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The administration of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) has said it will keep on doing virtual administrations and keep every one of its holy places shut to the assemblage in spite of the facilitating of COVID-19 limitations by President Nana Akufo-Addo for strict social occasions with not in excess of 100 individuals.

An announcement marked by Rev. Morris Appiah, General Secretary, stated: “No ICGC neighborhood get together will be available to run face to face chapel gatherings until so exhorted by the Presbytery”.

Furthermore, it noticed: “All ICGC nearby congregations will keep on association together on-air and online as we join the General Overseer on Sunday for administrations as we do now”.

“We are aware of the requirement for our gatherings to assemble and revere unreservedly and straightforwardly. Nonetheless, the present circumstance requests that we likewise think about the wellbeing and security all things considered. I importune all of you to continue imploring intensely for the congregation, Ghana and the countries. I’m persuaded we’ll come out of this better and more grounded”, the announcement included.

Half a month back, Pastor Otabil encouraged his kindred Christian priests to show restraint until the time that it is alright for temples to accumulate and cooperation as they used to preceding the coronavirus pandemic.

In his virtual assistance on Sunday, 10 May 2020, the author of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) stated: “Well, as you probably are aware, our reality is experiencing some fascinating days; the most recent couple of months from January, particularly for us in Ghana, from March, have been exceptional months as we have tried to moderate the impact of this rampaging infection that is assaulting people aimlessly and exactly when we thought in Ghana that we were having command over the circumstance, we are starting to understand that the infection has its very own brain and doesn’t appear to compare to a portion of the endeavors we are making, in this way, it would appear that things are getting somewhat awkward for us all”.

“Certainly”, he included: “It likewise implies this isn’t the ideal opportunity for holy places to consider assembling in gatherings in light of the fact that the emergency before us isn’t going down and it’s significant that as houses of worship, we assume our job in ensuring society, which is comprised of our individuals and ourselves as ministers, as a major aspect of society, and we believe that we will bear the plan as it is presently.

“It might appear to be awkward, it may not be reasonable to us yet that is the value we pay for improving the world a spot and I believe that every last one of us will be patient and hold up till we can securely accumulate, not assemble under Marshall law yet securely accumulate and securely venerate and have cooperation all together and I believe that day will come rapidly however in the event that it delays, we will sit tight for that day so we can assemble as God’s kin, not in a climate of vulnerability yet in an air of sureness of confidence and trust in the Lord”, he said.

Dr Otabil’s counsel came a couple of days after some Christian heads sent a tall rundown of measures they proposed setting up in their houses of worship to moderate the spread of the infection as they pushed the legislature to lift the prohibition on party.

ICGC isn’t the main church to have selected to at present stay shut in spite of the unwinding of the limitations.

The primary church to report its choice to stay shut was Destiny Empowerment Chapel Internationa, whose General Overseer, Dr Bernard Taylor, told his gatherers that all community gatherings stay virtual in spite of the administration lifting the restriction on faith gatherings in the nation.

In an announcement, Dr Taylor stated: “We have such a significant number of years in front of us. Church will consistently be there for us to venerate in as Christians. What makes a difference is we need life to serve our God. We should not make light of intelligence and otherworldliness”.

“We have our future and that of our youngsters to secure. We should not bite the dust rashly because of numbness,” Dr Taylor prompted.

Additionally, The Maker’s House, (TMH), Destiny Arena, reported on Monday that it will stay shut until sanctions on open assembling and love are loose “some more.”

An announcement by the Head Pastor of TMH, Michael Boadi Nyamekye, said the congregation will stay shut in spite of the fact that temples are permitted to meet for an hour with not in excess of 100 individuals, considering its “gathering size, number of administrations required, strength of the dynamic players in an assistance and overhead cost, pressure on hardware and office and the coordinations to set up for example composing of names per administration and submitting it to the specialists, all the COVID-19 conventions.”

“I esteem it fit to report to you that TMH (Destiny Arena) will stay shut for quite a while until we have lucidity and the authorizations loosened up some more,” the head minister noted.

Dr Boadi Nyamekye likewise implored Christians to “shoulder the congregation and its enrollment in petition”.

“Ideally, this gets over soon so we can meet and embrace once more.”

In the interim, houses of worship and Christians who wish to association following the President’s facilitating of limitations on party, can just do as such under some severe rules, including guaranteeing that contributions are given remotely through electronic methods, for example, Mobile Money and e-banking frameworks, the Minister of Religious Affairs has said among other at a question and answer session on Monday, 1 June 2020.

Peruse the full rules beneath:

Holy places are to guarantee a No-handshake, No-embracing and No-Spitting strategy at untouched.

No packed moving and waving of cloths during community gatherings.

Receivers are to be purified following each utilization.

All people who talk or sing in chapels must wear facemask during administration.

Chapels are to dishearten singing in gatherings and rather use pre-recorded tunes.

Pre-bundled fellowship bread and wine ought to be gotten by individuals at the purpose of section.

Spot offering bowls at the passageway and leave focuses for individuals to give contributions and tithes when entering or on out of chapel premises. Support money moves through versatile cash or portable banking as types of giving contributions.

In recognition of social-removing conventions, laying-on of hands ought not be permitted.

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