No church service for the next two weeks – Pentecost Chairman directs

No church service for the next two weeks – Pentecost Chairman directs

Executive of The Church of Pentecost, Apostle Eric Kwabena Nyamekye has coordinated that chapel gathering can just beginning at the different congregations simply after June 19.

All gatherings of the congregation have been approached to utilize the previous days to put gauges that meet the suggested conventions laid out by government set up.

A round gave by the Chairman of the Church on June 6 perceived that the conventions organized by the administration are to secure church individuals against conceivable contamination occasioned by huge quantities of individuals meeting.

The Executive Council coordinates that under the management of Area Heads, District Pastors and the particular presbyteries, the different congregations utilize the following fourteen days to find a way to meet the full prerequisites/conventions for the halfway opening of gatherings for chapel gatherings.

“Along these lines, the congregations might be opened on or after June 19, 2020, and that administrations in chapel structures should begin in gatherings just when sufficient readiness has been made to fulfill the necessary conventions.”

Missionary Eric Nyamekye made reference to Apostle Paul’s letter to the Romans to remind the whole church people the need to regard and obey measures set up by wellbeing specialists to contain the coronavirus pandemic. He cited from Romans 13:1-3(NIV): “Let everybody be dependent upon the overseeing specialists, for there is no authority aside from that which God has built up. The specialists that exist have been set up by God.

“Thusly, whoever opposes the authority is defying what God has initiated, and the individuals who do so will welcome judgment on themselves”.

The Chairman rehashed rules all gatherings are begged to agree to before reviving any congregation working for administration:

Arrangement of COVID-19 Task Force: Each locale and gathering should set up a COVID-19 team which will guarantee consistence with the necessary conventions. The team may incorporate wellbeing laborers, security faculty or chose chips in and be given preparing in wellbeing advancement and anticipation measures, contamination avoidance and control and departure techniques by Ghana Health Service.

The team will be available to offer help to empower clearing on the off chance that anybody creates fever, hack, and trouble in breathing during administration.

Fumigation of all congregation premises: These must be finished by experts who know the imperative synthetics and the correct extents to be utilized for the undertaking. Zoomlion Company Limited might be reached in such manner.

3 . Procurement of thermometer weapons or warm scanners for gatherings for checking the temperature of devotees at section purposes everything being equal.

The Areas, Districts and blessed Assemblies, or people could assist other more fragile gatherings with acquiring the thermometers.

Arrangement of veronica containers to encourage washing of hands with cleanser under running water, or liquor based hand sanitizers to rub hands before going into the congregation.

Arrangement/Procurement of satisfactory waste administration offices (receptacles, jars, container liners and single-use tissues by all gatherings) to upgrade legitimate removal and the executives of the waste.

Arrangement of a room or territory where people who become wiped out at the premises of the congregation can be detached from others, while courses of action are being made for clearing. Where rooms are not accessible, emergency treatment tents could be raised for that reason.

Instruction and preparing

Congregations should show affirmed wellbeing advancement materials at vantage focuses to remind devotees to keep to physical removing conventions, wearing of face covers, standard handwashing, hacking and wheezing behavior.

Gatherings are to routinely stress no handshaking, no embracing, no waving of cloths and no spitting, no group moving, consistently of meeting.

Sharing individual things, for example, watches, gems, pens and telephones are debilitated.

Mouthpieces are to be disinfected following use. Mouthpiece windshields might be utilized and changed routinely during the administrations. Where practicable, especially in littler gatherings, administrations might be directed without mouthpieces.

Ordinary cleaning and cleansing of regularly utilized spots (like latrine surfaces) and as often as possible contacted surfaces, for example, door handles and handles and podiums/platforms.

Face Masks: All congregation participants must wear face covers before entering the congregation building. Gatherings may procure additional nose veils to provide for individuals and guests who may come to chapel not wearing nose covers.

All who sing in chapel, talk or lecture in chapel must be wearing their nose veils while playing out their obligations.


Section and leaving: Ushers ought to guarantee that passage into chapel structures for administration, just as leaving are done in a precise way and with satisfactory physical removing.

Guest plans

In all gatherings guest plans ought to be made in consistence with the compulsory physical separation of one (1) meter or three (3) feet rule. Participation ought not surpass 100 in all administrations whenever.

