encouraging individuals who partook in fights of the demise of George Floyd to get COVID-19 tests after over seven days of walks and close contact with one another.

“Get a test,” New York Governor Andrew Cuomo stated, including that the state is opening 15 new testing destinations and advising individuals not to take any risks.

Comparable calls for testing have originated from state and city pioneers in Atlanta, San Francisco, and Seattle.

Upwards of 400,000 individuals are relied upon to come back to their occupations in New York Monday as the nation’s biggest city starts its first period of reviving. Many will utilize the tram without precedent for about a quarter of a year.

Development laborers and those with occupations in manufacturing plants, discount houses, and a few retailers will be coming back to work. Stores are offering curbside pickup as it were.

Be that as it may, the city’s a huge number of eateries will stay shut in any event through the remainder of the month.

While New York City authorities seemed certain enough to begin to revive, the Florida Department of Health declared another 1,180 new coronavirus cases Sunday, saying it was the fifth consecutive day the quantity of new cases surpasses 1,000.

Specialists in Florida state individuals are getting reckless about social separating since statewide lockdowns have facilitated. They additionally note that the numbers began rising when the George Floyd fights started.

Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott blamed China on Sunday for attempting to disrupt U.S. endeavors to build up a coronavirus antibody.

“It went to our insight network. I’m on Armed Service (board), so plainly there’s things I can’t talk about that I get gave data. In any case, proof they’ve been attempting to either attack or back it off,” Scott said on BBC TV’s Andrew Marr Show, yet declined to give any proof for his case.

The representative said China “won’t cheer” if the United States or Britain builds up an antibody before any other person.

No Chinese authority has straightforwardly reacted to Scott’s charge.

In Europe, which endured extraordinary misfortunes before in the pandemic, nations are gradually reviving. A few nations in the European Union have opened outskirts to other European guests. The European Union has said it would like to open all fringes to voyagers by early July, the beginning of the late spring travel season.


Note these facts on Ghana’s Lockdown:

Note these facts on Ghana’s Lockdown:

On the day of Lockdown on 30th March, 2020, Ghana’s Total confirmed COVID-19 cases stood at 152 with 5 deaths. 4 Regions (Gt Accra, Ashanti, Northern, Upper West) out of 16 had recorded cases.

Reason for Lockdown: “…to contain and halt the spread of the virus within our country…”

On the day lockdown is lifted on 19th April, 2020, Ghana’s Total confirmed COVID-19 cases stand at 1,042 with 9 deaths. 10 Regions out of 16 have recorded cases.

Reason for lifting Lockdown: Aggressive contact tracing undertaken, test capacity enhanced, expansion in treatment and isolation centres, better understanding of the dynamism of the virus, ramping up of domestic PPE production, sanitisers and medicines, modest successes chalked at containing the spread in Accra and Kumasi, and the severe impact on the poor and vulnerable”.

Question: Have we come, or have we gone? Let your answer be research based please.

Ghana’s Coronavirus cases hit 1,042

Ghana’s Coronavirus cases have expanded 1,042.

This was declared by President Akufo-Addo during his seventh location to the country on the flare-up today, Sunday, April 19, 2020.

“Since the initial two (2) instances of contaminations were recorded on our shores, we have, till date, followed some eighty-6,000 (86,000) contacts, out of which we have test consequences of sixty-8,000, 500 and ninety-one (68,591) contacts. There is, accordingly, an overabundance of somewhere in the range of eighteen thousand (18,000) tests whose outcomes are yet to be gotten.”

“The mind lion’s share of these contacts have been built up over the most recent three weeks of the incomplete lockdown in Accra and Kumasi. Out of this number, one thousand and forty-two (1,042) people, for example 1.5%, have been affirmed as positive, with sixty-7,000, 500 and forty-nine (67,549), for example 98.5%, testing pessimistic; ninety-nine (99) people have recuperated and have been released; and 900 and thirty (930) people, who have been separated, are reacting to treatment either in their homes or in treatment offices. These 900 and thirty (930) people, after their treatment, will before long experience the compulsory two (2) tests to decide whether they have additionally recuperated from the infection or else,” he included.

