Passengers stranded as Western Togoland group blocks major entry routes to Volta Region

Passengers stranded as Western Togoland group blocks major entry routes to Volta Region

Members of secessionist group, Homeland Study Foundation, also known as Western Togoland group have blocked major entries into the Volta Region.

The action by the group is believed to have taken place on the dawn of Friday, September 25, 2020.

Most passengers travelling to areas in the Volta Region including Tefle, Tsopoli and Juapong have all been left stranded as a result of the development.

Citi News understands some three persons have suffered gunshots wounds.

There are also reports of attacks on a number of police posts.

Recently, it emerged that some unknown persons believed to members of the group mounted signposts with the inscription ‘Welcome to Western Togoland, Stay Safe’ at Akorley and Akuse in the Eastern Region.

The group has been in the news for the past year over their attempts to push for the secession of the Volta Region from Ghana for the creation of Western Togoland.

Over 80 members of the separatist group were subsequently arrested for assembling for a protest over the arrest of seven leaders of the Homeland Study Group Foundation.

Some members of the group are currently standing trial.

But the Attorney General in July 2019 withdrew all charges brought against members of the group.

In March 2020, the group’s supposed flag was seen flying at full mast at the premises of the Volta Regional Coordinating Council.

The development triggered questions about the effectiveness of security agencies in the region.


Shocking!! This is why Anlos are feared in Ghana

Shocking!! This is why Anlos are feared in Ghana

After World War I, the League of Nations gave the Germans occupied areas to Britain and France as mandated territories. Those who were under the British are now the Ghanaian Ewes, those under the French are Togo, and Benin (Dahomey) Ewes, respectively. The Anlo Ewes are part of the Ghanaian Ewes group and they form about thirteen percent (13%) of the Ghanaian population (1,615,700 in Ghana (1991)). They have more often than not, traced their roots to Notsie in Togo where they are believed to have served under a wicked king. But, did you know they essentially instigated their woes?

Well, essentially because by deceiving their ‘host-king’; Agorkoli and getting his relative killed, they started a battle, one that saw them suffer for a long time. That’s not all, they believe they are linked with the tribe of Judah, and also have connections with the Lost Continent. Why are they feared by many? Well, that’s a question you’d want to find out about.

Our train made a stop at Anloga, where our renowned resource person, Agbotadua Togbi Kumassah enlightened the team about the History of the Anlos. The Spokesperson to the Awoemefia also shed more light on how the 36 states under the Anlo Kingdom eventually settled in the Volta Region.

When the Dogbos arrived in Notsie, their host King Adelã Atogble received them well and treated them nicely. Adelatorble, the King later married Mama Asongoe, a former wife of Adza Ashimadi, King of Tado, and mother of Kponoe who later became Sri 1, leader and later the first Awoamefia of the Dogbo group. Asongoe gave birth to a number of girls for Adelatorble, the eldest being Mama Kokui Wala, the mother of Tsatsu Adeladza, second Awoamefia of the Dogbo in their new settlement at Anloga.

After the death of Ago, his successor Ago Akoli became king just before the middle of the seventeenth century. According to all accounts, he was an energetic and dynamic leader, and he ended some of the proscriptions that inhibited the exercising of his function as a leader. Unfortunately, things were not exactly the same during the new regime. It is undeniable that during his reign conflicts arose.

Conflict within the city stemmed from Agokoli‟s desire to leave his traditional enclosure against the wishes of his councilors. Conflict also arose because of the construction of the monumental walls, which involved the mobilization of large manpower and extremely unpleasant conditions.

He sought to impose his will on the people and generally tyrannized them by setting them a number of impossible tasks to perform. He punished those who did not obey him and flaunted all traditions. Because of this the name Agokoli is synonymous with singular violence and tyrannical cruelty.

They were regularly requested to entertain the King, his visitors, and other favorites. As a consequence, the Ewes were allowed to play their drums, sing, and dance all through the night without any interference from the authorities. Despite all these attributes of the Ewes, the new king was still very hostile to them and ruled all the immigrants with an iron hand.

For example, he ordered that all elderly people should be killed, but the Dogboawo managed to keep one old man in hiding; his name was Tegli. It was Tegli who advised them to ask the women in all Ewe settlement groups to throw bath and other wastewater against the thick wall around Notsie to soften it, making it possible for them later, to break it down.


Assemblyman dies in Motor accident

Mr Emmanuel Tutu, a 43-year-old businessman and Assemblyman for Alavanyo Abehenease/Agoxoe Electoral Area in the Hohoe Municipality, has died in a motor accident.

The deceased, who was on his way to Hohoe, crashed into a tipper truck and died on the spot.

Mr David Anku Boateng, the Assemblyman for Alavanyo Wudidi Electoral Area, confirmed the incident to the Ghana News Agency (GNA).

Eyewitnesses said the deceased tried to overtake two trucks when the incident happened.They said the trucks had produced so much dust that the deceased could not see the second truck and crashed into the back of one of them in an attempt to avoid the dust.

The witnesses said the driver of the truck drove off unaware of the accident.A friend of the Assemblyman said money retrieved from the accident scene was handed over to the police.

