We’ll slaughter Mahama – NDC kid undermines over new register

We’ll slaughter Mahama – NDC kid undermines over new register

An individual from the NDC’s correspondences group has compromised that previous President John Dramani Mahama will be guillotined on the off chance that he permits the Electoral Commission (EC) to aggregate another voters’ register.

Plus, he anticipated strikingly in the midst of swearing that there was no chance Ghana would not encounter a common war this year.

The man, who offered the searing expression, has been recognized as Gabriel Agah, one of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) components who successive radio broadcasts to regurgitate purposeful publicity for the gathering.

He is accepted to consider himself an author of a gathering called “Companions of Atta Mills” and is accepted to be chiefly situated in the Ashanti Region.

He offered the over the top expression on a private radio broadcast called Oyerepa (Good Wife) FM situated in Kumasi when national issues were being talked about, including the EC’s arrangements to gather another biometric voters’ register for the December 2020 general political decision.

Talking in Twi, he said “the enlistment won’t please today or tomorrow. Wallaahi! It will never occur in this nation. On the off chance that the NPP and Nana Akufo-Addo think they have balls, let them start the voters’ enlistment.”

“We will give them that Ghana doesn’t have a place with them. Why? What has occurred in Ghana? What unprecedented thing has Akufo-Addo accomplished for Ghana that he needs to, no matter what, rise the presidential seat once more? Wallaahi! Allah! It won’t occur today or tomorrow,” he pronounced.

Agah brought up, “Until us all go to an agreement, we won’t permit anyone to utilize his situation to do what the person satisfies. We could have accomplished more than that,” including “we are simply discreetly watching them. We won’t permit them to have their direction. What they are attempting to do is to flip around Ghana. They are essentially kidding.”

“This plain robbery they need the EC and the National Identification Authority (NIA) to execute on us will be stood up to. On the off chance that they need the new enlistment to come on, at that point they ought to permit the NIA to come and do clean up in the locales the NDC is grumbling of low enrollment for the Ghana Card before we continue to do the voters’ enrollment,” he included.

One individual in the studio, who gives off an impression of being the NPP’s agent on the show, at that point commented wryly that it was the Togolese the NDC needs on Ghana’s register and that was the reason they were upset over the new register, and Agah answered that “the Togolese are additionally Ghanaians or you don’t realize that? The individuals on the Ghana-Togo fringe are without a doubt Ghanaians. You can’t disclose to me that the individuals on the outskirt are not Ghanaians on the grounds that they ranch in Togo.”

Common War

He at that point stated, “Nana (alluding to the host), this 2020 general political race, if Ghana doesn’t encounter common war it implies there will never be a common war in the nation.”

“We will never permit this to occur. JM (alluding to the NDC banner conveyor, ex-President John Mahama) will be decapitated on the off chance that he permits this plain-white burglary to be executed. I’m revealing to you we will guillotine JM on the off chance that he permits it,” he terminated.


2020 races may go to Supreme Court for settlement – Vim Lady

Communicate Journalist with Despite Media, Afia Pokuaa moniker Vim Lady has said that she accepts the destiny of 2020 decisions will be controlled by the Supreme Court.

The National Democratic Congress (NDC) and other ideological groups are not in a state of harmony with moves by the appointive commission to arrange another voters’ register.

Stressing is likewise their cases of the Electoral Commission being sleeping with the overseeing ideological group, NPP as a result of their emphasis on the utilization of visa and Ghana card as the main type of recognizable proof to get enrolled.

Talking on her show “egyaso gyaso” on Okay FM, Afia Pokuaa noticed that with the to and fro and the present situation of the NDC, regardless of whether they give in for the Electoral Commission to assemble its new voters’ register and things don’t go their direction, they may turn to the court.

“In the event that things deteriorate, the 2020 races may now go to the Supreme Court for settlement. With what is new with the NDC, you see that they boycotted IPAC gatherings today, you saw what went on? They gave an explanation that they won’t go to the IPAC meeting and consistent with their promise they boycotted. In the event that care isn’t taken, various issues will come up for Supreme court to decide even before we go to the surveys to choose our pioneers.”

Free Water for 3 Months Policy Is A Bad Idea – John Dumelo Says – Explains Why

Entertainer John Dumelo has gone after Nana Akufo-Addo’s as of late declared strategy of free water for all Ghanaians for the following three months.

The measure is to help reduce the enduring of Ghanaians during this COVID lockdown.

Since declaring it, Ghanaians have been interminably discussing whether it is the correct move which would have significant advantages or if it’s only a restorative measure by the President to conceal not accomplishing something increasingly considerable.

Entertainer John Dumelo of the NDC says the arrangement would not profit destitute individuals in Ghana.

As indicated by him, the most unfortunate Ghanaians don’t belittle the administrations of the Ghana Water Company in this manner they would not profit by the arrangement.

NEWSMake ‘outrage free’ Zanetor your running mate – Irbard to Mahama

Security expert and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Irbard Security Consult Alhaji Irbard Ibrahim has spoke to flagbearer of the resistance National Democratic Congress (NDC) John Mahama to make girl of previous President Rawlings Dr Zanetor Agyemang-Rawlings his running mate, contending that she will make the NDC ticket an impressive one as the nation sets out toward general decisions in December.

Dr Zanetor Agyemang-Rawlings, who is the Member of Parliament (MP) for Klottey-Korley in the Greater Region, has been touted by numerous individuals as a potential bad habit presidential possibility for the NDC given her intrigue and family.

For Alhaji Irbard Ibrahim, there are three reasons why Dr Agyemang-Rawlings stands tall among other people who have been viewed as potential bad habit presidential competitor despite the fact that she is genuinely new to fanatic legislative issues and a lot more youthful.

Alhaji Irbard clarified that Dr Agyemang-Rawlings will expand the odds of John Mahama recovering the Presidency in light of the fact that:

“1. She is genuinely new with no stuff that can be exploited by political enemies. At the point when you are new on the square with no spoil from a past arrangement, things are in every case better

  1. She is youthful and smart and will engage millennial and other youthful voters
  2. She will prevail upon female votes and the affection for the global network that is specific about more noteworthy cooperation of ladies in positions of authority.”

Alhaji Irbard included that there’s even a fourth factor – the Rawlings factor (for the most part deciphered as the impact employed by previous President Rawlings as author of the NDC and the probability of him to be a lot of dynamic in supporting and battling for the gathering.)

“There is even a fourth explanation which has to do with the Rawlings Factor,” he included.

Numerous others, for example, previous long-serving Finance Minister Dr Kwesi Botchwey, Former Vice Chancellor of the University of Cape Coast and previous Education Minister, Professor Naana Jane Opoku-Agyemang and a large group of others have been viewed as likely running mates of previous President John Mahama