Lockdown of Accra, Kumasi lifted; restriction on social events still in power

President Nana Akufo-Addo has anyway lifted the halfway lockdown on certain pieces of the nation.

The president said the simplicity of limitations was “taking into account our capacity to embrace forceful contact following of contaminated people” among others.

God will pass judgment on Telecommunication Networks for not giving free data to Ghanaians during COVID-19 lockdown’ – Prophet Kofi oduro

Prophet Kofi Oduro of Alabaster International Ministry discharged a few shots at media communications systems working in Ghana.

As indicated by him, God will pass judgment on them for not giving free perusing information to Ghanaians during lockdown.

He tested them on whether they hadn’t perceived how the majority and organizations are giving to poor people and destitute.

Prophet Kofi Oduro inquired as to whether the media communications systems working in the nation reported a free perusing bundle to their clients for in any event a time of lockdown.

In a similar video, Kofi Oduro said it isn’t the obligation of Churches to give nourishment to their individuals.

He clarified that a few Christians are feeling the loss of the reason for the Church.

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‘God will judge Telecommunication Networks for not giving free data Ghanaians during COVID-19 lockdown’ – Prophet Kofi oduro

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US social separating could go on until 2022

The US may need to bear social removing measures —, for example, stay-at-home requests and school terminations — until 2022, specialists anticipated on Tuesday. That is, except if, an antibody turns out to be rapidly accessible.

That is as indicated by specialists from the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health, who distributed their discoveries in the diary Science on Tuesday. Those discoveries straightforwardly repudiate explore being touted by the White House that recommends the pandemic may stop this mid year.

The group at the Harvard School of Public Health utilized what’s thought about Covid-19 and different coronaviruses to make potential situations of the present pandemic.

“Discontinuous removing might be required into 2022 except if basic consideration limit is expanded generously or a treatment or antibody opens up,” they wrote in their report. “Indeed, even in case of obvious end, SARS-CoV-2 observation ought to be kept up since a resurgence in disease could be conceivable as late as 2024.”

The Harvard group’s projections additionally demonstrate that the infection would return thundering decently fast once limitations were lifted.

“In the event that discontinuous removing is the methodology that is picked, it might be important to do it for quite a while, which is clearly an extremely prolonged stretch of time,” Dr. Marc Lipsitch, a creator on the investigation and a the study of disease transmission educator at the Harvard School of Public Health, told columnists.

Another significant factor: Whether individuals become safe to the new coronavirus after they have been tainted. That is not yet known.

Potential difficulties incorporate finding a solid test to figure out who has antibodies for the coronavirus, building up the degree of insusceptibility presented by past contamination and to what extent it endures, and the limit of overstretched wellbeing frameworks to do dependable, boundless counter acting agent tests in everybody.

There’s additionally the troublesome social inquiries around invulnerability endorsements, which have been skimmed as a chance in the UK. Would they make a sort of two-level society, where the individuals who have them can come back to an increasingly ordinary life, while others remain secured?

The investigation analysts state they know that such delayed separating, regardless of whether irregular, would almost certainly have “significantly negative monetary, social, and instructive outcomes.”

They trust their exploration will help recognize likely directions of the plague under elective methodologies, distinguish corresponding approaches to battle it, and to prod further pondering approaches to get the pandemic leveled out.

In spite of the fact that coronavirus cases in the US have been taking off, social separating has all the earmarks of being powerful.

Social removing is “one of the most remarkable weapons” against COVID-19, said Robert Redfield, chief of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“On the off chance that we can simply amplify that social removing, we can restrain this present infection’s capacity,” he said recently.

States the nation over have given stay-at-home requests, permitting just for fundamental tasks or assignments.

Punishments for breaking the request change by state. In Maine, the punishment for separating the request can be to a half year in prison and up to a $1,000 fine.

In Florida, a minister was captured a month ago for proceeding to hold huge administrations and is accused of unlawful gathering and infringement of general wellbeing crisis rules, both second-degree crimes.

This week, states on the East and West drifts declared they are framing their own provincial agreements to cooperate on the best way to revive after the stay-at-home requests.

New York, New Jersey, Connecticut, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Rhode Island and Massachusetts each arrangement to name a general wellbeing and monetary authority to a local working gathering.

