Female gospel singer and song writer Patience Nyarko says she is hoping for the opportunity to have collaboration with renowned award winning gospel icon Joe Mettle.

The Obi Nyanimi hitmaker said it would be a great privilege to work with the multiple-award-winning artiste.

Ms. Nyarko, who has performed on a number of local and international platforms did not state when the collaboration will take place.

“If it is the will of God, I will have collaboration with Joe Mettle. I am always happy when I see Joe Mettle. I do not have any personal grudge with him. He is a good person,” she told Rainbow Radio in an interview.

The singer has been very active in the Ghanaian music
scene and has had collaborations with acts such as Lord Bondzie and Brother Sammy among others.

Credited with four albums which include Mekasa Ama Awurade, Wafom Kwan, Atigya and Obi Nyanime, Ms. Nyarko announced her presence in the music scene in 2013 with the album, Mekasa Ama Ewurade.

Ms. Nyarko believes that collaborating with Joe Mettle will bring both of them some good fate.

Ever since she invaded the music scene, she had carved a niche for herself as far as gospel music in Ghana was concerned. Many have affiliated her success to her creativity, stagecraft and vocal skills.

She has won awards including Artiste of the Year at the Ghana Gospel Industry Awards 2012 and has also been nominated several times for awards in different categories at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

She composed and recorded a song titled Seyiaa for the Ghana Black Stars during the 2014 World Cup competition in Brazil.

Some of her popular songs are Wafom Kwan, Menwu, Mekasa Ama Awurade, Anebre Mpaeye, Follow Me and Wodaada.

Ahead of the 2016 elections, Ms. Nyarko has composed a peace song dubbed Ye PeAdomdwe, which specifically aims at increasing awareness on the need for a peaceful election since Ghana is the only motherland we all have.

Patience Nyarko has performed at a number of gospel events in Ghana


Azumah Nelson ‘jams’ to Patience Nyarko, Joe Mettle’s popular songs

Azumah Nelson might be a fighter by calling however he is a peacemaker by calling since he just ‘quietly’ settled the ongoing hamburger between Joe Mettle and Patience Nyarko.

It could be reviewed that Madam Nyarko in a meeting said Mr Mettle, named Artiste of the 2017 Year at the Ghana Music Awards, isn’t the best gospel artist in the nation.

To her, a large portion of Mr Mettle’s English language tunes are interpretations of old Pentecost and Methodist songs.

Be that as it may, in a meeting on the Y Leaderboard arrangement with Rev. Erskine on YFM, the man, prevalently known as ‘Zum’, named the greatest hits from both Mr Mettle and Madam Nyarko as a component of his playlist quickly.

After Mr Nelson was placed in the soul with Mr Mettle’s raving success ‘Bo Noo ni’ he stuck to Madam Nyarko’s raving success ‘Obi Nyanime’, demonstrating that both have a harmonious task to carry out in the gospel music industry.

Joe Mettle is Enjoying The Beef – Patience Nyarko

Joe Mettle is Enjoying The Beef – Patience Nyarko: Ghanaian gospel artiste, Patience Nyarko has affirmed that kindred gospel act Joe Mettle has no issue with the announcement she made about him.

As per her, Joe Mettle is luxuriating in the consideration of her announcement, which caused contention.

The performer proclaimed this in a meeting on Happy 98.9FM’s ‘Ayekoo After Drive’ with DJ Advicer.

When inquired as to whether she had connected with Joe Mettle after she offered remarks considered by Joe Mettle darlings to be cruel about the artist, she reacted, “I don’t consider it to be imperative to contact him. On the off chance that he is distraught about my remarks, he would have responded to it. I think Joe Mettle is getting a charge out of what is happening between us.”

She demonstrated that she has no close to home grudge against Joe Mettle however just talked reality as it seemed to be.

“A few people comprehend my remarks and remain with me.”

On her position, the main issue about her announcement was the tone she utilized which she recognizes was brought about by outrage.

She stated: “I was somewhat maddened by the announcement Joe’s colleague had made. Be that as it may, I despite everything stand by my announcement since it is reality.”

Persistence Nyarko in a meeting a few days back shouted that Joe Mettle just sings tunes from the Church of Pentecost and Methodist. She included that Joe Mettle would be left with nothing shockingly should the places of worship ask him not to sing their melodies once more.

In her words, “I don’t need individuals to think Joe Mettle is the main Gospel artiste in Ghana. He is by and large excessively advertised and I need individuals to realize that he isn’t there yet. Truly, they are giving the person an issue.”



Dear Abeiku Santana,

I tuned in to your upheaval on your show, Tuesday, 27th May 2019 with such disillusionment and stress – taking into account where and which stage it exuded from.

I am certain that any honest individual who tuned in to you would confirm that you were superfluously brutal and your selection of words were not the best. Your cases were hostile and exceptionally disruptive.

If it’s not too much trouble when you do a calm reflection on your activities, you’d understand that you were a long way from reasonable, exact, objective and moral in your expert obligation as an accomplished and regarded communicate columnist.

A brand as gigantic as yours, working for a top brand like Okay FM, the least you could do was not to take side and show an open predisposition.

Your wild case about me being on a wicked plan against my kindred gospel artist and your determination to remain with the individual and supplicate, rather makes further division among the assemblage of Christ, tragically.

When all partners inside the business are hotly attempting to extend solidarity and for us, Ministers of the gospel to concentrate on a definitive objective of winning spirits for Christ, your editorial was exceptionally tragic and wrong.

I despite everything have regard for you, your foundation and the media as a rule. I firmly accept we can even now cooperate and utilize our particular stages to extend energy.

I truly excuse you for all the implications cast on my character and any injury you may have caused to my image.

I despite everything stay steadfast with my position on help and equivalent open doors for all persevering gospel artistes in the nation.

Together, how about we push the Jesus Christ plan, with solidarity, regard and congruity.

God Bless You!

Persistence Nyarko.


Cc: Patience Nyarko Ministries Facebook Page

Abeiku Santana Fires Patience Nyarko, Says She Is Allowing The Devil To Use Her To Attack Joe Mettle – Video

Famous radio moderator, Abeiku Santana has irately terminated at Patience Nyarko for her ongoing remarks about gospel performer Joe Mettle.

Barely any weeks back, Patiene Nyarko said on radio that Joe Mettle doesn’t merit the publicity Ghanaians are giving him in light of the fact that a large portion of tunes are Methodist and Pentecost tunes.

Because of this, Abeiku Santana has indignantly terminated at Patience Nyarko for her expressions, saying she is permitting the demon to utilize her to assault Joe Mettle.

He proceeded to state that it was devilish soul against Joe Mettle yet won’t endure on the grounds that they are going to remain with Joe Mettle through this.

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