For greater congregations that will think that its hard to run a few movements of 100 individuals, courses of action could be made for a portion of the gatherings to be held at cell and family/companions’ levels, or a few administrations could be hung on Saturdays where conceivable.

Administration Program: Area Heads, District ministers and presbyters may plan a framework for chapel gatherings allocating explicit occasions to every thing to utilize time.

Term of administration: Services ought not keep going for over 60 minutes. In any event 5 minutes of the administration time ought to be utilized to instruct church individuals on COVID-19.

Record Keeping: Records of all congregation participants for a specific gathering must be kept. These incorporate telephone numbers and private locations. This is to ease contact following should any contamination of the infection happen. Those gatherings that record participation through computerized means should keep manual records on guests not caught on their information.

To encourage gathering of records, it is recommended that predefined cells and families are gathered, their information incorporated and utilized in organizing shift framework in the congregations. This system will likewise ease contact following if there should be an occurrence of any consequence.

Fellowship administration: Communion must be set up under sterile conditions with those included wearing face veils and hands very much kept. Where pre-pressed fellowship components (fellowship wine and wafer) are accessible, they are suggested. Where not accessible, the wafer or bread ought to be apportioned to communicants utilizing a spoon. It is prescribed that expendable cups be utilized to serve the fellowship wine to communicants.

Night administrations might be directed at the congregation, home cell and family/companion levels. The vital conventions must be all around kept for each situation. It is exhorted that these occasions be utilized to reinforce the cell framework in the nearby congregations.

Sunday nighttimes are to be utilized for family commitments and petitions.

Kids administrations/Sunday school: Sunday school programs for kids might be suspended until further notification. This is because of seen defenselessness of youngsters for the most part, and the need to ensure them. They are to be urged to belittle kids benefits on PENT TV, Atinka TV and other web based life handles of the congregation.

Month to month Ministry Meetings: These might be seen at get together, cell, loved ones levels however under and with exacting perception of the conventions for confined gatherings.

Book of scriptures Studies: Bible examinations are to be composed at Assembly, cell, family/companions’ levels. In the congregations, some Sunday mornings might be given to book of scriptures concentrates instead of messages. Where space doesn’t take into account sitting in gatherings, a pioneer may lead the investigations from the platform.

Friday evening supplications: These might be held at Assembly, home cell and family/companions’ levels.

Gospel Sunday: This will be seen under the affirmed conventions, in all gatherings

Joint administrations: All joint administrations at region and Area levels are to be disheartened until limitations are additionally facilitated.

Water immersion: In the light of worries about contacting each other, it is suggested that water submersion be suspended until further orders are given. In any case, new believers class and follow-up ought to be done until they are immersed.

Youngster naming/commitment: Child naming/devotion should be possible at chapel, cell, family/companions levels where advantageous – watching physical separation and the suitable conventions. There will be no laying on of hands when the kid is being appealed to God for.

In any case, mass commitment of youngsters in chapel structures is suspended until further notification.

Tithes/Offerings: Tithe and contributions will be taken during administrations. Ministers, deaconesses and ushers ought to guarantee safe separating while at the same time offering is being taken. Individuals ought to be urged to buy in to Momo and different methods for electronic frameworks offering where practicable.

Weddings: Weddings could be held in enlisted church structures with a limit of 100 participants, or enrolled mission house with constrained participants. All conventions managing church gatherings will apply. Priests could give participation portions to chapel individuals, relatives and invitees of the eventual couple.

Burial services: Burial and commemoration administrations are to be finished with a limit of 100 individuals, watching every single other convention relating thereto. Participation standards might be given to chapel individuals and the deprived family to guarantee participation don’t surpass hundred. It is suggested that groups of the deprived thank the congregation toward the finish of the commemoration and internment administration, and should not have to do it at chapel on Sunday.

Burial service of Ministers and pastors’ spouses: Area Heads are to guarantee that remarkable memorial services of clergymen and priests’ wives are finished by July 31, 2020, given the facilitating of limitations on direct of memorial services as declared by the President.

A large portion of/All-night supplication gatherings: In perspective on the way that term of chapel service.

Patience Nyarko Is Being Used By Satan To Destroy – Abeiku Santana

Expert media character Abeiku Aggrey Santana otherwise called Mr. The travel industry has uncovered that gospel artist Patience Nyarko is being utilized by Satan to pulverize.