Mr Joseph Chris Dzumador, the Presiding Member of the Hohoe Municipal Assembly, said a friend confirmed the sad news to him.

The body of the Assemblyman was deposited at the Hohoe morgue. The deceased, a New Patriotic Party (NPP) Coordinator for the same Electoral Area, was survived by a wife and five children.

Togbe Afede raises worries over Ghanaians ‘caught’ around Ghana-Togo fringe

Togbe Afede XIV, President of the National House of Chiefs has weeped over the impact of the outskirt conclusion on indigenes of the Volta Region who he says could be caught between the fringes.

Ghana’s fringes were shut to human traffic as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

In front of the voter enlistment exercise, military and migration officials were additionally sent to man the fringes to help the battle against COVID-19.

However, a few spectators have noticed that the legislature didn’t consider the Ghanaians who went between a portion of Ghana’s outskirts regularly for school and monetary exercises, among others.

In an announcement, Togbe Afede related his visit through certain pieces of the area which educated some regarding his apprehensions.

“I am as yet frequented by the predicament of those residents of Leklebi-Kame who are caught on the around 300-meter stretch of land between the Ghana Immigration Service obstruction and the genuine Ghana-Togo outskirt.”

He said they had not had the option to enroll to cast a ballot during the Electoral Commission’s mass enlistment work out.

Beside this, he likewise said their methods for living and social exercises had additionally been disturbed.

In spite of making attention to such situations, Togbe Afede regretted that “nothing has been done as such far to take care of their concern.”

He in this way made one more supplication to the Ghana Immigration Service.

“I might want to ask the Ghana Immigration Service to draw these outskirts nearer to the real drills all together not to deny a few residents access to their own nation later on.”

Meanwhile, he likewise asked the specialists “not to overlook these individuals during future outskirt terminations.”

Mahama questions timing of military deployment to 4 border Regions

The flagbearer of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) has condemned the deployment of security and military personnel to the Volta, Oti, Upper East and Upper West Regions.

Former president John Mahama in a press release Sunday questioned “the unexplained security deployments to these border regions” which he said, “have clearly been timed to coincide with the commencement of the voter
registration exercise across the country.”

“The singling out of the Volta, Oti and other regions for this kind of attack must be condemned by all. We cannot remain silent while a part of our country is marginalized on account of political calculation.”

“The people of those regions reserve the right to support any political party of their choice and should not be punished unjustly for doing so,” he said.
According to him, such an action has been taken by the state to intimidate citizens ahead of the national voters’ registration exercise which starts on Tuesday.

“It is becoming evident by the day, that the Akufo-Addo government perceives political power as an end in itself hence the resort to such crude and high-handed measures to usurp the mandate of the people,” the press statement said.

Mr Mahama said, “to send troops into regions in times of peace for the sole purpose of preventing them from registration amounts to declaring war on them”.

I love travelling to the Volta region-Kojo Boateng

I love travelling to the Volta region. I think it’s the most scenic of all the 16 regions.

When I had my weekends to myself, I used to go to the Volta region to unwind, meditate, chill and bond with the boys.

If you have used the Tema to Aflao road before, you’d see several signboards by the road, indicating the group of people, association or entity that has rights to portions of the land by the road.

Power Sector Workers Union
Adabraka something something church

They have all bought large swathes of land on the stretch.

My uncle used to say that towns and cities would grow at least threefold within my lifetime. He made those predictions without the big data and the insights we have now.

The projection is that by 2050, our population would be 52 million people.

If you are 30 years now, you’d be retiring by 2050. If you are 20 years now, you’d have just 10 years to retire. Unless we change our legislation on retirement, 2050 deɛ most of us would be hot, thinking about how we’d retire in peace.

Forget the foolish posts I shared earlier. Agree with those who think it’s unnecessary to be austere now to secure tomorrow and enjoy the day after tomorrow better…because tomorrow is not promised.

Wo deɛ fa no sɛ m’agyimi na mereka nkwaseasɛm.

But have you thought about retirement and how you’d have shelter over your head when your ability to earn a living has been reduced drastically?

Will you end up as one of the thousands of people who die due to depression and uncertainty because they retired without a plan.

Look, I have lived enough in this country, read enough, analysed enough policy and execution, had conversations with some of the finest brains and achievers, and have come to one conclusion.

The truth.

The government doesn’t give a rat’s ass about you and I when it comes to housing. The governments I have encountered in my lifetime do not really care how you end up. They don’t seem to have a plan for housing or they just don’t care!

We must, as a people, solve our problems.

The opportunities to work together to build our own sustainable communities exist.

It begins with HONESTY, driven by PASSION and steered by DISCIPLINE.

If you decided right now to work with your very close friends, work colleagues or siblings to invest in your housing schemes, you’d be solving your personal problems collaboratively to produce results at a fraction of the cost you’d have incurred if you had decided to alone.

Let me give you an example.

If I had decided to build with my three best friends and applied the principles of HONESTY, PASSION and DISCIPLINE, I would have saved a lot of money.


