1 million people in the UK have quit smoking during the pandemic, survey shows

1 million people in the UK have quit smoking during the pandemic, survey shows

London (CNN)More than 1 million people in the UK are estimated to have quit smoking over the past four months during the coronavirus pandemic, with younger people kicking the habit at a higher rate than older smokers, a new analysis shows.A further 440,000 people in the country have also used the pandemic as an opportunity to try to quit, according to the analysis by the organization Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) and University College London (UCL), which used a YouGov survey of more than 10,000 people as the basis of their findings.The campaign calls on older smokers in particular to take the pandemic as an opportunity to quit, as Covid-19 appears to be generally more severe in older patients. People in the 16-29 age group have quit smoking at more than twice the rate rate of smokers over the age of 50.

Coronavirus is a 'pandemic of historic proportions,' expert says, as cases climb in South and Southwest

The UK government has advised that smokers could be at higher risk of suffering severe symptoms associated with Covid-19. The science on the different impacts on smokers and non-smokers, however, is not yet conclusive.Smoking is the leading cause of preventable illness, causing cancer, heart and lung disease. ASH said in a press release on Wednesday that smokers who are hospitalized with Covid-19 are more likely to suffer severe outcomes than non-smokers.”My message to smokers today is, please, do not wait. Whether you are healthy now or already unwell because of smoking, today is the day to stop. It can transform your life,” Dr Ruth Sharrock, an expert in respiratory medicine, was quoted as saying in ASH’s statement.Dr. Sarah Jackson, a senior research fellow at UCL’s Tobacco and Alcohol Research Group, cautioned that the findings relate only to quitting in the short term.”Given that the rate of long-term success in quitting tends to be low, this is very unlikely to translate to a million fewer smokers in the UK, which would be a large decline in prevalence,” she said.”At this relatively early stage of the pandemic, we don’t yet have a great deal of information on its impact on smoking and quitting behavior. Other data sources are not yet showing evidence of a large drop in smoking prevalence; it will be interesting to see if a substantial decline in smoking becomes evident over the coming months, and if so, whether this translates to a sustained reduction in the number of smokers in the UK,” she added.John Britton, director of the UK Center for Tobacco & Alcohol Studies at the University of Nottingham, welcomed the analysis as “a rare piece of good news to emerge from the Covid-19 crisis.””The estimate is based on a small sample and is of course based only on self-report — so we don’t know how reliable this finding is. But even if the true figure is only half as big -— ‘only’ half a million — that would represent a massive step forward in UK public health,” he said in a statement.The UK has been hard hit by the coronavirus pandemic, with more than 290,000 confirmed cases and more than 45,000 deaths, according to figures from Johns Hopkins University.Last year, the Office for National Statistics said 14.7% of Britons aged 18 years and above smoked cigarettes in 2018 — around 7.2 million people.

224 ‘stranded’ Ghanaians arrive from UK

200 and twenty-four Ghanaians have shown up in Ghana from the UK as a feature of the administration’s endeavors to clear Ghanaians abandoned abroad in light of the novel coronavirus.

They were checked in by the Ghana Immigration Service work force and wellbeing officials.

The returnees had consented to take care of for lodging tabs and their flight.

The administration’s pre-condition for departure was that the abandoned residents bear the full expense of their 14-day obligatory isolate when they show up in the nation.

These appearances will be isolated at the Airport View Hotel, Alisa Hotel and Marriot Hotel.

Remain at the Airport View Hotel is costing GHS500 every night, Alisa Hotel going for GHS600 per night and Marriot Hotel going for GHS600 per night.

A second group of Ghanaians from the UK is required to show up this Sunday.

The administration has shown it has so far emptied 856 abandoned Ghanaians back to Ghana.

Additionally, 245 Ghanaians were expelled from Kuwait and permitted into the nation by the Government.

The administration has shown that the Ghanaians abandoned abroad will be tended to in stages.

The administration’s pre-condition for clearing is, nonetheless, a wellspring of worry for a portion of the Ghanaians abroad who have portrayed them as over the top.