West Coast conditions of California, Washington and Oregon likewise declared they are uniting in an arrangement to start steady arrival of stay-at-home requests.

The most effective method to enable your relationship to endure a lockdown

The strain that the coronavirus is putting on our lives is tremendous. Furthermore, it is influencing most connections here and there. As an authorized psychotherapist spend significant time in relationship treatment, I’ve gotten numerous messages and brings in the previous scarcely any weeks from concerned individuals stressing that their connections were not going to make it.

It bodes well to be battling in your relationship now. We’re stuck inside our homes, compelled to get to know each other than any time in recent memory. We’re depending on an accomplice for practically the entirety of our social help since we can’t see our companions or family members. We’re adjusting new obligations like telecommuting, youngster care or housekeeping. It’s without a doubt a great deal of progress at the same time. Simultaneously, a few people feel regretful recognizing their relationship burdens since it appears as though there are a lot greater issues to stress over.

It’s OK to recognize the manners in which your relationship is being influenced by the coronavirus emergency. Attempt these tips for supporting your relationship during these extreme occasions.

To start with, deal with yourself

Supporting your relationship needs to begin with sustaining yourself. It’s basically a lot to anticipate that your accomplice should be your sole wellspring of stress alleviation. Here are a portion of my preferred types of self-care:

Permit yourself to feel your emotions. What we oppose perseveres. At the point when we give ourselves authorization to feel the full scope of our feelings and approve that what we’re feeling bodes well, feelings disseminate a lot quicker.

Diary. Go through five to 10 minutes consistently composing freestyle.

Ponder. This is one of the most flawlessly awesome things you can accomplish for your emotional wellness.

Move your body. The endorphin surge you get from exercise can be important for overseeing pressure, improving your state of mind and in any event, boosting your resistance. On the off chance that you can securely head outside while you work out, that is far and away superior.

Look for different wellsprings of association. Connect with companions and family members, without your accomplice close by.

Make an arrangement

Plunk down with your accomplice to talk about everything that is on your plate, and make an arrangement for how you’re going to deal with it as a group. Make a mutual schedule with the entirety of your errands and duties, and cut out explicit occasions for when you will do them.

I prescribe having a short week by week meeting each Sunday to foresee the week ahead — timetable and guide out as much as could reasonably be expected. I additionally suggest a speedy gathering toward the finish of every day to examine the arrangement for the following day. There are such huge numbers of things that we can’t control now, however it can feel calming to have an arrangement for the things that are in our control.

Registration with one another day by day

Getting ready for the following day is a certain something, however it is likewise critical to recollect that your accomplice isn’t a robot and presumably encountering a similar scope of feelings that you are. It very well may be helpful to stop and pose each other inquiries like:

“How was your day today?”

“What sorts of emotions are coming up for you at the present time?”

“Are there any ways I can bolster you or be a superior accomplice to you?”

Be deliberate about time spent together

You’re most likely getting to know one another than at any other time. As much as possible, rapidly lead to strain and dissatisfaction. Set some solid limits:

In case you’re both telecommuting, cut out discrete workspaces. On the off chance that you can close an entryway among you, that is perfect.

Attempt to give each other space during the day. On the off chance that you can, limit your verbal correspondence. Take a stab at messaging.

It’s not unexpected to require alone time. Be inventive about how you can cut out that time. For instance, possibly you can exchange off taking the morning shift with the youngsters so you allow each other to lie in bed alone for a couple of valuable minutes.

Be imaginative with date evenings. Adhering to (or beginning) a night out custom can bring some truly necessary bliss and expectation into your relationship. Take a stab at visiting a historical center web based, perusing a book to one another or preparing a detailed dinner together.

Practice thankfulness and appreciation

These next not many months will be a test for everybody. None of us will be flawless accomplices. Give a valiant effort and say thanks to one another for being eager to put forth an attempt. Tell your accomplice: “I see all the work you’ve been doing. Much obliged to you.” As trying as everything is as of now, there’s likewise a ton to be thankful for. Attempt to share a couple of things you’re thankful for at regular intervals. The more appreciation you express, the more regularly you’ll end up seeing little minutes to appreciate. What’s more, we could all utilization a greater amount of those now.