It’s a shame Volta Region is still same after years of massively voting for NDC – Yvonne Nelson

Actress Yvonne Nelson has taken a swipe at the people of the Volta Region for massively throwing their support behind the National Democratic Congress (NDC) but sadly have nothing to show for it.
According to the actress, it’s a shame that over the years they have been among the regions with the highest number of voters for the NDC but they have failed to secure the needed development compared to other areas in the country
She made this know n through a tweet while journeying to the region.
She said ” By the way, VOLTA REGION, i am shocked!!!! After all your strong votes and numbers, your major road network from Akosombo to Ho is terrible, one can easily die on this road! I cant believe it, we swerved potholes like playing football”.
Actress Yvonne Nelson has always championed the need for social change in Ghana considering the fact that leaders have over the years disappointed the citizens.
She is known to have organized the “Dumsor Must Stop Vigil” during the tenure of John Dramani Mahama and has promised to organize one if the incessant power cuts does not stop.

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