Some state they can’t bear the cost of the expenses of isolate in light of the fact that they have come up short on cash.

The Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration reacted to the worries saying discussions were progressing with the end goal of decreasing the expenses.

More Black Lives Matter protests to take place across the UK on Sunday

Increasingly against bigotry exhibitions will happen in London and over the UK on Sunday after police and dissidents conflicted the day preceding.

A Black Lives Matter (BLM) rally is planned outside the US Embassy in London’s Battersea, an expected 4,000 individuals are normal at a BLM assembling in Bristol and exhibits will likewise be held in Edinburgh and Glasgow.

It comes as brutality in the capital on Saturday left 10 cops harmed and 14 individuals captured after the Metropolitan Police said the group became “irate and purpose on savagery”.

Director Jo Edwards said police comprehended “individuals’ energy to come and let their voice be heard”, including that most individuals from people in general fought without occurrence.

Be that as it may, Supt Edwards said it was”totally unsatisfactory” that 23 officials had been harmed while policing shows as of late and a “post-occasion examination” would occur.

Police were out in critical numbers for the walks and shows through London, including outside the US Embassy, in challenge police severity following the passing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Dark Lives Matter fights

Bicycles were tossed at mounted police during the conflicts (Yui Mok/PA)

The London fight was done calmly for a lot of Saturday evening, however unsettling influences started breaking out at around 6pm.

Fights broke out when rockets were tossed at officials wearing defensive rigging, with mounted police brought in to drive a portion of the demonstrators back along Whitehall.

Video film seemed to show an official crashing into a traffic light before their pony went through a horde of dissidents, sending them dispersing.

The Metropolitan Police later affirmed a female official tumbled from the pony and had been taken to medical clinic. Her wounds are not perilous.

Photos indicated the official being treated at the scene as she lay harmed on the asphalt, while different pictures demonstrated bicycles being tossed at ponies.

Officials are likewise “researching the full conditions” of the official’s fall, yet the Met said the pony made its own specific manner back to its pens close by.

Glass and plastic jugs were tossed towards officials alongside flares, while spray painting was wiped on close by structures, including the Cabinet Office, and a little “BLM” theme was painted on the Cenotaph.

Home Secretary Priti Patel said savagery towards police at fights was “totally unsatisfactory” and gave officials her “full help in handling misconduct”.

Dark Lives Matter fights

Dissidents set signs going back and forth of the Houses of Parliament (Aaron Chown/PA)

Somewhere else, boxing heavyweight champion Anthony Joshua utilized braces to join individuals on a quiet dissent in his old neighborhood of Watford.

Numerous individuals wore face covers and social-separating measures were empowered during occasions in Manchester, Cardiff, Sheffield and Newcastle, among different urban areas.

At Friday’s coronavirus news preparation, Matt Hancock cautioned individuals against joining the exhibits this end of the week, bringing up “we’re despite everything confronting a wellbeing emergency and coronavirus stays a genuine danger”.

Dark Lives Matter fights

Thousands assembled in Manchester to join the dissent (Danny Lawson/PA)

In any case, individuals needed to show solidarity with campaigners in the US and to feature occurrences when dark and ethnic minority individuals in Britain have been casualties of racial separation and viciousness because of police and others.

In a discourse shared on the web, 30-year-old Joshua stated: “We can no longer kick back and stay quiet on this silly, unlawful killings and tricky bigotry on another individual – in view of what? Just their skin shading.

“We have to stand up in tranquil shows – simply like today, so all around done Watford. We should not utilize a show for narrow minded thought processes and transform it into revolting and plundering.”

Dark Lives Matter fights

An official expelled his protective cap during brief’s quiet in Newcastle (Dr Christina Mobley/PA)

A large number of nonconformists stuffed focal Manchester reciting and applauding as one, while a few hundred marchers accumulated in Newcastle.

What’s more, an online dissent sorted out by Stand Up To Racism – North East drew a group of people of a few thousand, who tuned in to speakers including Janet Alder, whose sibling Christopher passed on in police authority in Hull in 1998.

