Togbe Afede raises worries over Ghanaians ‘caught’ around Ghana-Togo fringe

Togbe Afede XIV, President of the National House of Chiefs has weeped over the impact of the outskirt conclusion on indigenes of the Volta Region who he says could be caught between the fringes.

Ghana’s fringes were shut to human traffic as a result of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

In front of the voter enlistment exercise, military and migration officials were additionally sent to man the fringes to help the battle against COVID-19.

However, a few spectators have noticed that the legislature didn’t consider the Ghanaians who went between a portion of Ghana’s outskirts regularly for school and monetary exercises, among others.

In an announcement, Togbe Afede related his visit through certain pieces of the area which educated some regarding his apprehensions.

“I am as yet frequented by the predicament of those residents of Leklebi-Kame who are caught on the around 300-meter stretch of land between the Ghana Immigration Service obstruction and the genuine Ghana-Togo outskirt.”

He said they had not had the option to enroll to cast a ballot during the Electoral Commission’s mass enlistment work out.

Beside this, he likewise said their methods for living and social exercises had additionally been disturbed.

In spite of making attention to such situations, Togbe Afede regretted that “nothing has been done as such far to take care of their concern.”

He in this way made one more supplication to the Ghana Immigration Service.

“I might want to ask the Ghana Immigration Service to draw these outskirts nearer to the real drills all together not to deny a few residents access to their own nation later on.”

Meanwhile, he likewise asked the specialists “not to overlook these individuals during future outskirt terminations.”

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