Abeiku Santana offered this expression while facilitating his night appear on Okay FM.

“By what method can a gospel artiste come out and annihilate individual associate gospel artiste expressing that all he sings are Pentecost and Methodist melodies with no unique tune”, he tested.

Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council have pronounced a three (3) days national fasting and prayer

Beloved in the Lord,

The Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council related to all other Ecumenical Councils in the country have pronounced a three (3) days national fasting and petition program from Friday, 24th to Sunday, 26th April to look for the essence of the Lord for His Intervention in evacuating the Corona Virus pandemic.

This move is to assemble the whole Ghanaian Christian Community in fasting and petition for the whole world utilizing Ghana as a state of contact. Get included. Much appreciated.

Unwinding of lockdown limitation empowering – Pentecostal and Charismatic Council

The Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC) has portrayed the lifting of the three-week lockdown on Accra, Kumasi, Kasoa and Tema as empowering.

The committee, in an announcement Monday, said facilitating the limitations was “very reassuring, particularly for some Ghanaians who are in the casual division of the economy.”

“The Council is, nonetheless, speaking to all Ghanaians not to underestimate this unwinding of the lockdown for conceded yet ought to keep on watching carefully the allots moved by the administration to limit or stop the spread of the infection,” the announcement read.

In his seventh location to refresh the nation on endeavors to hinder the spread of the malady, President Akufo-Addo lifted the three-week lockdown forced on certain pieces of the nation.

“Considering our capacity to attempt forceful contact following of tainted people, the improvement of our ability to test, the extension in the quantities of our treatment and disconnection focuses… I have taken the choice to lift the three (3) week old limitation on developments” the president reported.

The declaration was welcomed with blended response as a segment of Ghanaians extolled the president for the strong choice, while others reprimanded him for not thinking much about the lives of the individuals.

Peruse full explanation beneath:

Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council (GPCC)

Official statement



The Ghana Pentecostal and Charismatic Council wishes to thank the President, the whole COVID-19 Response Team and all Health laborers

for their untiring endeavors in dealing with the COVID-19 spread up until this point.

We likewise wish to salute the Laboratory researchers at Noguchi, KCCR furthermore, the Contacts following groups for their elevated level of pledge to obligation significantly under constrained assets.

The unwinding of the three weeks’ lockdown as reported by the President yesterday is very promising, particularly for some Ghanaians who are in the casual area of the economy.

While inviting this move, the Council is anyway engaging all Ghanaians not to underestimate this unwinding of the lockdown for conceded however ought to keep on watching carefully the allots moved by government to limit or stop the spread of the infection.

As a Council, we are concerned that numerous Ghanaians are not taking these measures intended to ensure us, particularly the Social Distancing conventions very genuine during the three weeks’ lockdown.

We are especially worried about the non-recognition of the social removing conventions by state foundations and authorities doled out the

obligation regarding circulating wet nourishment to gatherings of helpless people in the lockdown regions of Accra and Kumasi.

In the event that this conduct of our state authorities and foundations who should know better, are ignoring this essential however significant standard of containing the spread of the infection, we are apprehensive it can possibly turning into the following probably mode of spread of the infection.

We should, in any case, praise the Faith Based Organizations (FBOs) joining forces the administration in the conveyance of nourishment for sticking carefully to the social removing conventions by conveying nourishment directly at the doorsteps of recipients without getting them out to shape long lines.

We are consequently approaching government to desperately find a way to change the method of circulation of particularly wet nourishment to the defenseless in the characterized operational territories if this unwinding of the lockdown simply declared by the President is to accomplish its planned reason.

We are likewise approaching the security organizations and the Metropolitan, Municipal and Locale Assemblies to direct their concentration toward the different markets inside their locale by guaranteeing their severe consistence with the social removing conventions.

We are by this press proclamation by and by engaging all Ghanaians to help out government in these difficult minutes by holding fast to the washing of hands with cleanser under running water consistently, use liquor based hand sanitizers consistently, watch clean hacking and sniffling works on utilizing expendable tissue paper or more all training social removing and dodge huge parties in order to stop the spread of the infection.

Leave all of us alone each other’s manager, we should keep trust alive and trust in the Lord Almighty, for this also will pass. God favor our Homeland Ghana and make us incredible and solid.