An online adaptation of Sunday’s London BLM show will be hung on Facebook Live from 6pm for those incapable to go to face to face.

Britons WILL be able to fly to Greece this summer after the UK was initially blacklisted – but they will be tested for coronavirus on arrival and made to quarantine for a week still

Britons will have the option to travel to Greece this mid year after authorities switched a choice to boycott the UK because of its high paces of coronavirus contamination.

‘It will currently rely upon air terminal of birthplace, not nation (of inception),’ an administration official told AFP.

A week ago, while residents of 29 different nations were affirmed to travel, the UK was at first boycotted from traveling to Greece attributable to its high number of coronavirus cases.

The rundown distributed Friday affirmed vacationers from nations including Australia, Croatia, Serbia, Romania and Lebanon.

Greek specialists changed their position throughout the end of the week, permitting individuals from high-hazard nations to travel yet with obligatory isolate quantifies on appearance.

England has 13 high-chance air terminals including Gatwick, Heathrow and Stansted. However, Edinburgh, which before the pandemic had non-stop trips to Greece, isn’t on the risk list.

Specialists said they will lead tests on guests showing up from air terminals considered high-chance by the European Union’s aeronautics security office (EASA) when it opens its air terminals to the travel industry traffic on June 15.

‘On the off chance that you begin from an air terminal on the EASA influenced territory list, at that point you will be tried upon appearance,’ the service of outside issues said in a declaration, including that development limitations will likewise apply.

‘On the off chance that the test is negative, at that point the traveler self-isolates for 7 days. In the event that the test is certain, the traveler is isolated under management for 14 days.’

The augmentation and testing rules additionally apply to France, Spain and Italy.

For France, the isolate measures will apply to departures from the Ile-de-France locale in and around Paris, authorities said. For Italy, air terminals in the northern areas of Emilia Romagna, Lombardy, Piemonte and Veneto are viewed as high-hazard.

Similar holds for Spanish air terminals in Castile and Leon, Castilla-La Mancha, Catalonia and Madrid, all regions hit hard by the coronavirus.

An outside service record said Greece had drawn upon the suggestions of the EASA to figure out which EU air terminals were as yet a general wellbeing risk.

What’s more, future flight approach will be founded on EASA’s warnings that are reestablished on a week by week premise, a second government official said.

From June 15 to 30, flights may be permitted into Athens and Thessaloniki. Other local and island air terminals will open on July 1.

‘On the off chance that your movement started from an air terminal not in the EASA influenced territory list… at that point you are just dependent upon arbitrary tests upon appearance,’ the service said.

‘On the off chance that you start from an air terminal on the EASA influenced territory list, at that point you will be tried upon appearance,’ it included.

‘A short-term remain at an assigned inn is required. In the event that the test is negative, at that point the traveler self-isolates for seven days. On the off chance that the test is certain, the traveler is isolated under oversight for 14 days,’ the service said.

‘Mandatory testing and isolate will be restricted uniquely to explorers, regardless of nationality’, it included.

On Friday, Greece had reported 29 nations as protected purposes of flight in a hotly anticipated articulation.

The rundown included over twelve EU nations yet Britain, France, Italy and Spain were not among them inferable from the spread of the pandemic there.

Certain trips into Athens global air terminal were still permitted during the lockdown for state issues, load, crises and different purposes, however travelers entering the nation needed to isolate.

Since May 4, Greece has dynamically opened the travel industry related organizations following a lockdown forced in March to fight off a monetary withdrawal that could arrive at 13 percent of yield this year.

All year inns are to continue procedure on June 1, trailed via occasional lodgings on June 15.

The Mediterranean country, which rose up out of 10 years in length obligation emergency in late 2018, depends intensely on the travel industry – around 20 percent of its yield – for its monetary recuperation.

An across the nation lockdown forced in March helped Greece contain the spread of diseases to simply beneath 3,000 cases and less than 180 passings, a generally low number contrasted and somewhere else in the European Union. However, it carried the travel industry segment to a virtual stop.

Greece’s economy is seen shrinking by up to 10% this year.