1. We could have contributed to buy one or two plots of land. (Working together to get land helps in bargaining and reducing individual costs)

2. Get an architect to design the reference structure and a simple community for us. (That reduces the cost of design generally)

3. With the design done and costs known per the mreference’ building, contribute to get the foundations done at a go. If you are renting equipment, you can reduce costs through discounts and a properly planned execution of the project.

4. One caretaker can take care of your collective property and reduce your costs, instead of having different projects in different areas with different caretakers.

5. If you are all building a standardized design, you can save massively on formwork, tools, equipment and scaffolding. The same formwork used for house 1, can be used for 2, 3 and 4. You’d each be spending about 25 to 30% on formwork if you collaborate instead of going alone.

6. You can negotiate for discounts on materials and labour because you’d be buying in bulk.

7. You will share one tank of water during the construction phase.

8. Y’all can decide to drill and share one borehole in your mini community.

9. You may contribute and get s biogas system to take care of your properties. Sustainability la.

10. If you are really good friends and you genuinely care about each other, you can decide to have only a main outer perimeter wall around the land and possibly separate your buildings with vegetation or cheaper wire fencing.

The opportunities are endless. All the various associations, companies and groups of friends should begin some of these conversations and see how they can work on making magic together.

Businesses must begin catalyzing some if these things.

When young people talk to old people, it makes us better people all around
When old people talk to young people, it makes us better people all around
When we decided to be HONEST, PASSSIONATE and DISCIPLINED together, even GOd envies us.

Let’s do this people.

It starts with a conversation.


100 grams of suspected cocaine allegedly goes missing in GRA custody

In what could turn into the most recent story of missing opiates in the care of the state, 100.1 grams of a whitish substance suspected to be cocaine can’t be represented by the Customs Division of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA).

As indicated by the Narcotics Control Commission (NACOC), the episode happened on Sunday, June 7, 2020, at Aflao in the Volta Region.

Executive General of NACOC, Francis Torkornoo said his officials subsequent to seizing a vehicle that had hidden the substances under its fuel tank on Friday, June 2020, took stock of the considerable number of bundles, which included $200,000 and needed to send it to Accra for examinations however Customs officials won’t.

“At the point when they dropped the fuel tank, there was this bogus compartment under the vehicle containing different bundles and a measure of $200,000. After the stock, true to form, NACOC needed to the carry the vehicle to Accra for examinations to begin, yet the Customs officials cannot, saying that they have to get notification from their bosses from Accra,” he said.

He included that, “The group had a gathering and another stock was taken [on Sunday] and this time, one whitish substance weighing 100.1 gram was absent from all that they saw on Friday. So my officials demanded that if the portrayal of the stock doesn’t transform, they were not going to sign,” he said.

In a later meeting on Eyewitness News, Francis Torkornoo said in spite of the fact that NACOC keeps up an amicable relationship with the Customs Division of the GRA, NACOC has not been enthused about certain occurrences that have occurred in the ongoing past.

He refered to an episode where NACOC held onto some presumed prohibited substance and because of certain activities by customs incorporating declaring in the media that it was them who held onto the things and that it was cocaine, NACOC couldn’t capture a few speculates who were behind the transportation of the restricted substance.

He said his outfit has since kept in touch with the Commissioner of Customs to demand the exchange of the vehicle to NACOC to permit them to lead examinations.

“As at now, we have not gotten any of the bundles to play out a nearby test to realize that actually the substance has opiate substances and furthermore if the things are given to us, we will begin our examinations… Nothing has been given to us so we have officially kept in touch with the Commission of Customers to move the vehicle and all the substance to Narcotics Control Commission. Until now, it was something we said they should keep, yet they arrogated it to themselves to state that they need leeway before they will take it to their Headquarters before providing for us and it is something that is peculiar.”


CRIME Daring minister, 2 Church older folks imprisoned 12 years for disregarding open social event request

A challenging minister and two of his seniors who held a community gathering for their individuals regardless of the presidential prohibition on open social affairs have been indicted by the Kpando Circuit Court and fined GHC 12,000 each.

As at Thursday, April 16 every one of the three including Apostle Sampson Agakpe Church of Pure Christ in the Volta Region, Maxwell Dzogoedzikpe and church secretary, Samuel Agakpe had neglected to pay the fine totaling driving specialists to send them to the Ho Central Prion to serve the multi year prison term.

The three, agreeing were captured in Peki in the South Dayi District of the Volta Region while superintending over a chapel gathering in conspicuous negligence for Imposition of Restrictions Act 2020(Act 1012) which has prohibited such social events in an offer to contain the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

At the point when the trio showed up in court on Thursday, they confessed and were fined to pay the cash or in default serve a prison term of 4 years each.


The managing judge likewise requested that the convicts be tried for the infection before being resolved to prison.

The Volta Regional Minister Dr Archibald Letsa has hailed the conviction as a triumph that will significantly help in guaranteeing discipline among inhabitants who have stayed insubordinate even in full information on the results of not complying with the conventions intended to contain the spread.

Ghana’s record of the infection at present stands at 641 with 8 passings as indicated by measurements discharged by the Ghana Health Service (GHS)