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One day, on my usual early morning walks, I came across a little boy of about 3 or 4 years. He was standing by the roadside, crying. It was obvious he had been crying for a while because typical of some children, there was phlegm all over his nose. He was standing all alone and crying.⁣

I figured that he might have followed someone out and/or expecting to see the person. I walked on without asking him a question.⁣

Some metres down the road, I saw a young lady carrying a pan and was seemingly returning from selling ‘koko’ (porridge). She looked forlon, and I wondered why. It was obvious she had sold all the porridge, so why was she looking downcast? I asked myself.⁣

As I was about to walk past her, she broke into a beautiful smile and opened her arms for an embrace. Her whole nature transformed and became lighter. My gaze followed her in the direction of her smile. I saw the little boy ran into her arms and they turned and continued moving. The child, now happy, hopped alongside the young lady (who I assumed was his mother).⁣

This woman, prior to seeing her son might have been burdened by issues. But then she sees her son, and is reminded of why she wakes up every morning to sell.⁣

She is reminded of the reason for her life. ⁣

That tender moment made me realize one of the most powerful lessons in life:⁣

“If you live only for yourself, you will be depressed, even if you have a million dollars”⁣

If your whole life was only about you, will be a depressed person. Our lives matter only when we are living for something or someone. The easiest one is to live for family and spouses. But that is elementary, and a starting point. Your life must be bigger than that. You must live for the sake of those who need you but are not part of your family. You must live for a cause that will impact society. ⁣

That will energize you, because you are not living a selfish life. ⁣

If you are living a selfish life, you will be depressed even if all your prayers for money are answered. ⁣

Who/What are you living for?⁣
Whose life are you impacting?⁣
Which cause benefits from your existence?⁣
Who/What keeps you going?⁣

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